After my GameBoy list, people have told me to stop writing lists because they suck. That gave me an idea:
Write more lists. If you don't like my lists, go write your own. I ain't gonna stop ya...

This list is about games that can be re-made in order to resurrect their series. BTW, many of these will be Nintendo games, but I'll have other stuff in here as well.

Oh Rare, I remember the glory days. It seemed like you could do no wrong, and your wonderful relationship with Nintendo would span the ages. Then Microsoft spends a bajillion dollars to steal you away, puts dampers on all your wonderful creativity, and forces you to make disappointment after disappointment. Then comes Nuts and Bolts, the game that damned a wonderful, inventive, whimsical franchise stuffed to the brim with imagination, creativity and fun. I remember seeing Nuts And Bolts and assuming Rare had lost their minds, then remembering that ever since Microsoft got their grubby, undeserving mitts on Rare, nothing good could come from the company. Good-bye Rare, I will always remember you fondly...

Remember when Wipeout Fusion replaced F-Zero as the standard-bearer for futuristic racing? Well, I do. While I have nothing against Wipeout Fusion, I was sad to see F-Zero go. Nothing can quite match the thrill of racing along a twisting, turning track at over 500 MPH in an awesome futuristic craft with the totally rockin' soundtrack and the blistering speed pumping adrenaline all the while. Many things can be exciting in racing games, but nothing will ever match the sheer thrill of F-Zero. Unfortunately, with Wipeout Fusion stealing customers, sales of F-Zero GX were lower than projected, and the series has been dormant ever since. If Nintendo could finally take a look at the potential this game has nowadays, they could make a serious platform-pusher for the Switch in addition to Mario, Zelda and Metroid.

With the last two MvC games being major disappointments, the best thing to rise from the ashes would be to re-release MvC 2, the pinnacle of the entire Vs. franchise. With a fan-favorite cast of super-diverse and fun characters, finely-tuned controls and fighting mechanics, and maybe some re-balancing, this could be a wonderful game for the new generation, rather than Infinite. It has the largest roster out of any Vs. game made, and some of the best hyper moves and assists in the series. There are plenty of characters that should have returned for subsequent entries, like Megaman, Jill, Wolverine and Captain Commando.
The problem is that Capcom has been doing the bare minimum with it's recent entries in the Vs. series, when a series this good deserves the very best.
Seriously, Capcom, get on the ball, listen to your fans, and not your wallets.

While I realize that this game was expanded with Infinity, it was too late. The PSP was retired, the Vita had failed across the board, and the fans had given up. Portable 2 still has a passionate fan base, just a very small one. The new generation could benefit from a game this good, especially with the Switch's new portable nature and the easy accessibility many gamers have when it comes to Wi-Fi nowadays. The sheer number of weapons and rare loot to collect means that the game is very large, especially for a handheld, and Nintendo could even keep the good times rolling with additional side stories via DLC! This would be the ultimate title for sega to get back in the game.

With a new milestone for the Blue Bomber approaching, Capcom has given up on it's mascot. Shame, considering how much gamers wanted Mega Man Legends 3 before the company canceled it due to "lack of fan support" (which was a total lie).
Mega Man legacy collection did come out, but it was SO limited when compared to this game. With 10 games in one package plus lots of cool bonus content and even some episodes of the US anime included, this was the ultimate Mega Man package and a perfect way to celebrate the glory days. With 9 and 10 having been released and the gameboy games, they could include even more goodness in the package if they were to release an updated version. Heck, throw in a commerative booklet like you did with 8, and I'd go out a buy a truckload to show that fans still love the little robot.

The only problem with transforming an unrelated game into the US version of SMB 2 was that the game didn't start a franchise in it's own right. I loved this game and played it to death back in the NES days. The GBA port was a good attempt at modernizing the classic, but it made some awkward decisions that caused the game to become a shadow of it's former greatness.
This game had tons of original ideas and gameplay innovations that haven't been seen since, and even introduced some Mario staples like Bomb-Ombs, Birdo and Shy-Guys. It's time for Nintendo to revisit the classics!

It's hard to turn down a second helping of something that's so good. While Super Castlevania IV was simply a re-boot of the first game on the NES, it had so much to offer. The multi-directional whipping was awesome and hasn't been seen since, which is a shame, considering how much it improved the gameplay. Using the whip to swing on grapple points was tons of fun, the game was oozing with style and the music was great. The game even over-zealously used the Mode-7 capabilities. Every level and boss was packed with scaling and rotation effects for no real reason, but it added to the fun factor.
Subsequent games in the series have since used Symphony Of The Night as their template, but I missed the linear arcade-style a lot. The gothic scenery was gone too. The older games had cemeteries, haunted forests and even villages. Since when did the WHOLE GAME have to take place inside Dracula's Castle? Since SOTN, that's when.
It seems we'll never get another Castlevania that'll live up to this one's greatness, but if Konami could finally start being a smart company, they might realize that classic Castlevania is still very much alive and kicking...

Metal Slug is one of SNK Plamore's best series ever. It's even better than Contra in many ways. As any will know, it's a run-and-gun like Contra and Gunstar Heroes, and has been on many platforms like the GBA, Neo-Geo home console, Neo Geo Pocket Color and the Wonder Swan, just to name a few. The most recent release to commererate it's 10th anniversary was Metal Slug Anthology on the Wii and PSP, which included all 7 games on one discs (1-6 and X). Metal Slug 7/XX was released on the DS and PSP a few years later, but the series hasn't been seen since. With arcades gone and SNKPlaymore a shadow of it's former self, it looks like Metal Slug is a relic of the past. With all the popularity of fast-paced action shooter games, Metal Slug could easily be brought back and become a smash hit all over again. A little extra polish, some good level and enemy design like in the third game, and SNKPlaymore could rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

When all the Street Fighters have gone to bed, the Darkstalkers come out to rule the night. With an awesome cast of monsters, ghosts, mummies, and even a demon hunter that looks like Little Red Riding Hood (but incredibly sadistic), this game has one of the most originality-packed casts I've ever seen. Some of it's characters like Morrigan and Felicia, have become popular enough to appear frequently in other Capcom games! Although Darkstalkers Chronicle was released on the PSP, it didn't sell many copies, which was a shame considering how fun the game still is to this day. With some talented artists and a good story, a new Darkstalkers game would be a great way to get fans back into the Night Warriors and introduce a new generation to one of the darkest fighting games ever.

NOTE: I mean darkest in tone, not darkest in terms of gore, that belongs to Mortal Kombat...

Can anybody want a resurrection of a series more than the fans of this game? It's impossible to exaggerate how much fans are passionately begging with tears for another game in the Mother series. Even seeing Mother 1 and 3 come stateside would be an incredible announcement in gaming history. You think the fans lost their mind when Metroid Prime 4 was announced? That would be NOTHING compared to the excitement and riots in the streets that an announcement of Mother's resurrection would cause.
Despite the 25 years of begging for another Mother game, Nintendo has ignored it all. The fans don't know why, but if another Mother game came it, it could probably top all other Nintendo bestsellers by a LANDSLIDE.
Come on Nintendo, you know you can do it, so do it!

Well, there you have it. I know I've left out others, but I can only include 10 here. I may do a similar list in the future. My personal top pick would be a resurrection of Phantasy Star Online, but human nature dictates that Earthbound gets the number 1 spot, and not wishing to fight human nature, I put it there.


List by LostSoul (10/18/2017)

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