... and all printed onto a single disc. Recently I've covered video games which featured only 1 car within their games. This week I'm going to cover games featuring over 100 cars and this time, all printed onto discs. I wouldn't go in the route of having one game per franchises. Some entries are spinoffs from some series, this is because the rules and their gameplay changes to make them fitting as a different game despite being in the same franchise. It's clear why developers have resorted to make as many cars featured into one game but it is amazing how they're all stuffed into one disc. It shows how much data could be placed into the disc however because of resources and development times, it's increasing become a challenge for developers to continue making these games and to keep player interested but it is clear it is a big deal that having games now a days to feature so much keeps many of us interested. Could you believe we live in such an era of gaming if I can construct a top 10 list on the subject? All the cars on this list are licensed and have over 100 cars in them.

Sega GT was released on the Dreamcast in 2000. Sega managed to made the most out its console Dreamcast unique format, the GD-ROM which took up to 1 gigabyte when it was released. Players could select a car from a line up of over a hundred. Player could take their vehicles to the race course to win and earn money. They would use their winnings to buy more vehicles, parts and even refit their cars with a more powerful engine if they wanted too. The game has alot of Japanese car from the usual Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and other manufacturers. The game also featured a drag racing mode to make the most to see how far the cars could get if the players wants to see it. Sega GT was one of the first games which was made to compete with the Gran Turismo series however compared to many of the other titles on this list, Sega GT faded into obscurity with the Sega Dreamcast demise. It doesn't mean it's a bad game. I believe it should be remembered as a good attempt to have a game which featured as many vehicles as could be featured in the game. Sega GT feels really post 90s like any other Sega game. It doesn't feel as mean as many GT-style racing games look and feel like. Sega GT was followed by a sequel Sega GT 2002 for the Xbox, which also fare well.

Enthusia Professional Racing was released in 2005 by Konami for the PlayStation 2. When Konami was at their best making the kind of games we were looking forwad too in the console market but I'm not entirely sure if many players bought Enthusia. Many whom did have described it as more accurate in car handling then Gran Turismo 4 because many of the cars in the game handled and responded on track more accurately then Gran Turismo 4. Unlocking vehicles is very different in this game. Enthusia awards the player with more vehicles after they win races. Out of the other vehicles on the track, the game randomly select a vehicle for the player to own and unlock. Winning races will also automatically award the player points which automatically gets added to the vehicles stats to boost its performances to help win other races. Typical Konami gambling fashion but a good way to keep the gameplay difference from the other games which offer the players as many vehicles as they like. Just hope this game doesn't turn into another pachinko machine. Enthusia keeps the interest by featuring some vehicles very uniquely like the Saab 9-5 and the Smart Fortwo Cabrio for example and the Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR which is known to have a very interesting bodykit for a racing vehicle.

Project Gotham Racing was well known for being from developers Brizare Creations. Brizare Creations and the Project Gotham Racing games are known to feature the same mechanic as Brizare Creations previous game found on the Dreamcast titled Metropolis Street Racer. Once Sega pulled the plug on the Dreamcast, many have said that Project Gotham Racing was the answer to keep the gameplay alive first found in Metropolis Street Racer. While Metropolis Street Racer and Project Gotham Racing didn't feature as many vehicles as first. The first Project Gotham Racing game didn't barely hit 50 cars. The series really took off with vehicle count in the following game Project Gotham Racing 2 with other hundred vehicles on the discs and with its vehicle count growing and continued in the following games, Project Gotham racing 3 and 4 excluding motorcycles. Since then, there's been four games ever since. The game makes driving the cars fun and awarding with the kudos system carried over from MSR and it has made. The future of the Project Gotham Racing is unknown as the last game was released in 2007.

Shift 2: Unleashed is a simulation racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios and released for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2011 by Electronic Arts. Shift 2: Unleashed tried to make driving worth while by adding more realism to the point where I've thoguht they've almost neglected the car count. The game placed new features such as helmet cams views, night racing, the drivers reactions like blacking out and all sorts with how smart the game could get, it's almost forgettable how many vehicles are in the game. Maybe it's a way of moving on and to show off what's expected in a GT simulation racing game and it's worth pointing out. Shift is not entirely tied to the Need for Speed series where the series actually started from Need for Speed Shift. The game features cars from many different manufacturers. A new interesting editions include the SEAT Leon Cupra and Scion tC to the really exotic common supercars, the Pagani Huayra and Koenigsegg CCX. All the cars also have interior views also. The game is good, everything you ever want, but placing this at number 7? It just shows that the following entires have alot more to offer and how much effort really went into this game and the following games.

