At this point, you might as well call me the Bandai Namco or Konami of these top ten lists with the way I pump out these remastered lists. Anyway, let's start the list.

Here is the remastered version of The Top Ten Video Games That Should Have A Nintendo Switch Port.

The lack of visual novels on Nintendo Switch disturbs me. How about we fix that with Danganronpa? Danganronpa started out mostly as a PSP exclusive series until Reload's announcement. Oh, you didn't know? Danganronpa did not start out on the PlayStation Vita. It started on its predecessor, the PSP.

Even though I called this game a visual novel, it's technically not one. It's mostly a point-and-click adventure game. That's what makes Danaganronpa great for the Switch. The Joy-Cons can work great for motion controls. You can use them to find evidence just by moving your arms around. They can be refreshing to handle during the trials. It'll be like actually shooting a gun. Of course, if motion controls are not your thing, then you can stick to button mode. I also prefer that Spike Chunsoft goes with Danganronpa 1+2: Reload. It's much better like that.

And before anyone goes "Danganronpa is a PlayStation exclusive series," let me remind you that Yakuza 1 & 2 released on the Wii U. No excuses.

After Nintendo allowed the likes of South Park and L.A Noire on Switch, who says Platinum Games' MadWorld isn't out of the question?

Vanquish had its chance to shine, now its MadWorld's turn. It's a shame that game with crazy violence, outstanding graphics, and a cool soundtrack isn't on any other console. No, Anarchy Reigns do not count. Since MadWorld is mostly motion controls focused, I can see this game working for Switch. Use one Joy-Con to move, while using the other one to attack. It doesn't sound too bad. But what I'd also like to see if Sega can allow players to press the buttons to play if the player doesn't feel like moving around. Sometimes players prefer to sit back and chill. Also, I wouldn't mind some extra content. Not DLC, but something like additional levels or extend the story a bit.

Let's hope our psycho maniac gets the love he deserves if a MadWorld port ever happens.

I know, Star Fox Zero isn't the best game in the series. Heck, it's probably not the most original. But I believe this game deserves a second chance. I'd love to see this game coming to Switch.

I feel like this game deserves a little credit. Platinum Games put in some effort into this game, and Nintendo was very supportive and proud of this project. Of course, that's not saying much. Fans complained the game is too short. So how about Nintendo add some new missions or maybe remake some past levels and add them to the game. Or maybe, just maybe, use amiibos to play through classic Nintendo franchises. Imagine playing as Fox through a Bayonetta or Kirby level, shooting down bad guys. Now THAT would be a treat. But I guess the point I'm getting at is: Star Fox Zero needs a second chance. Even though I haven't grown up with the series, it would be a shame for a franchise like this to die. I understand why fans don't find this game very good, but maybe this game can bring in new fans. But I guess that's wishful thinking. In the end, a port of this game would be excellent.

But keep Star Fox Guard away. Nobody asked for that.

Since Street Fighter and Mega Man gets ports on Nintendo Switch, how about Marvel vs. Capcom? You know the best game in the series to port onto the Switch? Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Some may not agree with this, but I think Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the best in the series. I love the comic book style graphics, I love the soundtrack, and I love the character selections. Still sad Mega Man isn't in, but at least we have Zero. Anyway, I believe this game will be great for Switch. Worried that the game will be hard to play? Well, there are two modes to make the game more comfortable for you. Easy controls are for rookies while normal controls are for veterans. This game may make Switch owners who never played a fighting game before more welcome. And since the buttons on the Switch are tiny, the easy controls should keep you from damaging them too much.

At least that's what I think.

You know what the Switch needs? Rhythm games. I don't understand why we don't have a new Rhythm Heaven for the Switch yet, but I wouldn't mind a port to another rhythm game series. No, not Guitar Hero. I was referring to the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series.

Even though a PC version sound more acceptable than a Switch version, I think Sega should give it a shot. Imagine playing this kind of game on the go. It'll feel embarrassing at first, but you'll enjoy playing with your friends and comparing scores for the sake of bragging. The Project Diva games are pretty hard. Don't let the cutesy anime look fool you. You have to concentrate and keep your eyes on the screen at all cost. Even blinking once will cause you to screw up. But don't worry. There's an easy mode for beginners. Don't let me scare you from the series. Back on topic, a Switch port of any of the Hatsune Miku games is pretty impressive. I don't even know which game should go to Switch first. Maybe Project Mirai DX or Project Diva X. Those are the easiest in the series.

Here comes the "nobody wants this weeb trash" comments. I can see them a mile away.

After the release of Sonic Forces, it seems like fans and non-fans alike are getting pretty tired of the boost gameplay. Heck, even Sonic Team is sick of it at this point. Now, despite fans begging for the return of the adventure formula, I think Sonic Team should take another shot at Lost World's formula. And I think the best way to show Sega that we're interested in another shot at that formula, a port of Sonic Lost World for the Switch is needed.

