Ahh Pokémon. Throughout your ups and downs as a series if there is one thing we can always rely on it’s the fact that there’s bound to be at least one battle that really blows you away.

So in this list we will go through what o consider the top ten fights the series has to offer!

Cliche it may seem but let’s face it, as a kid or even a teen just getting into the games, finding out that the Crime boss of the Team Rocket Mob who you've twice dealt with is the final gym leader was a shocker.

And if you’ve neglected those Water types then you’ll be in for a world of hurt as Giovanni will throw everything at you with his selection of powerful Ground types (and his Bond villain Persian of course).

While not the hardest list member here today, there’s something about the Lusamine situation that really hammers home a sense of urgency to the fight.

Whether it’s the poignant if somewhat disturbing cutscene before the fight in what is essentially her own private cryo lab or the impressive musical score that accompanies her battle, it certainly raise those hairs on the back of your neck.

Not often do the rivals in games (At least past the original game trio) actually pose too much of a challenge.

That being said our rival in Sinnoh is not quite that weak. Bringing with him a hefty number of fully evolved Pokémon with solid move sets to intercept you just as you go to enter the Elite Four was certainly a scene to remember.

And far from a disappointing fight either, you can see how much he’s trained his team up for this one folks.

Although he’s only packing half a full team don’t underestimate this little guy.

After finally persevering to the tenth floor of the post game challenge facility on either version, you’ll face off against Bebga who’s packing a few legendaries and they aren’t skipping out on moves or items!

To further the difficulty here, you’ll have to fight at least two trainers to open the gates to this fight and healing items even between fights are forbidden!

As if Gary wasn’t at least a solid end to the journey in his first encounter, the GBA remakes have added the ability for post game rematches against him and the Elite 4, with levelled up teams including some new additions.

In particular Gary has added to his team a very imposing Tyranitar.
You’ll need your wits about you to power through your rival this time!

Oh and a few Revives might be a good idea just in case..

If many fans can agree on one thing it’s that this guys Hydreigon will be forever remembered as a team sweeping machine to all but the bravest Fighting types.

Arguably one of the more intimidating team leaders in the series next to Cyrus, Ghestis is backing up his cunning nature and cruel intentions with an incredibly solid and powerful team of Pokémon including the Pseudo legendary Hydreigon, a fearsome beast more than capable of rivalling the legendary Dragon type you’ve just acquired.

A well hidden post game encounter, for those of you wondering why he wasn’t the champion in this game, don’t worry you can still test your mettle against the legendary Steven Stone, and he’s even more prepared than when he was Champ in Ruby and Sapphire!

Nestled away in Meteor Falls with a whole team of near level 80 Rock and Steel types, prepare thoroughly for this encounter.

Often legendary encounters in the series boil down to throw Master Ball and do a victory dance.

Unless of course said Pokémon is uncatchable..

But you’re probably still thinking to yourself: Ok sure but it’s still only one Pokémon right?

Well in addition to having one of the highest stat totals of all Pokémon Ultra Necrozma also begins the fight by buffing all of it stats by two stages!

Combined with a solid move set and a powerful ability that powers up super effective hits it lands and it’s already clear that this Pokémon earned that legendary title.

Does she even need introductions?

Cynthia, widely regarded as the best champion in the series (and not just for her looks mind you) is no pushover.

Leading with her Spiritomb which in a pre Fairy type world had no weaknesses the fight could already be at a bumpy start.

Then the Garchomp happens. Sure it’s huge weakness to ice can be exploited but any other Pokémon in its way is likely to be swept aside within two hits at best.

No individual Pokémon on her team feels like it was just there for padding, each member has its own threats to add to the table.

Use whatever you can to gain an edge here, this champion fight is a true test of skill and merit.

Yes it’s cliche as possible to put him here, but in reality very little else can hold up to it.

The legend, the hero, the original Kanto heavyweight himself, Pokemon Trainer Red.

Packing a Light Ball Pikachu that epitomises Glass Cannon, the three Kanto Starters at full power in the low 80’s, a mighty Blizzard spamming Lapras and a pretty indomitable Snorlax, Red has all the Pokémon you probably got yourself back in Pokémon Yellow. Not to mention the constant Hail which worked away at your Pokémon (although it hurts his too so at least that’s something)

Boasting arguably the highest level Pokémon a non auto level battle facility trainer has, Red is a powerful intense presence and a fight that truly defines what it means to be a master trainer.

Even the games acknowledge this as all Pokémon on your team are rewarded a special Legend Ribbon should you win. A sign of what you just overcame together.

All Pokémon fans should face this battle for themselves, you’ll truly feel like a champion after this one.

Well there we have it folks! The top ten Pokémon Battles in Pokémon history!

Do you agree? Or do you feel there’s another challenger we missed that deserves a spotlight?

Let’s hope together that these kinds of epic encounters will continue to emerge in all future titles, you can never have too many epic encounters!

List by AlternisDim1996 (12/12/2019)

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