You can argue and say that gameplay and story are the most important aspect in games, which is by no means wrong, but I'd say that an "excellent" RPG is a combination of both those as well as a well-done soundtrack. While some games have good soundtracks and bad story and gameplay or some other combination of the three, I wanted to put together a list of some of my personal favorite RPG soundtracks.

I am no expert in either RPGs or music, but I believe I have a pretty decent appreciation for both, so I hope you enjoy this list!

A disappointing game with an honestly superb soundtrack, seriously, listen to "The Ravager." Agate Simfonia does a really good job in creating a series of songs that sadly will be overlooked by many RPG fans due to the fact that Celestian Tales: Old North is just not that good. Simfonia definitely but an incredible effort into the soundtrack and it is a shame the developers did not do that for the entire game.

A few of the songs that I would have to pick out would definitely have to be, "Theme Of The North," "Castle Above The Hill," "Inquisitor's March," as well as the battle theme: "Marching Rebels." Accompanying Simfonia are Puspallia Panggabean and Shiellia Permatasari, who perform vocals for "Realm of The North" (which you could argue is the best song out of the entire soundtrack) and "Reus," respectively.

While the game did not live up to its expectations, the soundtrack does echo the style of classic JRPGs that many gamers grew up with, and for that, I have to give Simfonia props for.

I have yet to personally play The World Ends with You, it is high on my list of games I need to play, but I have listened to the soundtrack a countless number of times. TWEWY bucks the trend of "traditional" music for the more modern style of pop and rock, which is very fitting considering the game is set in Shibuya ward of Tokyo.

The end credits song, "Lullaby for You" as well as some other songs like "Someday," "Twister," "Calling," and "Shibuya" are ones that I would personally have to pick out as standouts from this soundtrack.

Takeharu Ishimoto takes an interesting approach with different genres that fit perfectly together to bring the world that apparently ends with you to life, as well as having a soundtrack that that is similar in a lot of ways to another game that is on this list.

Xenoblade Chronicles is a game that took the RPG community by storm, and for good reason, from the very moment the game loads up, you are met with the dramatic "Main Theme" that sets the tone of the game's soundtrack. Xenoblade Chronicles will definitely be remembered for his traditional, orchestrated style soundtrack that is the standard of open-world RPGs.

Yoko Shimomura, ACE+, Manami Kiyota, and Yasunori Mitsuda all team up to produce one of the best soundtracks on the Nintendo Wii for sure. Themes such as "Hometown," "Gaur Plains," "Achamoth, Imperial City," "Unfinished Battle," as well as "Eryth Sea" are all deserving of praise.

Even if you were not impressed by the game itself it is hard to discredit Xenoblade Chronicles' soundtrack and it's grand scale of epic proportions.

Say what you want about Star Ocean's quality over the years, but one thing that I have always found consistently good would definitely be the OSTs and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time is no different.

Motoi Sakuraba does an incredible job at composing and arranging tracks that make you feel as if you are on a journey through the galaxy for sure. From the first moment I watched the opening movie with "The Dawn of Wisdom" playing I knew I was going to love this game, and I was right. Other great picks from the OST would have to be: "The Future of Blood Stained Blade," "The Cutting Edge of Notion" (regular battle theme), "Reflected Moon," and "Malicious Fingers."

Till the End of Time's soundtrack bounces between futuristic sounds, to classically orchestrated songs, and even rock-influenced battle themes; all that actually fit into the game's world and story. Describing Till the End of Time to someone that has never played it and the same thing that can be said for the soundtrack as well, but I hope you all give it a listen.

I am going to be 100% honest here, a couple of Darren Korb’s compositions genuinely made me feel deep emotions, to the point that I did tear up a little bit. "Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)" performed by Ashley Lynn was incredibly powerful, however, when "Mother, I’m Here (Zulf’s Theme)" plays, HOLY. COW. I had to take a moment to recover from that scene in general.

Although, the greatest song from this soundtrack would have the ending theme, "Setting Sail, Coming Home" which combines both of the themes into one epic final song that is one of my "most played" songs on my phone. The soundtrack, in general, is hard for me to nail down the genre, but I would say "folk" is a good description of it, especially when listening to eerily sounding, "What's Left Undone."

Bastion was a game that surprised me with how fun the game is, how moving the story was, and the grand scale of the soundtrack, which I might add was so well received that it was given a vinyl LP release.

Three words: "Cancao do Povo." My word that song is incredible. Composer Noriyuki Iwadare put together a fantastic offering of different melodies and tunes, which makes this soundtrack easily the best of the Grandia series.

Not only is "Cancao do Povo" great, so are "FIGHT!! Ver. 1," "FIGHT!! Ver. 2," "FIGHT!! Ver. 3," "FIGHT!! Ver. 4." Needless to say, the battle themes in the game are some of the best in the genre and giving the fact that the Grandia series relies heavily on its battle system to keep fans entertained you would hope Grandia II would have themes to go well with the exciting combat system, and it does for sure.

