It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over six years since I published my first Top 10 on this site. And ho boy, I was quite the inexperienced rookie back then. After a few more Top 10s, I’ve definitely gained some experience in the field and while some of my lists are kind of controversial like the Top 10 TV Shows Based on Video Games, I at least try to come out with something original. And believe me; it can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not that creative.

Well, I’ve decided to redo my first list on this site and it’s going to be quite different this time. New glitches have popped up and I want to include them. And here are some ground rules and they’ll be different from the last list.

1.One game per franchise.
2.The glitch has to aid the player in some way so you won’t be seeing the Minus World glitch from Super Mario Bros. this time.
3.I will only include glitches that haven’t been patched out. So again, the Oghma Infinium glitch from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be absent.
4.These glitches don’t have to be buggy programming. They can also be something the developers overlooked during production.
5.This list is purely objective. That is to say; my own opinion.

Alright, here we go.

While Super Mario Kart invented the whole kart racing genre, Mario Kart 64 used the Nintendo 64 to make everything bigger and better. The 3D capabilities allowed Nintendo to create tracks that blew people’s minds. However, there were many unintentional shortcuts in the game that the developers didn’t find out about until players started exploiting them like no tomorrow. One of the most famous is the shortcut you can take on Rainbow Road.

How to Perform: When the Lakitu signals the start of the race, immediately go to the right of the track. When you start going down the first hill, immediately take a sharp turn left and hop over the railing. With the proper timing, you’ll land on the track below, allowing you to get well ahead of the pack and shave a lot of time off your record.


This is a very risky maneuver. If you miss the track and fall into the abyss, then Lakitu will have to haul you out and put you back, which will result in more time wasted. I strongly recommend you practice this technique in the time trial mode until you’re confident enough that you can pull this off in the Grand Prix modes. Also, I strongly discourage anyone form using this technique when racing against human opponents, for obvious reasons.

Earthbound remains a classic JRPG known for its unconventional quirkiness and being set in modern times when players were accustomed to seeing RPGs set in medieval settings. It’s also gained some infamy for how expensive copies can get on eBay. However, it can get tough from time to time. So here’s a glitch that allows you to raise your party’s stats.

How to perform:
Firstly, you’ll need to find a Rock Candy. According to my research, the first one that can be found is near the end of the 6th Your Sanctuary in a present box just before the boss fight against Thunder and Storm. Now select a character you want to give this to and empty out their inventory. I recommend Poo because he’s quite proficient at fighting without weapons or armor. Go to a store that sells condiments and fill up almost their entire inventory with sugar packs or jars of delisauce. Now give them the Rock Candy and make sure it’s placed at the very bottom right-hand corner. Go into battle and have the character use the Rock Candy on whoever you feel needs a boost. A random stat will go up by 2. You’ll notice that while the condiment was consumed, the Rock Candy is still in your inventory.


The stat that’s raised is completely random. Also, according to my research, if a stat goes over 255, it resets to zero. Maybe that’s why it was fixed in the Mother 1&2 compilation.

Anyone who’s played the expansion to this great game would know that 3 minutes isn’t anywhere near enough time to loot all 126 chests in the Crimson Armory. However, a glitch was discovered that allowed you to loot the chests to your hearts content. Although it was supposed to have been “patched”, they didn’t do a very good job. Whether you’re looking for better gear or want enough money to put Pandora’s GDP to complete and utter shame, here’s a nice trick to rack up your savings.

How to perform:
After defeating General Knoxx, the red force field to your right will vanish and you’ll be able to gain access. Input the proper color code and you’ll walk down a corridor. As you progress, you’ll see a bunch of loot lockers and ammo chests on both sides protected by a red force field. Go to the very right of the door gap before you enter that room and crouch down. You should fall through. Now go to the center and crouch again while going forward. You’ll notice that the timer hasn’t activated, thus allowing you to open every chest in the armory and sell what you don’t need.


There are a few things to keep in mind when doing this. Firstly, do not go into the elevator room that’s directly below your waypoint marker. Otherwise, you’ll check off “Steal loot” from your list of objectives and you’ll no longer be able to do this glitch. Secondly, if you want to sell your gains, you’ll need to kill yourself with either grenades or a rocket launcher so you can spawn near the entrance. Last, the enemies where you fought General Knoxx will respawn on occasion so keep that in mind if you’re trying to sell the loot from all 126 chests. A beeping will let you know when the enemies have respawned.

While it’s over 20 years old, Ocarina of Time is still considered one of the best games for the Nintendo 64 and has easily stood the test of time. How many people thought that four bottles wasn’t enough? Well, here we got a way to expand your bottle inventory.