Sonic Lost World may be the most simple looking game in the series, but there's nothing wrong with that. The simple, classic looking style in the graphics is refreshing and welcoming. It's a nice change of pace, and I love for them to do it again. The only thing this port needs is a change of control scheme. One of the complaints I've heard from this game was that the control layout was pretty mixed up. So how about adding the option to customize how you want to play. Want to jump using the trigger button? Well, with custom controls, you can do that. Also, having Sonic to run without holding a button is not a bad option. I understand why Sonic Team added that, but instead of holding a button to speed up, use it to slow down instead. That way, the player can go fast while slowing down when needed. Also, some new DLC isn't off the table. The Zelda and Yoshi DLC was fantastic, and I would love to see another one with Xenoblade Chronicles or Kirby.

For the people who want Sega to fire Sonic Team and let fans develop future Sonic games instead, let me remind you that deadlines are involved. Sonic Time Twisted took 12 years to make while Sonic Generations, a game that was praised by fans and critics, took two years to develop. Remember that.

During an interview with Shun Nakamura, the producer of Sonic Forces and Rhythm Thief, Shun said that he would love to develop a new Samba de Amigo game for Switch. You know, he's right. A game like that would be perfect for Switch. So how about they test that out with a port of the Wii version.

Even though Gearbox Software isn't very bright, they did a decent job with the Wii version of Samba de Amigo. But if Sega can port it to Switch, I believe some improvements and extra content can be added to make the Switch port a great experience. Improve the motion controls from the Wii version a bit and add some additional songs. Sounds easy enough if you ask me. Also, button mode is not necessary for this kind of game. Samba de Amigo feels better with motion controls. That's kinda the point of the game. Move your hands like maracas to the beat. It's special like that. But I won't mind maracas shaped Joy-Cons. That would be awesome.

You know what else that can be cool? Bundle up the port with the Dreamcast original. That'd be nice

I am very disappointed that a game like Sin & Punishment is a bit forgotten on the Wii. Even though I've said that Star Fox deserves a second change, Sin & Punishment deserve way more than being shafted like that. Shame on you Nintendo fans. Give this franchise some love.

If Nintendo does consider porting one of the games, I recommend Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. That game was impressive with its chaotic action and outstanding graphics. I think the Switch port should improve the framerate and give the graphics a more HD look. That's probably the only thing the port needs. Well, there is one more thing: the controls. Motion controls sound like fun for a game like this, but it may give the player some arm pain. Add the option to play without the need of motion controls is excellent. I wouldn't mind using Amiibos to unlock costumes based on other Nintendo or third-party franchises. Imagine using Mega Man's Buster. That would Great!

Since Treasure is coming back, I wouldn't mind them developing a sequel or a remake. Then again, Platinum Games isn't out of the question.

It's pretty evident as to why the Metroid Prime Trilogy should be on Nintendo Switch. Not only because they're great games, but it's also because they can warm fans up for the fourth game that's coming soon.

How come Nintendo didn't think of this sooner? Not only this will warm the fans up, but if the Metroid Prime Trilogy is to go to Nintendo Switch, it may also gain new fans. This game can increase the sales to Metroid Prime 4. But let's not talk about sales now. I believe the Metroid Prime Trilogy will have motion controls with one Joy-Con used for movement and switching (ha) weapons while the other Joy-Con is for aiming and shooting. That sounds like a pretty cool control scheme. However, they may also allow you to just play with the buttons instead. It's not a bad thing at all. Although, l think it's best not to play this kind of game with the Joy-Cons sideways. Remember, Metroid is the kind of franchise that doesn't go too easy on you. Even the easier games can be a bit tough. But that's just my recommendation. Play as you see fit.

If Metroid Prime 4 sales horribly, I wonder how it will take for Nintendo to develop a Metroid Prime 5. Maybe ten years.

Ah, Mario Maker. The game that turns your friendly gaming buddy into a beast that will show you their hell. May have mercy on the players who currently have Mario Maker PTSD. With that aside, Super Mario Maker will make a great addition to the Nintendo Switch family.

The Nintendo Switch has a touch screen feature, yes? Making Super Mario levels on the go is like writing rap lyrics on a bus. Make things simple. Now, even though the 3DS version is not the best version of the game, I like the way they let you unlock assets for your levels. Instead of waiting on certain days to obtain your assets, all you have to do is to complete levels from the Super Mario Challenge mode. However, I think I like it best if you have all the assets from the get-go. It would also be pretty cool if Nintendo adds in some new assets to the mix. You know what else would be cool? MORE VARIETY! I want to make a snow level and a desert level. In fact, why can't I make a lava level? No, those castle levels don't count. Also, why can't I change the weather in my levels? I want my airship levels with stormy weather. That would have been great! A Switch port is a perfect opportunity for that.

Ranting aside, Super Mario Maker would make an excellent addition to the Nintendo Switch. With the Switch still accessible and the best (and worst), parts about Mario Maker is playing levels created by other users; it's the perfect time to port this awesome game to a very successful system. One day, you guys will experience the best level I've ever made: Mortar Castle.

Honorable Mentions:
The Wonderful 101
Sakura Wars
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Monkey Ball
Xenoblade Chronicles

See you next time where I'll you a list that will make you question my taste in video games. Oh boy! I can't wait!

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