Plenty of great series get left by the wayside throughout the years,and it can be sad, especially if there's lots of untapped potential left.. While plenty of series have had definitive and satisfying endings, lots of series needed more love and more entries, but those will probably never happen. This list is for those games. I will be listing the game that should get a sequel BTW, so if I'm listing a series, it will probably be the most recent game in it (numbers 8 and 4 are an exception).


1. I have played the series and I've played all of the series games (or at least a lot of them)

2. A new entry can easily be impossible for many picks (#10 is a good example)

3. The series is currently dead or has had an extended hiatus



Why did Valve make two games full of comedic gold and innovative mechanics and then ignore them entirely? Because they can't count to three or their heads will explode, that's why. I realize that the ending of the second game definetely wrapped up Chell's story, but they could always expand on the lore. What about Rattman? Or the earlier days of Aperture when Cave Johnson was still alive?

Portal 1 and 2 were excellent first-person puzzle games that explored many novel concepts that puzzle games haven't seen before or since. Gladys and Wheatley were hilarious to listen to, and the cores from the endings made me crack up (especially the curiosity core). The little Easter eggs like the Ratmann dens were fun to discover, and the "The Cake Is A Lie" meme has been so widely circulated that even people who don't know the game recognize it. Hey, you were promised cake, but not the CONSUMPTION of cake, right? Guess you really CAN'T always have your cake and eat it too...

This was a fun little spin-off for the N64 that tried something different. It was a great game and I enjoyed taking pictures of Pokemon frolicking about. Finding secret ways to snap pictures of rare or evolved Pokemon was fun, and the game can actually teach you real photo-taking skills. After all the battling of Pokemon stadium, I enjoyed this change of pace and its a shame new games weren't made like this, especially since there are so many more pokemon now. I can imagine how much more fun a new Pokemon Snap could be with better graphics and all the new and imaginative Pokemon that have come since. Along with the enhanced storage capacity of CDs, they could add so much more. If you're exhausted from trying to Catch 'Em All, take a break and Snap 'Em All. This game wasn't linked to the Gameboy titles like the Stadium was, so it wasn't a surprise that people treated it as nothing more than a shallow diversion, but I always had a blast with it.

Since the US version of SMB2 was a palette-swap of doki doki panic (which had nothing to do with the series originally), Mario Bros. 2 was full of original ideas that haven't been seen since. Because the REAL SMB2 was too hard for the US players. I know that the original DDP got a sequel in Japan, but overseas players never got to see this style of game become a series of its own. Picking stuff up and chucking it is so much fun, and the boss battles were great. Many of the new elements even became Mario staples, like Bomb-Ombs, Shy Guys and Birdo! Other things unique to this game like keys, and multiple playable characters have become part of the series recently. It's time for Nintendo to re-visit this style and make another game where you can pick up enemies and chuck them at each other!

While the original Phantasy Star series was a turn-based RPG, the series then moved to the online scene and became an action-RPG. While the new games are still great, re-visiting the classic franchise would be nice. As much as I love Phantasy Star 0, I won't be satisfied until that 0 becomes a 5. It's been decades, Sega, how much longer must I wait? While it's true that the originals haven't aged all that well (and III is still as terrible as ever), some modern updates (like in-game mapmaking) and maybe a new way to make battles have some action (like in the Mario& Luigi games) would bring the series up to current specs and provide a good story. Bring the team back and re-vitalize their passion project Sega! Plus, make the battles look nice and flashy, and a whole new generation could get into the series that took RPGs to the next level (and was the Master System's only gem).

With 3 games and a 25 year interval between the sequel and third installment, this series is in dire need of more love. Mashing rail-shooting with witty dialogue, high-speed action and a plethora of weapons to unlock made this game a gem in the 3DS library. Coming from Mashahiro Sakurai (the genius behind Kirby and Smash Bros.), the game featured some things that were similar, Iike trophies, an addictive VS. mode and the option to up the reward by increasing the difficulty. The gameplay was fun, and the dialogue was absolutely HILARIOUS. Pit has a constant back-and-forth going on with friends and foes alike, and he and the others always have funny lines at the right moments. They sometimes even break the fourth wall!
There was a comment at the end that hinted there's gonna be 25 more years till the next game, but whether that was a joke, referring to in-game years, or real-time is unknown.
Oh well, fans can always hope...

