Everything can happen in RPG games. Enemies becomes friends and friends become enemies. Each story plot will have it's own reasons. This time, I have created a list of 10 games that will have character that joins the party member and for somewhat reasons they will leave the party permanently and later become boss you have to fight. Some of the RPG games will have party members that appears as enemies and later will join after you defeat that characters. This is the opposite of that, and surprisingly it's not easy to find it.

The rules of my topics are:
* The characters must join as the party member at any points of the game. If let's say, in the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, Riku is introduced as Sora's best friends, but he later succumbed to darkness and have it's own path. Sora will battle Riku multiple times in the game, but he never joins as the party member from the start, so both titles are out from the list.

* The characters who quits must become an enemies you fight as a boss battle or similar like that. Some RPG games will have characters that will leave the party permanently at some points, but they have it's own reasons and don't becomes enemies. Grandia is the perfect example for this. Sue and Gadwin will leave the party permanently, but they simply don't have a reason to continue the journey anymore.

* The characters must be recruited before they become enemies later. The first example is Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX. She doesn't join as a guest before you fought her multiple times, so she is out from the list. Another example is Radiata Stories, because there will be a major split path, and whatever decision you pick at that point, you will abandon the friends you have at the other side. So let's say if you decided to pick the Non Human sides, you will leaves all of your Human friends, and later you will fight Elwen, one of the strongest Human characters. Elwen is only recruitable if you choose Human Path, so she doesn't officially joins your party member before the major split path, and thus doesn't appear as the party member if you choose the Non Human sides.

* The characters who quits must have the connections with the main characters. I add another points here because in the some games like Growlanser: Heritage or War, there are multiple playable characters with their own story, like Rufus, Isaac, Rockbein, but you will fight them later with your main characters. All of that characters are playable in the game, however they have their own party member and don't join the main characters' party member, so all of that doesn't have a direct connections with the main characters.

* The characters must leave permanently and doesn't have the options to be recruited back. Some games have the story where the party member quits temporarily and you will fight him/her (either story wise or optional), and later join back. Rogue Galaxy may have the story where Zegram betrays Jaster and you will need to fight him one on one. However soon after that, he realized about what he was doing and joins the party back in the next fight.

Ba'Gamnan is one of the enemies in the Final Fantasy XII series, and now he is back. This Bangaa clan still have the same antagonist role in this game and you will fight them multiple times. After his first defeat, he tried to backstab Vaan, however he failed to do that and tripped at the stairs instead. The party member decided to tie him up because they don't want another trouble. More story ahead and they will have missions at Fane of Gucuma Qul. The second battle at this battle seems easy but it's not. When the party member have reached the flag, the trap will sprung, and they will be ambushed by Titan. While it seems that the battle is too difficult, Ba'Gamnan appears and help the party member. After the fight, he unwillingly helps the party member because he is forced to do it. Some accessories has been placed by Tomaj on his neck and he will be shocked if he doesn't want to help. He joins the party for now.

After quite some missions, the party member will arrive at Port Marilith, and that's the place where he leaves the party for some unknown reason. The party member has to do something more important, so they doesn't have the time to look for him. He is back to his main role and will appear as the main targets for some of the missions. More story happens and the party member will be at Yapih Caverns. There will be 2 missions where you will need to defeat Ba'Gamnan. More story follows and the party member will arrive at Ymir Qul Underground, where they will be ambushed by Ba'Gamnan. When you have defeated him, he will appear one last time at Shadow of Paharo, where you can defeat him once and for all.

Vossler is one of Basch's friends who helped him in the war for a few years ago. They both have mission to protect Ashe when she escaped from the country. As the story told, they need to go separate ways, and Basch was captured for allegedly assasinating the king. Vossler brought Ashe to the Bhujerba, using the name of Princess Amalia and stay low there.

In the mid game, your party member (including Basch) will meet Vossler and Ashe in Bhujerba. Vossler still don't trust Basch because he thought that Basch really kill the kings. As story told, Basch managed to get the trust back, but Ashe has been captured to the Imperial Airship, so Vossler will help your party member to infiltrate the airship and joins as a guest character. Guest character means that he doesn't occupy the party member's slot, he can't be manually controlled in the battle, but you can still adjust his equipments. After a few more missions, the party managed to get Dawn Shard but they were intercepted and brought back to the Airship as prisoners. Vossler now reveals his true objectives, which is to give the Dawn Shard to Judge Ghis. Ghis then installed the Dawn Shard in the airship to test it's power. The party member later managed to escape but they will be stopped by Vossler. They have to fight Vossler, and finally he is defeated. Dawn Shard makes the Airship's system overload and the Airship begin to explode. Judge Ghis want to get the Dawn Shard but he is stopped by Vossler. Eventually the airship explodes, killing the entire army abroad, while the party member managed to escape to their own airship.

