Mysteries are everywhere. Since early ages of the humankind lots of happenings have been hard to find reasonable explanations to. That's where our imagination steps up. Even though we're living in a digital world today where more and more happenings and things start getting reasonable explanations, there still some stuff that remains inexplicable. Mysteries survived through centuries having our imagination hooked up: it all started from stories, then moved to books and movies, and at last to games.

There're plenty of mystery-themed hidden object games out there where you act as a detective solving an audacious crime, or an excorcist attempting to cure the whole city from a numinous curse. However, not all of them can be played without internet connection that brings certain limitation to the user's experience. What's more, playing without internet lets you avoid watching annoying advertising popping up unexpectedly and ruining the aethetic pleasure of finding the clues to solve the next mystery. In this list you'll find hidden mystery games that do work without WiFi allowing you to enjoy it while you're on a plane, hiking, or any distant spot on earth that still doesn't have internet (yeah, there're still plenty of them out there!).

A whirlwind of inexplicable happenings has recently emerged all over Europe. You’ve been enrolled by the secret society to help them unravel the truth behind those strange events. Prepare to explore Paris, London, Venice, Athens, Berlin and even more!

Find hidden objects, solve tricky puzzles, escape danger and dash through the ranks at the Mystery Society and become the world's greatest detective. The game deserves to be on the list as it has all the elements that makes you thrilled up to the end as the game plot is full of unexpected twists and shocking quests to work on.

The plot of the game is what makes it the participant of this TOP-10 list. You're a part of an ancient order where people with special abilities to travel across fantasy worlds belong to. One of the top members of the order who also turns out to be your uncle dissapears under weird circumnstances.

You've been entitled to find him. Confront the mysterious forces that keep you uncle imprisoned, crack tricky hidden object puzzles and protect the sacred Artifact of the Order! Use your special powers to pick up the trail and bring your uncle home safe and sound.

Hidden City features an intriguing story line complete with twists that makes the game a perfect fit for the list. Strange things have been continuosly spotted around the world. As a brilliant detective you take this case. After a couple of days things gets even worse: your friend is kidnapped by a dark phantom. You're the only one who can save him and put these otherwordly happenings to an end.

Off you go on a venturesome journey where magic, witchcraft and science cooperates, deepest fantasies come true, and eerie creatures swarming the streets. To rescue your friend and unveil the truth about this phenomena, you're going to complete tricky tasks, explore locations, craft amulets, and partner up with your friends.

A special gathering took place in the manor and completely devastated the mundane life of its inhabitants. The host of the manor Mister X has suddenly vanquished leaving nothing but a weird letter. Soon after the host's disappearance the house is infiltrated with magic, strange creatures and eerie characters. While exploring the house you'll complete tasks given by those people. Step by step, you'll get on the possible trail of Mister X and learn the truth about his mysterious disappearance.

The game features an eerie storyline which, along with its graphics and the interior of the manor, makes this game the perfect addition to the list. Besides, the publisher of the game states the game works great without internet in the game features in the app store. I've checked it myself and the game actually runs without WiFi and doesn't lack any essential features.

This game revives the genre of interactive crime novels. The events take place in 1930s immersing you into the atmosphere of that epoch.

The story is set in a distant hotel in the Alps. One day, one of the guests vanishes without a trace. This leads to other mysterious disappearances. You act as Anna Myers, a journalist from Zurich, staying at the hotel on holidays, but seems it's up to her to show off her investigation skills and learn the truch about the strange happenings. Each new day provides you with new clues and evidence, making it unevitable to soon expose the person behind those missings. The only thing you might need WiFi for is to upload next chapters of the storyline.

Like any other mysteries out there, this game's story line is based on a strange disappearance of a journalist. Several year ago his investigation led to Wheel of Time Corporation's research center closure as they were performing dangerous experiments with time and matter.

Since then, rumors have kept emerging that the center has been conducting its stuff off the books. Jon Doe, the journalist, revives his investigation of those rumors. He finds out the the corporation has been hiding information about its experiments. Nobody believes him so he decides to sneak inot the laboratories to gather evidence. Later on Jon Doe's boss announced the journalist has gone and nobody has seen them for quite a while.

In this game you're going to crack the most mysterious and audacious crimes. You'll try on the role of an aspiring detective. While investigating weird events and their outcomes, you'll also help with relationships, romance and other stuff.

The game takes place in 1960’s environment and is split between chapters. Each of them has beautiful scenes with hidden objects of varying levels of difficulty. Despite a notification that the game might require internet connection for social features, it can be freely played without WiFi if you're not into constant cooperation with your friends in the game. But, to get the next episode, you'll have to connect to the Internet to download it from a game's remote server.

Coastal Hill, a small snug town by the sea, has always been the most restful spot in the district. You return here to visit home grounds. After pulling into the town, you realize everything has changed completely…

But, wait! How’s that possible? A windmill, an airship, carts… The town seems to look like ages ago! Streets are filled with strange fog or something weird, stuff from different times is scattered around… What’s happened to the people here? What’s going on? You’ll have to find it out and unravel the mystery of the beloved town in this gripping hidden object game.

This game is an excellent opportunity to learn historical facts about the world's greatest figures, sights, and epochs. Most of them are still covered with mysteries and innuendos. Along the course of the game, you'll meet ghosts of varrious famous historical personalities guiding you on a task to investigate why all the humankind vanished from Earth.

This is a great example of how our past can help us solve the issues of the future. Time Gap is here to show you how it's done. It goes without saying, that you won't need WiFi for this.

The mystery in this game unfolds as a creepy carnival arrives in town. During one of the shows a young mother goes missing and you're to only one to find her before it's too late. You're going to invesigate 2 worlds: the real one and the paranormal one that exists begind the carnival's Hall of Mirrors.

Along your way, you're going to unveil the secrets of an ancient evil force dormant for centuries and learn a unnerving story of one of the carnival's workers, who accidentally killed his fiancee during a show many years ago. Plunge into terrifying locations and stop the evil forces from dishing out another terrible crime.

My goal was to create a list of hidden mystery games for Android and iPads that hidden objects fans would find useful as titles above don't require WiFi to be played. In certain situations you might end up without internet connection making it hard to play your favorite games whenever and wherever you want. The games from the list above have been proved my me to be running without WiFi and not lacking essential features that block you from making progress in the them.

Most of the abovementioned titles are available on both Google Play and the App Store. In addition, most of them are free-to-play titles which means the games do have ads or in-app purchases. Here's a tip: turning off internet on your device while playing these games also turns off annoying ads popping up out of the blue. Playing these hidden mystery games in airplane mode with WiFi turned off will let you avoid advertisments and make your experience even better.

List by adoregamr (04/17/2019)

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