This is a list I've wanted to create for a while, since there are plenty of good games for Nintendo systems that got overlooked in favor of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Metroid. Not that I hate the holy quartet, but there are other good innovative games that deserve a spotlight and this list is for those. I'm mainly focusing on more recent games, but I may do a retro-focused list in the future:

First off, I will list why you're probably not playing the game.

Secondly, I will list why you SHOULD be playing the game.

Here are the rules:
1. I have played the game

2. I realize that for some entries, some people will say they're not playing them cuz they're rated M. If that's the case, check those out when you're older. If you ARE of age, you have no excuse.

3. This is my OPINION! Don't flame me just cuz you disagree, kay?

Enjoy the list.

Why you're probably not playing it:
Because you already own a bunch of light gun games, and one is Umbrella Chronicles, which wasn't all that great. Also, Capcom sold a bajillion copies of Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition and followed it up with lame shooter games instead of, ya know actual Resident Evil games.

Why you should be playing it:
The above makes a lot of valid points, but be honest, isn't there room for one more light gun game? Especially one of this quality. it's so much better than it predecessor. Taking you through Resident Evils 2, Code: Veronica and a brand new South American scenario, it has nonstop action and great graphics. The CG cutscenes are as impressive as they are numerous, and the game is super fun with a friend for some couch co-op. Resident Evil is a great series, and this entry is a nice catharsis if you've grown tired of getting your nerves frayed by the unrelenting tension of the recent entries...

Why you're probably not playing it:
It was marketed as simply a re-make of the original, which was constantly criticized for being worthless compared to Silent Hill 2. Also, aside from an obscure, Japan-only spinoff on the Gameboy, Silent Hill has never before been on a Nintendo console.

Why you should be playing it:
I agree that this was advertised as a re-make, but it's really not a re-make, re-imagining, or even a soft re-boot. it practically an entirely new game that happens to use the same setting and main character of the first. The story is different, the environments and gameplay is different, and the game is different in lots of ways. This game is one of the scariest I've played, only beaten by the Fatal Frame series in terms of scary. The lighting and texture work are incredible, the envioronments attention to detail is exquisite, and it has the best use of the Wii remote speaker ever. Using it as a cell phone and a flashlight really immerses you in the games world. While not everything works as well as planned (I'm looking at you, nightmare sequences), the whole experience is scary and immersive. A surprisingly emotional ending rounds it off. Plus, the physiological profiling system creates a truly unique experience. This game plays you more than you play it.

Why you're probably not playing it:
What's up with the grainy black and white graphics? Is this an old gameboy game? Even if you like the style, the game wasn't marketed very well.

Why you should be playing it:
Along with it's slick, black white and red graphics, the games over-the-top, visceral and well, MAD gameplay make it a unique experience. The motion controls are used well only when appropriate and the sheer number of options at your disposal for slaughtering enemies is impressive. Moreover slaughtering them is funny and entertaining rather than disgusting (Manhunt this is not). After all, you are on a game show where killing people in entertaining ways is the goal. The commentary is hilarious (and raunchy), and there are several insane minigames (like man darts, which is exactly what it sounds like). Overall, if you're of age to play M-rated games, you have no excuse to not experience this unique and awesome ride.

Why you're probably not playing it:
This looks like pong, nothing more. Or an endless runner. The music is all chiptunes, and the graphics are primitive. Plus, they all came out for WiiWare already. Are the developers just trying to line their pockets?

Why you should be playing:
Yes, the Bit.Trip series features chiptune soundtracks, retro gameplay, slick visuals and existentialist themes. They originally came out one by one on WiiWare, but now all six are available in one convienent package with added features like adjustable difficulty, unlockable artwork and deeper insights into the story the games are trying to tell, which totally justifies a retail release. Naturally, the quality of all six games varies. Bit.Trip Runner (a rhythmic platformer) is one of the best. The unforgiving Bit.Trip Core (basically a rhythmic shooter), the most rhythm-focused of the six, is by far my favorite, but each game delivers it's own brand of fun. These games are not for the easily frustrated. Expect to play levels and fail over and over until you can master their increasingly complex patterns. You won't have much time to admire the extra-trippy effects, sadly. The games are intense and keep the adrenaline pumping, especially during boss battles (several times the remote almost had to be surgically removed from my grip). It's almost impossible to avoid the "one more try" syndrome as you attempt to overcome the challenges you are presented with in each game.

NOTE: I'm including all 5 episodes, even though the first one is what's listed here.

Why you're probably not playing it:
The Homestar Runner series has a cult following, and not many people know who Strong Bad or the other characters are. Also, the first time people see the HR stuff, they think it's wierd, and not worth their time, let alone their money.

Why you should be playing it:
While the first impression of the HR universe is not usually all that great, believe me, it can grow on you. It's unique brand of humor is infectious and laught-out-loud funny at many moments, and these are some of the most entertaining point-and-click adventures I've ever played (and I've played a lot). The signature wacky humor is prevalent throughout, there are some fun minigames scattered around each episode, and the voice-acting is top-notch and spot-on. Give HR a chance, and you'll grow to love it.

Why you're probably not playing it:
The game is very ambiguous about what you're getting into, and most people don;t want to risk spending their money on something that could easily be worthless. It's also wierd that it looks like a horror game, but it's not.