In this game, there are not only one but two former friends. The first one is Algus Sadalfas (or Argath Thadalfus in the PSP version). He serves under Elmdore and his objectives is to rescue Elmdore when he is captured. Ramza and the party member find him cornered in the ambush and decided to help him. Algus then joins the party member for quite some time until they finally found Elmdore and rescue him, atlthough the kidnapper (Wiegraf) has successfully escaped. Algus leaves the party after the heated arguments happened after the battle with the group led by the Wiegraf's sister, Milleuda. Algus insist to kill her but Delita (Ramza's friend) want to spare her. The brawl happens, and in the end, Milleuda has been spared. Algus is very disappointed and leaves the party. Later, Delita's sister, Tietra, has been kidnapped and taken to the Ziekden Fortress. Algus follows him to the fort and find the kidnapper as well as Tietra. Ramza and Delita also managed to arrived at the fort, but then he saw Algus shoots his crossbow to the kidnapper as well as Tietra. Both is wounded fatally and Delita sought revenge to Algus. Battle happened and the party member won the fight. Algus is killed and Delita quickly approach Tietra who later also died. That battle sets the fort on fire. Ramza told Delita to escape, but he refused to leave Tietra side. These 2 friends parted way in this battle.

The second character is Gaff Gafgarion (or Goffard Gaffgarion in the PSP version). He serves under Dycedarg (Ramza's brother) and have the mission to kill Princess Ovelia. To do so, he accepts another tasks by Agrias to stay with her as the guardian. At the first battle in this game, he will successfully deflects the enemies, but Delita approached from the back door and successfully kidnapped him. Gaff Gafgarion will then join your party members until he found the princess again. After a few missions, the party member reached Zirekile Falls and found Delita as well as Princess Ovelia. Gaff Gafgarion reveals his true objectives to kill Ovelia, but since Ramza and Agrias remains loyal to the princess, they have to battle each other. The party member successfully deflects the ambush and Gaff Gafgarion flee from the battlefield, and also leavers the party member. Later the party confronts him again at Lionel Castle, where the party is ambushed after they have been tricked, because it seems that the one they saw to be executed is the princess, however it's just one of the enemies. Another battle begins and Gaff Gafgarion is finally defeated in this mission.

There should be another mentionable character, which is the Delita himself. Ramza parted ways with him after the battle with Algus and now have pursuit his own goal. The death of Tietra making him choose to be the bad side. Ramza still occasionally meet him throughout the story, however it's just only that. Aside from the whole story plot, Delita never appears in the battle against the party member or Ramza, so he is out from the list.

Harle has a mysterious past with her and it will later be explained in the story. Her main objectives is to find Frozen Flame. Your party member with Serge as the main character will meet her multiple times throughout the story. In the optional path, after the party member have access to boat, the party member can visit Hermit's Hideout and find that Harle making a fuss here, so they need to stop her. The fight went easy and Radius will appear after that, making the fight stop.

Her role start to appear when Serge switching bodies with Lynx and has been trapped in the Temporal Vortex. Harle will help Lynx get out from this place and join the party as well. She still has the same objectives to find Frozen Flame, however when Lynx has the opposite objectives, she is really sad. At the Pearly Gates, she leaves the party after the party member has the objectives to collect Dragon Relics by defeating all of the dragons. The story goes on and eventually the party member will reach Chronopolis. Harle will appear again one last time and after that the party member will need to fight her in the new form: FATE. The party eventually defeats her and that's the end of the Harle.

Seymour was one of the game's main enemies, but not until his true objectives is revealed. The party member will meet him for the first time in Luca, where he intentionally release some monsters, so that he can summon Anima and quickly take care of it, thus gaining the trust of everyone there. The party member meets him again in the Mushroom Rock, and shortly after that Sinspawn Gui appear and the party member have to fight it. After the first fight, it's still alive, so the party member have to do the second fight. This time Seymour will join the party member exclusively in this fight. The enemy is quickly defeated since he has access to some strong spells. Later, Yuna knows about Seymour's true objectives but she want to deal it herself. In the Macalania Temple, Seymour's plan is revealed, and the party member will have to fight him along with his summon Anima. At the end, Seymour is defeated and later becomes an unsent, which his spirit managed to get physical manifestation because of his strong emotion for this world.

After that first fight, you will have to fight him another 3 times. The first one is after you get out from Via Purifico, where you need to battle against Seymour Natus. The second one is when you are in the Mount Gagazet, after Kimahri battles 2 of his brothers. This time, Seymour will transform to the Seymour Flux. The last battle is near the end game, where the party member managed to get inside Sin and intercepted by Seymour again. He boasts around that he is chosen by Sin and you will fight him for one last time, this time a Seymour Omnis. When he is defeated for the last time, Yuna did "The Sending" dance and successfully sent Seymour's spirit to the Farplane, finishing Seymour's role in this game.