With plenty of releases of Grandia II, it is very easy to play it and see what the big fuss is all about.

Including a modern Fallout game on this list does kind of feel like cheating, but "It's a Sin" to not put Fallout: New Vegas on this list due to the ability that both composer Inon Zur and the licensed music included in the game to draw me into the world of New Vegas and never let me go.

Once in "Blue Moon" there is video game soundtrack that not only makes you want to go out and download every single song in the game but also appreciate the world that the game is set in. New Vegas is definitely that soundtrack. New Vegas has the original songs such as the " Main Theme," "Begin Again" (performed by Stephanie Dowling & Justin Bell), "Street's of New Reno" (J.E. Sawyer & Nathaniel Chapman), and "Rocket to Repconn."

But the real winners as far as the soundtrack goes has to be the licensed songs, such as Eddy Arnold's "It's a Sing," Frank Sinatra's "Blue Moon," Dean Martin performing "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?," Kay Kyser and his spurs that "Jingle, Jangle, Jingle;" Guy Mitchell's "Heartaches by the Number,' and my personal favorite: Marty Robbin's "Big Iron."

New Vegas' soundtrack really gives you a sense of the wild west wasteland that seems to be perpetually stuck in the 1950s and for that, I love it.

By far my personal favorite Final Fantasy soundtrack, Final Fantasy XII is seemingly a callback to the classic Final Fantasy soundtracks that were composed by Nobuo Uematsu with deep and emotional orchestrated themes throughout the game.

Hitoshi Sakimoto’s work in the game provides gamers with a sense of just how epic the game’s world is. Even if you were originally not a fan of the game when it initially came out, it is hard to discredit such songs as: "Theme of Final Fantasy XII," "The Royal City of Rabanastre," "The Dalmasca Estersand," "Clash of Swords," "Theme of the Empire," and Chocobo FFXII Arrange Ver. 1."

With the release of the Zodiac Age, the soundtrack was redone and personally, the original is better in my opinion, but to each their own. Also, Nobuo Uematsu does return to Final Fantasy by composing "Kiss Me Good-Bye" which is sung by Angela Aki which is one of the best ending themes of not only a Final Fantasy game or even an RPG but video games in general.

First off, let me say that while I absolutely adore the Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete soundtrack, I personally feel the iOS re-release, Lunar Silver Star Story Touch has a better sounding soundtrack. Noriyuki Iwadare (once again) did a phenomenal job with Lunar Silver Star Story, every track hits home to me. From "Wings" (the opening song) to "Wind’s Nocturne" (Luna’s Boat Song), which are both sung by Jennifer Stigile, this soundtrack is one that I enjoy listening to often.

Even the regular battle theme and boss themes, as well as the theme of Meribia, are very enjoyable to listen to. I also dare you to listen to "Determination" and the appropriately titled "Sad Piano Theme" and not feel any sense of emotion.

Definitely a standard of old-school JRPGs and hard to match even to this day.

First off, I am not entirely sure what genre to call Persona 4 Golden’s soundtrack, is it J-Pop? Rock? There are synthetic songs... I’m so confused. Well whatever you call it, Shoji Meguro’s work is #1 on this list. My favorite thing about the Persona soundtracks would definitely have to be that they include several vocally performed songs in all the games, P4G has songs from Shihoko Hirata, Rie Kugimiya, and Laura Bailey in it.

While retaining the songs from the original Persona 4 (specifically "Pursuing My True Self," "Signs of Love," "Your Affection," "Reach Out To The Truth," "Backside of the TV," "Heartbeat, Heartbreak;" "Heaven," and "Never More") Golden adds several new songs such as an additional opening song, "Shadow World," as well as a new battle theme, "Time to Make History;" a concert song performed by Laura Bailey (in the NA release or Rie Kugimiya in the Japanese version), "True Story;" as well as a new leisure tune, "SNOWFLAKES."

The best thing about Golden’s soundtrack is that because of the type of songs, it is very easy to recommend to your friends to listen to, even if they are not big fans of video games.

I apologize if I left out some of your personal favorite RPG soundtracks, there are so many more games that I could have included, including these five (or so) Honorable Mentions:

Numerous other Final Fantasy entries: Seriously you could fill out a list alone by Final Fantasy entries, but that would be boring.

Tales of Vesperia: Easily my favorite Tales of soundtrack.

Persona 3 FES: It was a toss-up between P3 FES and P4G and as much as "Burn My Dread," Joy" and "Memories of You/Kimi no Kioku" are fantastic I only wanted to include only one game per series.

Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete: This was a toss-up for me as well, Eternal Blue’s soundtrack is just as moving if not more than SSST’s, but the first game had more of an impact on me so I have to go with that.

Transistor: Another game composed by Darren Korb that has an exceptional soundtrack as well that features the vocals of Ashley Barrett.

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