Why you should be playing it:
This is a unique game that uses a horror setting for a puzzle game. Trapped in a school building at nighttime, you need to create pathways of light to get from the entrance to the exit of each room, using a slingshot to break windows (creating straight lines of moonlight), a remote to turn on TVs and battery lamps (creating puddles of light) and also Using flares (bridging small gaps of darkness). The gameplay is rather unique and the puzzle-solving is fun and addictive, while the slick visuals bring out a nice mood. Step into the darkness, and you die. Using your flashlight (and shaking it to restore it's battery) is a good way to plan your moves carefully, and there's even some boss battles where you need to lure bad guys into light and get out of the room before they catch you.

Why you're probably not playing it:
You've never heard of Sin & Punishment. Not surprising, since the original N64 title came out a decide late on Virtual Console, and it didn't age well at all.

Why you should be playing it:
This game is amazing, and its a miracle that it ever came out, especially in North America. It improves all the flaws present in it's predecessor. Better controls, better level design, better graphics, better action and unlimited continues. S&P is one of those few games that is challenging but not frustrating. Bosses will at first seem impossible, but every time you'll discover a little trick that gets you farther, until you finally beat it. Two characters with different play styles gives the game replay value, and while the story isn't great, once you're back in the thick of things, you won't mind. As far as graphics go, it isn't exactly showcase for the Wii. Still, when you're running along through the desert and the sky turns black with a cloud of bombers dropping their explosive payloads everywhere, polygon counts will be the last thing on your mind. This game is over-the-top, bullet-hell insanity, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Why you're probably not playing it:
As an eShop title for the 3DS, this game since it looked like a spiritual successor to Megaman and Mighty Numbr 9 was a massive letdown.

Why you should be playing it:
While this game does borrow from Megaman, it blows mighty Number 9 out of the water. It has the same run-jum-shoot gameplay that the Megaman series is known for, plus a level select, but also an equipment and crafting system and a unique gameplay elements that involves "tagging" enemies by shooting them and then using your internal electric energy (known as "septima") to defeat them. You can build up combos by defeating enemies without getting hit, and you'r skill will really be put to the test in this game. It's not quite "NES-hard", but it's challenging enough to give you some trouble in certain points. The slick visuals and fun gameplay are an unbeatable match, and all the bosses are well-designed too. This is a great game for Megaman fans, especially if you enjoyed the Megaman X series.

Why you're probably not playing it:
Because you can't even pronounce "Tatsunoko". Even if you can, you probably don't have the slightest idea who any of its characters are. Also, the roster wasn't localized for the US, so even plenty of the Capcom characters are very obscure. You gotta be incredibly hardcore to know who Saki or Batsu are.

Why you should be playing it:
While I'll always say that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 is the best crossover fighting game (aside from SSB), this is a well-made Vs. fighter with a likable cast of characters to choose from. In case you're wondering, Tatsunoko is an anime production company that makes a lot of Japan-exclusive animes. Normally, I expected licensing issues meant this game would NEVER come stateside, but it did. Although Capcom has stated that the game outperformed their expectations in the US, it still deserves a bigger audience. The fighting is slick and the visuals are awesome, relentlessly in-your-face, and the ludicrous damage amounts and specials you can unleash are a sight to behold. The game is rather unbalanced (Saki is super-cheap), but it's still a lot of fun. Plus, how can you deny the awesomeness of teaming Viewtiful Joe with Dead Rising's Frank West?

Another countdown that features this game. Jeez, is it any question how much I love this game?

Why you're probably not playing it:
Because it was released after the DS spent a year taking over the planet. Plus, this game was given a very quiet release to not draw attention from the DS.

Why you should be playing it:
'Tis game may not look like anything special, but it truly is. As another game in the GBAs already crowded RPG lineup, many gamers let it fly under their radar (mainly due to it's timing), and missed out on a truly enjoyable experience. Having to craft your own weapons with materials instead of buying or finding them is very fun and unique, the game's story is packed with humor and charm, the battle system is fast-paced and fun, and the character interactions are unique and sometimes quite touching. This game was a wonderful ride while it lasted, and the sequel only made it better. I was icky enough to notice it and picked it up, and good thing I did. Unfortunately, the DS successor, Twin Age, was not quite as good, but was still a unique experience that people should check out. While this game will probably never get another installment, Swordcraft Story 1 and 2 will always be in my fondest memories...

There you have it. I realize that with the exception of #1, many of these game are not even 10 years old. Oh well.

Here are some honorable mentions:

1.Muramasa: The Demon Blade
I left this out because Muramasa: Rebirth on the PSVita is exponetially better.

2. Phantasy Star 0
I haven't played it yet, but if it's even half as good as Portable 2, it could easily become my new addiction.

3. Arc Rise Fantasia
Hard to recommend, but one of the only RPGs on Wii, and a damn good one if you can give it a chance.

4. Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume
A great action/strategy RPG for the DS, but I've mentioned it before, so I left it out to keep the list fresh.

5. Corpse Party: Back To School Edition
This game is a port of the PSP re-make of the PC game Corpse Party: Blood Covered. I left it out cause the PSP version has superior specs and people stuck with only the 3DS will be out of luck for the rest of the story on the PSP and Vita sequels.

'Kay, hope you liked the list, see ya later...

List by LostSoul (08/10/2017)

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