Seifer is Squall's rivals (the main characters) since the childhood. However he has the temper personality and he likes to bully the others. Seifer will join the party early at the game, where you need to do SeeD exams and go to Dollet. Squall, Seifer, and Zell will be teamed up as Squad B (with Seifer as the captain) and have the mission to clear the Central Square. They quickly take care of that, and Seifer becomes really bored. He decided to go deeper to the communication tower, leaving Squall and Zell behind. However shortly after that, Selphie from another squad will appear to deliver the orders to the Seifer. However Seifer has been arrived at the tower, so the trio must follow him to the tower. In the top, Selphie gives the order to Seifer but he hate to do that. When he decided to leave, the boss appeared. Once again Seifer abandons the party while the party member have to deal with the boss. Now the party member has to escape within time limit, while another boss X-ATM092 chasing them around. At the end the party safely reached the boats and return to the Balamb Garden. That's the only times when Seifer will be act as a playable characters.

As story goes, he will always make a fuss whenever he goes, until Sorceress Edea know about his dark side and convinced to join her. Your first fight will be in the Deling City, where Squall will need to fight one on one. He flees when defeated and the party member is back, to a continuous fight with Edea, and that's the end of Disc 1. The second fight will take place near the end of Disc 2 in the Galbadia Ship, when the ship attacks Balamb Ship in the Centra Region. Balamb decided to retaliate and infiltrate Galbadia Ship instead. Later the party member will find Seifer once again and decided to fight him. He will flee once again and the party member decided to face Edea. Seifer, while in the defeated stance, refuse to leave Edea and the party member have to fight him the third time. After he is killed, the party member will face Edea. When she is defeated, Ultimecia will leave Edea and transfer her powers to Rinoa. She then unwillingly revives Seifer and he escaped once again. The last time you fight him is at the end of Disc 3. If the party member has recruited Odin, it will be summoned automatically and instantly defeated by Seifer, but then Gilgamesh will appear out of nowhere to knock him down. The battle begins and the party member will defeat him for the last time. Seifer will flee again one more time, but then Time Compression happens, and his whereabout is unknown. After you beat the game, Seifer is seen fishing in the Balamb Town with Raijin and Fuujin, and laughing after Raijin and Fuujin make a fuss.

Maximillian (Max for short) is Weis' good friends (the main characters). The game story starts with Weis and Max enters the knight exam, and both will need to do some tasks to get a good score. Because of this, Max will join the party member from the start of the game. They will eventually complete the tasks and passed the exam. The story then skipped to one year, where both discuss their plans in the future. Wein still want to be the highest ranking knight, while Max tends to be pacifist and would like to try the diplomacy path. Both characters accepts their friends choice and then part way. Max will leave the party member permanently.

As the whole story itself, Max is still appear as the one of the protagonist, having his own way to prevent the war as many as possible. Unfortunately at the near end, Max is really sick to the people who still want the war, because no matter what he has done, there should be people stupid enough to bring war. He decided to turn the world into mindless puppets by using a special items. The party member now will chase him to the final place, and approach him to stop the rituals. There will be a short split path here, whether you agree with Max's decision or not. If you agree, you will fight with Max and against all of your party member. The world will turn into mindless puppets, but later Wein will hesitate if this is really a good thing. Wein then accept to join his party member and confronts Max once again. For the second choice, if you don't agree with Max, the battle will continue as usual. Either way, you have to kill Max and stop him from doing what he wants. Truly a bitter end.

Teepo starts as Rei's friends, and the duo like to commit a petty thief because they both are orphans, so they have to do anything to survive. The main character, Ryu, is found by Rei in the forest after Ryu successfully escaped from the trains. Rei and Teepo then agrees to bring him to the home, and both will teach Ryu about the thievery skills. Rei and Teepo will joins the party member for now. Later, the trio wants to steal from a house and get caught. The owner (Bunyan) orders them to defeat a monster lurking around and making a food shortage. The trio have no other choice to help, and eventually defeat that monsters. The trio gained trust from the villagers, and news is spread to some trickery named Loki. He said the party member can gain much more wealth if they can steal from Mayor of McNeil. They are convinced to do that and execute it successfully. Later the plan is blew and Loki appeared again. Bunyan who then comes, tells the party member that Mayor of McNeil have a strong connection will Syn City, a crime syndicate. He tells the party member to quickly back to the house and stay low for quite some time, but it's too late. Balio and Sunder have arrived first and set the fire to the house. The party member then forced to battle them and easily wiped out. When Ryu regain consciousness, he will be in the Bunyan's house. He tells that the house has been burned down, and Rei and Teepo has nowhere to be found. Both are leave the party members.