This RPG was thouroughly original (and still is), so it's a shame there's no sequel yet. Coming from the developer of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, TWEWY, didn't simply rewrite the rules, it took every single RPG convention and did something original and different with it. Even stat-boosting items and equipment abilities are unlocked in a throughly different way than you might expect. The defining moment of this game is when it all finally clicks and you realize just how awesome these new ideas all are, especially the battle system. Deftly combining the buttons, touch screen, dual-screen setup and microphone for a truly impressive experience unlike anything else out there. The game has some striking visual flair, but the soundtrack is something you really need to hear to believe. Tons of vocalists were hired to perform vocals for nearly every track, and the result is a high-energy mix of dance,trance and hip-hop with English, Engrish and Japanese vocals that I find myself enjoying to this very day. While Neku and his fellow players made an appearance in Dream Drop Distance, a true sequel still remains elusive. Although Nomura has stated that he would love to make a sequel to this game, he's been tied down with all the KH 3 stuff, so while it's possible, a sequel is definetely a longshot.

Anybody remember F-Zero? I wonder what happened to it? It set the standard for racing games back in the day, and pushed the SuperNES to new heights with the FX Chip and Mode 7 graphics. Quite a showcase for the powerful hardware. It also was the first title to feature a rocking soundtrack slightly akin to what you might hear on the Genesis back then (but not quite as gritty). Plus, who can forget the awesome Captain Flacon? I suppose F-Zero's death might have been attributed to Wipeout Fusion, which set the standard for futuristic racing and knocked F-Zero GX off it's perch before returning to regular on-wheels stuff, but the series needs another entry for the Switch by now. It could be great with the new HD graphics and improved sound quality of today's hardware. Anybody wanna race at 375MPH on twisting, turning, death-defying tracks again? I know I do!

Raiden was super-awesome-cool back in the day, and is still fun and adrenaline pumping all these years later. The second game in the series had everything a shooter fan could ask for:

Awesome ships
Insane powerups
Incredible amounts of on-screen action
Jaw-dropping graphics
A totally rocking soundtrack
Frequent screen-filling explosions
Massive, thrilling bosses

Every factor of Raiden II makes you want to play it again and again, and the challenge was stiff but fair, despite being an old-school aracde game from the days when they were designed mainly to chew up quarters. If arcade gaming still thrived today, you can bet I'd be dumping all my quarters into Raiden II, if only to see that awesome curvy plasma laser one more time.

If you say you never heard of this game, don't worry, most people haven't. Which is a shame. It was a cult classic on older macs where you control a paper airplane through houses, using air vents for lift, avoiding obstacles (dripping water, fans that blow you into flypaper, toasters launchig bread slices, and other paper airplanes, just to name a few) and collecting bonus items and stars. There are lots of different houses to go through, and the challenge is stiff. It's not all just houses either. There's a space station, an illusionary world, and even one themed on teddy bears that take you to different areas (like the Arabian Nights or a Hotel). There's a program for you to design your own levels, and you can spend hours making the most ridiculous situations and rooms you can think of. Overall, it's a shame this didn't land on other platforms and get more attention, but I still find myself booting up my older mac to play the game to this very day.

The Mega Man series as a whole has been dormant for quite some time since Inafune left Capcom. Legends three was canceled at a 75 percent completion status, Mighty #9 was a massive disappointment, and the Legacy Collection left a lot to be desired. Only 6 games and no extras years after Anniversary Collection, which offered 10 games and tons of bonus content?

Mega Man has been MIA after his appearance in Smash Bros, and I find that sad. I grew up with the little guy, I'd love to see Mega Man Legends 3 finally come back from being abandoned. Even a new spin-off would be fine at this point. It may not happen unless Nintendo buys the rights to the series, but we can always hope the Capcom might pick itself up, dust itself off, and contact Inafune about a temporary partnership to finish the third Legends game. It's still a long shot, but fans can always dream.

Apparently, a Mega Man 11 is in developement, but it's graphics look like cheesy fan art...

Honorable mentions:

1. Earthbound
It was stated that Mother 3 was the conclusive end, hence why fans pleas for a new entry have gone unanswered for decades.

2. Mark Of Kri
While a great game that had a cult following, the team was disbanded halfway through the second games development cycle due to unexplained reasons.

3. Shantea
I was going to include this earlier, but since Shantea now has 4 games in total, it seems gratuitous to ask for more (but I wouldn't complain a 5th game).

4. Half-Life
I haven't played this series, but if the fans are any indication, Half-Life 3 is a pipe dream that will never happen. As of now,the series ended with nothing but some tears.

5. Jet Set Radio
I haven't played this, but if the gameplay videos I've seen are any indication, this is a truly original gem that I'd love to see made into a whole franchise. It's been re-released and enhanced several times, but never truly gotten a sequel as far as I know.

6. Bubble Bobble
Arcades are no longer around, so this is definetely a long shot. After Puzzle Bobble came out, not a single action platformer starring the adorable little bubble-blowing dinosaurs has appeared since. It's all been puzzle games. It'd be nice to see the series get back to it's roots with smooth 3-D style animations and the same whimsical charm the series has become known for. I'd be blowing colorful bubbles just to watch them pop for hours.


List by LostSoul (01/02/2018)

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