Maybe this game isn't ready yet, but I'll add it on the list since the beta and the information for it has been released. I'm pretty sure the game would be shipped with over hundred vehicles when it gets released on disc. Gran Turismo Sport is another spin off from the Gran Turismo series. This time, GT: Sport forces racers to play competitively offline and online. The game mostly hopes to be entirely online and would hopefully release updates to build the game. The games licensed cars are split into four tiers unlike the previous Gran Turismo games, where they were split between manufacturers, maybe to make the racing more fair and competitive.

While there's the GT Vision Concept vehicles made solely for the Gran Turismo series, they are officially created and licensed by their manufacturers in real life but even without the GT vehicles, there's still over 100 cars to choose from. Gran Turismo Sport hopes to have over 600 cars in the long term, all with interiors rendered entirely in game. Whatever the case, it's a good spin off from the Gran Turismo series. Gran Turismo Sport is seen as the answer to giving PlayStation 4 owners a game as the development of Gran Turismo 5 and 6 had so many delays and letdowns. Sports has reported to have delays but not as much as Gran Turismo 5 did however it's a way to keep players and fans to see what their PlayStation could do as Gran Turismo 7 is in development.

Assetto Cosra was developed and released last year by Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni for the PC in 2015 and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016. Assetto Corsea received attention for the games modding capabilities aswell as being another simulation to compete with the other racing simulators on the market on current generation consoles. It's nice to have an Italian developer make a video game about cars, as Italy are well known into making cars and an interesting point to note is that there's not that many Nissan in the game compared to many other GT based racing games. There are alot of European vehicles and not that many American cars, so anyone interested in those cars, aren't going to find it in Assetto Corsa. Assetto Corso does have an interesting selection of vehicles from classic cars to racers and production models like many other common GT racing games. The game attempt to include as many new vehicles as they possible could into the game with DLC in the future, both free and paid too add to the vehicle count in the future by the time I'm typing this article.

Forza Horizon is a nice spin off from the popular Forza Motorsport series. while the vehicles are mixed between cars and trucks for off-road racing, there's still enough cars in the game to be featured on this list as there are 300 vehicles in total, most of which are cars. This is managed as the original Forza Motosport series contained loads more vehicles in the game, Forza is set in an open world environment in a fictional festival state in the US state of Colorado, Forza Horizon does whatever it can to make the game fun and awarding for the player by quickly rewarding these vehicles compared to the Forza Motosport series. The service Xbox Live has helped the players get the most out of using many of the vehicles of the game to be used online, so players wouldn't have cars just sit in the garage throughout their entire career and if they wanted to take it online to be seen driving around with them. Some interesting vehicles found in the car, from the Eagle 2012 Speedster, Infiniti 2012 IPL G Coupe and Noble 2010 M600 for example. Forza Horizon has spawned two sequels. Forza Horizon 2 released in 2014 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and Forza Horizon 3 for the Xbox One in 2016, which maintain car counts above hundred.

The Gran Turismo series has enjoyed may years evolving and keeping up with what console hardware could do at the time and for its fans. The car count for the Gran Turismo series had a bit of journey but they've maintained being above 100 cars in all their releases in the series. The first Gran Turismo game featured 200 cars. Gran Turismo 2 featured 650 cars but it dipped in Gran Turismo 3 as Polyphony Digital had to drop the car count to around 200 to deal with the increase number of polygons and improved graphics the developers put in because of the PlayStation 2 hardware unlike the previous games.Gran Turismo 3 entertained players enough to enjoy the game. At one point, Gran Turismo 3 was said to have costed millions to make because of its realism and content and it did end there.

