These are all games that I have played. They scared/kept me on the edge of my seat through-out the whole game. All these games should be looked upon.

Eternal Darkness puts you in the shoes of a girl who gets to go to her Grandpa's house to find out that he is dead. So she wants to stay in the house and found out causes of why her Grandpa has died. While you're playing you are roaming around the mansion searching clues or what not and you find articles and newspaper articles/journals/etc. and find out what happened in the past by reading them. As while you're playing "strange" things happen to you and your character as you progress through the game. Like you'll transform into a zombie/you'll walk on the ceiling/you will get haunted phone calls/false memory card deletions/bleeding walls/tilting cameras/and lots more and when these things happen it freaks you out because you have no idea what is happening.

You control -detective Jack Walters who is committed to a mental institution after an encounter with the Mythos. A few years later, he is released while still suffering from amnesia and schizophrenia, and subsequently takes up a new case with a connection to the Mythos — a missing persons case in Innsmouth. Jack must try to survive and remain sane despite the horrors of the new case and his afflictions. This game made me get to points where I couldn't play at times.

The series that started it all really didn't get all that scary until Capcom decided to make a new version of the original Resident Evil for the GameCube. The remake featured new story elements, monsters, and bonus features...oh, and did we also mention that it had some new zombies that could run at you? The first time we ran into them we emptied our bowels and things haven't been the same since. As far as remakes go, this is probably the best that you can get. It doesn't hurt that the game is probably one of the best survival-horror experiences of all time.

You learn early on that it's not safe to run with scissors. But I don't think they teach kids about being chased by a madman wielding a gigantic pair of blood-stained scissors. So goes the premise of Clock Tower, a violent and disturbing PlayStation game that had gamers running and hiding for their lives. While archaic by today's standards, for its time Clock Tower managed to exude a great feeling of tension and anxiety...something that even today's games have a hard time pulling off.

When it comes to scary, nothing is more nail-bitingly frightening than a rogue phantom spaceship. Add to that a bunch of ghosts and weird psionic powers, and you have a winning formula for making you sleep with the lights on for at least a year. While System Shock 2 didn't sell, it's still considered a cult classic by those in the know. So do yourself a favor and get to "know" this game.

While F.E.A.R. may mostly be about blowing stuff up and plugging enemies with a myriad of awesome weapons, it's also about delving into the scary world of the supernatural. And what's more frightening than ghostly images of spooky little Japanese girls? Nothing! In fact, F.E.A.R. is bound to make you drop a load in your trousers thanks to two features: incredible action and some truly disturbing paranormal encounters.

Just as good as the first one. F.E.A.R. just always delivers that spine chilling sensation and making you want to not play it. That's how I fell when I played this game. F.E.A.R. Extraction Point has made it to my list because of Alma and them creepy little mannequin lookin' ghosts, and this sequel provides more tense and chilling environments. Be prepared to be scared off your seat.

The Silent Hill series has always held a place in the hearts of survival-horror gamers, and Silent Hill 2 scared the crap out of the most of them. With a bizarre storyline and an even more bizarre cast of monsters, you leave the game a very different person than when you started. Heck, we still have nightmares about Pyramid-Head and those creepy mannequin creatures.

While the first Fatal Frame game on the PS2 is terrifying enough to make you wet your pants many times over, the second installment on the Xbox upped the fright factor in a tremendous way. Thanks to its more detailed graphics, ghosts took on a more life-like quality and the claustrophobic environments became that much more foreboding. While Tecmo has yet to release Fatal Frame III: The Tormented here in the US, if you're looking for a serious scare, you can't go wrong with this most frightening tale on the PS2.

Zombies are creepy enough in a survival setting. But hand players the ability to "sightjack" and view the world through their disturbing vision, and you have one of the most chilling games ever released on PS2. Watching them creep along, breathing heavily and making disturbing noises is one of the creepier things I've had to endure.

Well there you have it. The games I thought were most scary to me. I'm sure there are games out there that are more scary (but I probably didn't play them yet :P) Hope you enjoyed the list ;)

List by christiantfo (12/20/2006)

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