After quite the story, Ryu will need to go back to the first place, and then he meet Rei again. It seems that Rei is still alive and seek revenge to the syndicate to avenge Teepo and Ryu, but then he also doesn't know where is the Teepo now. Rei will join the party again (now permanently), and follow the story around. After the lengthly road, the party member arrived at Eden. After exploring around, the party member will find Teepo, but then he asks Ryu to relinquish his powers. Of course Ryu doesn't want that, and Teepo sent him away to the dreams. Ryu have to fight alone in his dreams until he defeats the boss. Ryu will wake up, and Teepo decided that he must kill you because you don't want to lose the power. He transform himself to the Dragon Lord and battle will begin. After the exhaustive battles, Teepo is defeated and gives some final words before he vanished. Another bitter end for the friendship.

Jowy is the main character's best friend. The story starts with them hanging around in the Tenzan Pass when immediately after that, they are ambushed by the enemies. The duo flees to the forest and then they have no option other than jumping from the cliff. Jowy and main character will leave the X marks on the stone in case they need to find each others. They will be separated but not too long because both will be captured by Viktor. Later Jowy will find the main character in the camp and both will escape from that camp. Jowy will rejoin the party at this point.

The story follows until Jowy has been captured by Highlanders and agree to assassinate Lady Anabelle. When the party member arrives after the battle at Muse, Jowy visited Lady Anabelle at night and decided to kill her. However she has the last wish, which is to finish his last drink. Jowy let her do that and saying sorry for the mess, but then Anabelle see an openings and try to confront Jowy. Main character and Nanami hear the loud sounds and then approaching the room. When they arrived, Lady Anabelle has been stabbed. Jowy saying sorry once again and flees from the window. Jowy has left the party member permanently.

As the story goes, Jowy joins the Highland Army and eventually becomes the King of Highland. Main character will also be appointed as the leader of New State Army, which the main goals is to resist Highlands Army. They both will clash at each others, but at some points, Jowy will try to persuade the main character's army and surrender. Main character don't want to do that and keep resisting until they successfully infiltrate Rockaxe Castle and confronts Jowy. It seems that both will battle each other but it's not yet. Nanami hear someone approaching from behind and try to shoot main character. Nanami repels three arrows before being hit with the fourth arrow. and got laid on the floor appearing as if she died. Jowy doesn't want that to happen and joins main character to defeat his own allies. He only joins the party in this battle and immediately leave after that.

More story follows until the end of the game, where main characters remember the promise right from the start of the game and decided to return to the X marked stone in the Tenzan Pass. He will appear there and you have to duel him one on one. If you kill him, you will get bad ending, and if you don't kill him (and have recruited all the characters), you will see the best ending.

Final Fantasy VII has some sequels or prequels, but I only focus to the one in the game. I won't tell the detail about Sephiroth's past, because it's from one of the prequels. Anyway, Sephiroth will join your party when Cloud arrives at Kalm and remembers about what happened in the past. You will be thrown to the flashback when Cloud accompany him to the Nibelheim. Story continue to follows until you arrived at the basement of Shinra Mansion and Sephiroth will leaves your party. More story ahead and Sephiroth has gone crazy by setting the fire on the whole Nibelheim. Clous will pursue him once again until the Nibel Reactor and that's the end of the flashback.

Sephiroth will appear as the main antagonist of the game, making a fuss for the whole game. The first events is when the party member rides the boat to Costa Del Sol. Sephiroth will leave Jenova*BIRTH there and you have to defeat it. The second events is when the party member arrives at the Forgotten Capital. Sephiroth will leaves Jenova*LIFE in this one. Aerith leaves the party member permanently because she died, and that's the end of Disc 1. Next events happened in the Whirlwind Maze, where you need to defeat Jenova*DEATH. The story will follows until the end of the game, where there will be consecutive fights. First, you have to defeat Jenova*SYNTHESIS, the last series from Jenova's battle. Next, you have to defeat Bizzaro*Sephiroth, and the for the last battle, you have to defeat Safer*Sephiroth. After it's defeated, Sephiroth will then use the last chance and wants to take control of Cloud's mind, so Cloud will do one on one fight with. Cloud managed to resist it and unleash the Omnislash to him, defeat it once and for all. Sephiroth vanished to the Lifestream and you will beat the game.

From the whole list, only Seifer Almasy lives to the end of the game. Jowy will live only if you have recruited all of the characters during the game. The others will die after the battle. The summary is: If there are friends who later become enemies in the game, they will have more chance to die rather than to survive.

Remember the list is from what I have played from my life, which I only touched PSX, PS2, PSP, and DS consoles. Obviously there will be much better games released at the other consoles, but I don't play it, so I can't include it in the list.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

List by ZeoKnight

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