This is the top 10 that you might be laughing, or going WTF? This top 10 goes out to the stoned game developers who actually named these friggin' games. Note that I haven't played all of these games. In fact, the only game I've played in this top 10 is Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll

This game is for the DS, and the Ds's motto is "Touching is Good" 0_0. But when it's Micheal Jackson doing the touching, Touching is wrong. Hypocrites. Note that I'm also using the DS as an example. Though SMBT&R isn't the worst name, it's bad enough for the #10 spot.

As if Nintendo couldn't stop with the sexual jokes, they changed the Revolutuion's name. Wii. So many innuendos can be made. Revolution sounded so badass. Now they changed it to a penis... Though the horrible name, Nintendo's Wii (*laughs*) looks like it will be the dominent console in the race. Wii is bad to be in the #9 spot. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna play with my friends Wii...

Windjammers sounds like a porno only the God's could watch. When i first heard of the name WindJammers, my responce was "WindJammers? What the hell...". That's propably your response to. WindJammers is a crappy name, only fitting it be on a crappy system (Neo-Geo).

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom sounds Healthy. It also has the sound of a bad name. Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom sound like a game only my 8th grade math teacher would play. Your Highness, your name sucks, so its #7 in the top 10

Spanky is a monkey0_0. A monkey... I love MONKEY'S!!! But it's so wierd of a name, it also sounds like a porno. Let's just say that "Spanky's Quest", invovled no sexual content in it what-so-ever...

From what I heard of, "Iggy's Reckin'Balls" was a racing game for the Nintendo 64. I saw the cover, and it had a giant lizard, and from what it looked like, cars racing around it. Iggy's reckin balls,AGAIN, sounds like a porno.

Sticky Balls0_0... for the Gizmondo...Well, we all know that the game definatly did great....More sexual innuendos can be made than the Wii. And this game may be a front for the mafia....

Wild Woody sounds like a name for a pornstar. In this game, You are a No.2 pencil throwing sticks of dynamite. Nothing really needs to be said, this game name is pretty much straight foward.

And doctor, it hurts when i pee. Irritating stick sounds like a Vinearial Disease. It's probably Genital Herpe's mixed with gonnerhia. Irritating stick, you sound horrible, and you're #2

Nuts & Milk sounds so wrong it's unbelivible. It sounds like a very hardcore porno, and it makes me sick everytime I hear of this name. Whoever thought this was a good name needs to be shot, knifed, Catastraihted, and burnt. Thier must of been some hardcore stoning parties for this name to sound good. Nuts & Milk, You are without a doubt in my mind, the worst game name ever.

There you have it, 10 horrible names, 9 of them which have sexual tie-ins. Those are the worst game names you'll hear, now hopefully you will take a shower after reading these game names.

List by Legacy92 (07/14/2006)

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