How to perform:
You’ll need at least one empty bottle for this trick and an item you don’t have any use for anymore, such as the Claim Check once you get the Biggoron Sword. Go to a spot where bugs appear and catch one in your bottle. Just as the bug appears in Link’s bottle, pause the game to go into the item screen and switch the bottled bug with the item. Unpause it and watch the dialogue. Pause the game again and you’ll see that the item has been replaced with the bottle.


This glitch is permanent and can’t be undone for the rest of the game. If you’re going to do this, make absolutely sure beyond a shred of a doubt that the item that’s being replaced is something you no longer have any use for. Also, it’s been patched out in the 3DS remake.

The first Mega Man game is among the hardest games for the NES. With no passwords, energy tanks or shops, it can be quite an arduous affair. Also, the spikes will kill you instantly, even if you were just hit by an enemy and are briefly invincible. Thankfully, this glitch will make things a lot easier.

How to perform:
Naturally, you’ll need to defeat Elec Man and take his weapon the Thunder Beam. Once you’re up against a tough foe such as the Yellow Devil, simply shoot a beam at their weak spot. Once it hits, press the select button to pause the game. Then quickly unpause and repause it and the game will register it as a new hit. Keep hitting the select button rapidly to deal massive amounts of damage.


This glitch doesn’t work in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection version or in Mega Man Powered up for the Playstation Portable.

If you look at the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. chart, you’ll see that the game has 70 base perks with multiple ranks and you also need perk points to raise your base S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats. According to the Fallout wiki, you need to reach level 286 if you want to unlock everything on the chart and that includes the 14 perk ranks that come with the DLC packs. How many of us have the time to level up that much? Not too many. And there are some who can’t play this on a PC and use those wonderful console commands because the necessary hardware can get expensive. So here’s how to gain many levels very fast.

How to perform:
First of all, you’ll need the Automatron DLC installed on your system for this to work. You’ll also need to be at least level 15 to trigger the side mission “Mechanical Menace”. Once completed, you’ll start the mission “A New Threat”. Get to the point where you need to build a robot workbench. Once it’s built, either find or build a container to put your things in. Then take all your stuff out of the workbench (and I mean everything) and trade with one of your companions until they can’t carry anymore. Then go to the robot workbench and make sure you have the Assaultron Torso and Protectron Torso mods. If you don’t have any other robot companions, Ada will do nicely. Equip the robot with the Assaultron Torso. Now put everything else in the storage container of choice except the Prtoectron Torso mod. Get your companion to stand close enough to interact with but not too close. Interact with them and agree to trade. Quickly go into the robot workbench while your companion is still talking and select the robot that’s equipped with the Assaultron Torso. If done correctly, you’ll see the two menus overlap. Now try and equip the Protectron Torso and if done correctly, you’ll see the player and companion exchange items as a noise is being made. What’s happening is the game thinks you’re building something and gives you experience each time you exchange things. Keep pressing the confirm button to exchange items and get experience. Use a controller with auto-fire if you can find one. It allows you to do something else while you rack up the experience.


When you rescue Ada from the renegade robots, make sure you keep your distance as the Assaultrons can do a lot of damage. Also, if you exit the menu after performing this glitch, the Protectron Torso mod will be gone for good. Therefore, if you want to do this glitch again, you’ll need to either find or build another one. And if you insist on raising your character’s level to 286 or beyond, I very strongly recommend finding a turbo controller. Otherwise, it’ll take a very long time before you get that strong. Take it from me. It took me over 12 hours doing it manually. I was able to watch the entire Lord of the Rings extended trilogy before my character got anywhere close.

The original Final Fantasy for the NES was an awesome game for its time. But it can get quite difficult early because most early monsters don’t yield that much in terms of experience and money. And some of the earlier dungeons like the Marsh Cave southwest of Elfland can test even the best JRPG veterans. But there’s a high-risk high-reward way to get rich and strong early on.

How to perform:
If you look at a map of the game, you’ll notice a peninsula northeast of Pravoka that’s only a few squares away from the forest that surround Lufein. Here you can fight various monsters that yield a lot more experience and gold than any monster up to that point, allowing you to get a nice head start.


As you can tell, these monsters aren’t meant to be encountered until a lot later in the game so they can be quite the challenge. To even the odds, I very strongly recommend you head to Elfland first and get the Fira spell because many of the monsters there like Winter Wolves and Minotaur Zombies are weak against fire. Also make sure you have some tents (or cottages if you can afford them) just in case.

Ah, the BFG 9000 from the Doom games. What’s there to say that hasn’t already been said? Just one well-placed shot can clear an entire room of enemies and deal massive amounts of damage to powerful enemies like the Baron of Hell, Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds. And while its usefulness is more limited in the 2016 release because it uses special ammo that’s somewhat scarce and you can only carry 3 shots at a time, it can be a lifesaver in certain situations. But here’s a trick to get the most out of it, especially in bosses.

