Yeah, we all know that a lot of great games get produced in Europe, but the U.K. seems to be hogging too much of the spotlight if you ask me. Not that they don't deserve it, but the Continent has so many great games that I felt they were titled to a Top 10 of their own.

A brilliant and violent racing game with an addictive single-player mode. Plays similar to Micro Machines, except this game allows you to duke it out with your opponents with machine guns, mines, or front-mounted spikes. Plus you can gore foolish spectators and even play as Duke Nukem! What more could you want?

One of the strangest example of genre-mixing in history, this one blends racing with puzzle games. And it works, too. Taking place on various planets, each track is a race against time as your craft's oxygen supply is steadily dropping. You'd better start memorizing the tracks if you want to survive though; Each one has their own set of crazy jumps, ground that affects your craft in various ways and gravity that affects your jumping. Sky Roads even forces you to slow down to "solve" most of the stages, a novel idea for a racing game. And did I mention that it has a great soundtrack?

From the makers of Death Rally comes this film-noir inspired classic. Max Payne features excellent gun battles, beautiful graphics, an eternally constipated protagonist, and, of course, bullet-time. But what really sets this one apart from the others are the tongue-in-cheek dialogue and comic-book cut-scenes. This game will drown you in metaphors.

Kula World (or Roll Away as it's called in America) could quite possibly be the greatest puzzle game ever made. You take on the role of a beach ball suffering the unfortunate fate of being stranded on a series of blocks. Suspended in the air. Hundreds of feet from the ground. The music is fun and trippy, but not quite as trippy as the "Lethargy Pill" item. Kula World also wins the dubious "Most Annoying Instructions Booklet Award"

This is what a 3D version of Micro Machines SHOULD be like. My favourite racing game of all time, the level design in Ignition is the most brilliant and inventive I've ever seen in a 3D racing game. And there's even a stage based in Iceland, how many games can say that?

Point-and-Click Adventure games started going out of style sometime in the mid-nineties, much to the dismay of fans of the genre such as myself. Then this game comes out of the blue, and soon pretty much everyone was raving about it. It's easy to see why though, it features pretty much everything you'd want from an adventure game; Great story, great characters, numerous locations and entertaining puzzles. Too bad it didn't revive the genre as some thought it might.

This is one of those games that I knew I was going to like before I even played it. Jade is a strong and memorable protagonist, and the atmosphere of this game is breathtaking. Whether you're fighting, sneaking, exploring, or just snapping pictures, this game is a joy to play. The story is pretty engaging as well, apart from the overly dramatic ending.

In truth, I could have picked any of the Hitman sequels. Play them all, they're all great. Unlike other stealth games the Hitman games rely far more on blending in than remaining unseen. Blood Money also introduces the concept of "accidents" into the series, making it my favourite. Whoops, I accidentally pushed this guy off a cliff. My mistake. Haha.

Hand drawn backgrounds, rotoscoped animation, vectorized polygon cut-scenes, Flashback is one ambitious game. Not only are the graphics mind-blowing for it's time, both the gameplay and story are top-notch. I won't spoil the plot for you, but I will say that if you like platformers with frantic action and fiendish puzzles, then you NEED to play this game.

Borrowing things from virtually all genres, this huge 3D Action/Adventure game will send you on an incredibly fun journey spread over two planets. The music and atmosphere are among the best I've ever seen, and the story and characters are so much fun you just can't help but fall in love with this game. If you were to say this was the best game ever made, I certainly wouldn't argue with you.

Well, there you have it. It was hard to choose just 10 games, I really wanted to mention Flashpoint (Czech Republic) & Another World (France). I'm also embarrassed to admit that I haven't even played Alone in the Dark, if any of you are wondering why that wasn't on there. There are others I'm forgetting (probably about a 100 French games), but one man can only play so many games and still maintain a social life. Props also go out to EVE-Online (Iceland). I've never played the game, but I still feel bad for automatically excluding it just because Iceland happens to be an island. Sorry!

List by thgrup (12/06/2006)

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