How to perform:
Naturally, you’ll need to get the BFG 9000 which is very heavily guarded. It’s best used during boss fights like the Cyberdemon. Once you engage it, switch to the BFG 9000 and fire a shot so it just barely missed him. If done correctly, you’ll see the energy ball arcing out to it. Once you see it, immediately activate the weapon wheel. While the movement of the environment is slowed down quite a lot, the boss’s life bar will continue to drop fast. There are only three boss fights in the whole game, but boy are they tough. With practice, this will make them a lot easier.


Remember the whole aiming thing as you don’t have too much ammo. If you miss by too much of a margin or hit the target directly, it won’t work. If you deplete all your BFG 9000 ammo and the boss still has a lot of health left, just reload the checkpoint and try again.

Almost all of the weapons can be powered up to level 9 once you reach the Mana Fortress. With the exception of the Fiend Head, all of these enemies are exclusive to this area. As you can tell, the sword is the exception because its 9th level is designed to be unavailable until the final boss where Dryad’s Mana Magic is unlocked. But there’s a way to obtain the strongest weapon in the game earlier than intended.

How to perform:
You’ll need to have defeated the Mech Rider at Emperor Vandole’s castle. Afterwords, you’ll be able to fly around the world with Flammie. Go to the Ice Country and land in the area with Neko (its west of the Ice Palace). Remember, you have to land here, not land elsewhere and walk. Talk to him and save your game. Then soft reset the game with L+R+Start+Select. Start a new game and head back to Potos Village without saving. Head up to the elder’s hut at the northeast end of town to trigger the cutscene where the hero and Elliot fall into a hole with the Mantis Ant. As soon as he yells “Help! A monster!” immediately hold down L+R+Start+Select for about six seconds. Then load up the save file where you save in the Ice Country with Neko. Instead of appearing in his alcove, you’ll be in the pit where you fight the Mantis Ant. Simply kill it and you’ll get another Sword Orb. You can then proceed through the scenario again or use the Flammie Drum.


First of all, do not forge the sword beyond level 9 as it could mess up your game. It’s also imperative that you hold down the said buttons for that time after falling into the pit or the file will freeze permanently, forcing you to start over. And finally (from my own experience), do not level up the sword to level 9 until after you meet the Mana Tree in Pureland. Otherwise, the game will glitch when either Jema tries to give you a Sword Orb after rescuing the king from the Dark Stalker or after defeating Thunder Gigas in Pure Land. Once that happens, the game will be stuck like that forever and you’ll have no choice but to start all over.

This glitch was No. 1 last time and still deserves the top spot. Because unlike modern day Pokémon games like X, Y, Sun and Moon, trainers with level 50 Pokémon were nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention there weren’t too many options to level up your party quickly and easily. You couldn’t hold items so no Lucky Eggs and finding wild Pokémon that yielded a decent amount of experience was challenging. Also, certain Pokémon like Snorlax, the legendary bird trio and Mewtwo were very difficult to catch and you only got one Master Ball throughout the whole game. And before Black and White, TMs could only be used once and there were only a few you could buy from stores. Enter the Missingno glitch which would allow you to duplicate items.

How to perform:
You’ll need a Pokémon that can use Surf and can use Fly. Naturally, you’ll need the Soul Badge and Thunder Badge respectively to use these moves. Once you do, go to Pallet Town and use Surf to head over to Cinnabar Island. Now, place the item you want to duplicate in the 6th slot in your inventory. Then head over to Viridian City and talk to the old man that was blocking your path at the beginning of the game and say “no” to his question, “Are you in a hurry?” After the tutorial where he catches a Weedle, Fly to Cinnabar Island and use Surf on the eastern strip of land. Go up and down the strip that connects the land and water and you’ll eventually run into Missingno. Either beat it or run. When you look in your inventory, the said item in slot 6 will have a weird graphic next to a 9. You can do this with Rare Candy to get all 6 of your choice Pokémon to level 100 quickly, Nugget to max out your cash, Master Ball to make catching Pokémon a breeze, TMs to teach good moves to your choice Pokémon and so on.


Do not catch the Missingno. Like I said last time, this can permanently mess up your file and force you to start from square one.

Honorable Mentions:

Item Duplication – Final Fantasy 7

The Vanish/X-Zone Exploit – Final Fantasy 6

Gem Duplication – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Keep Rupees after buying something – Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Catch Safari Zone Pokémon at Seafoam Islands – Pokémon Red and Blue

Make Heaven’s Casket freeze in place – Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash

And that concludes my revamped list. I’ve certainly come a long way since I started writing on this website. I hoped you all enjoyed it and hope to see you all again real soon.

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