Gran Turismo 4 featured over 1000 vehicles. Gran Turismo got more exciting when Gran Turismo 5 kept that figure of 1000 cars but Polyphony Digital coded the game entirely from the beginning to make use of the PlayStation 3 hardware. They also started to add interiors to some of the vehicles but only for some. Some of the vehicle interiors were questionable and boring however. Other times, the vehicles all sounded the same as many players like the sound of the engines many different cars made. It's not found in the series to date. It's also been reported at Gran Turismo 5 costed $50 Million to make. Gran Turismo 6 later added more vehicles with interiors in the game. It was criticised for being released on the PlayStation 3 when the consoled was almost at the end of it's lifespan while PlayStation 4 was released and fan base were building up. (I liked GT6 on the PlayStation 3). Unfortunately the Gran Turismo series also featured loads of delays. Most noticeably Gran Turismo 5 because its was reported that the development for those games were hell according to the producer Kazunori Yamauchi because of the PlayStation 3's architecture. Gran Turismo 4 suffered delays also, so this cause Polyphony Digital to make Gran Turismo 4: Prologue to show off what Gran Turismo 4 was like. Hopefully Gran Turismo 7 would be alot more better for the future with those cars.

Other complaints include Gran Turimso series gets away with loads of Nissans to litter the car count, not being as real as the game said it could be compared to many other games and sometimes not being as much as a racing game as it aims to be however Gran Turismo has left its mark in the market for being the game to feature a high car count and many other racing games respond to it because of it. Gran Turismo also keeps up with the car culture around the world, which it doesn't shy away from. There's so much to say about the Gran Turismo series just based on the selection of cars it showcases.

The Sony PlayStation Portable version of the game Gran Turismo is a spin-off released in 2009. Polyphony Digital managed to fit almost 850 vehicles on the single UMD. It's an impressive feat, so impressive considering that we live in an age where there's storage 25 or 50 times bigger then what the UMD can usually hold. The PlayStation Portable version of this game suffered alot of delays and there's even moments were players wanted to know if it were still in development at the time the news broke because there was no news coming out from the game. Eventfully it did and it amazed everyone. The gameplay did make a lot of sacrifices to make the game fit onto the UMD in the Gran Turismo life style which is usually found on the original games, such as access to all the vehicles from the game as they had to be selected from a menu which randomly generated them, so the player didn't have the freedom to choose what car they wanted. There's no customisation options to really improve the cars performance and nothing else. The game even features interior views, which is just a blacked out area of what the inside of the vehicle could look like and nothing more, which is rather odd for a racing simulator. Either way, Gran Turismo for the PlayStation Portable is a worthy edition to anyone who is interested in seeing loads of cars while on the game as the game is portable.

Forza Motorsport was first released on the Xbox in 2005. Forza Motorsport started off with up to 200 cars however future installments started to add alot more selection of cars in the game. Forza Motosport was a success. The success of the game has allowed the series to spawn 6 games lined up to it including it's spin off Forza Horizon. The series is pushing forward for the seventh game, so who know how that would come out in the series. From Forza Motorsport 3 and 4, vehicles started to feature interiors views. It's clear Forza Motorsport was another contender against the Gran Turismo series at the time to give Xbox owners something to explore and drive as Project Gotham Racing and Sega GT 2002 faded. Forza Motorsport does it well with racing simulation, which contributes to the games success. While Forza Motorsport is an Xbox exclusive, the game started to cross onto Windows 10. Forza Motorsport 6 released a free version of the game in 2016 titled Forza Motorsport: Apex to give PC owners something to try. Forza Motorsport is a good contender against the ongoing Gran Turismo franchise. The help of Xbox live has allowed Forza to build a good community to develop and create more vehicles which is well discussed in its community, which contributes to Forza's success. It's what Gran Turismo is trying to do with their online component which they are slowly trying to build but Forza succeeded first in my opinion.

Worthy mentions: Project CARS 2, in development and hopes to be released with over 100 vehicles in the game. Also developed by Shift 2: Unleashed developed Slighty Mad Studios

Need for Speed World Online: Features over 100 cars for an massive online game, a first for any need for speed game but many of cars are bought using micro-transactions.

GRID Autosport: Not entirely on disc. the game features DLC which mades up to the 103 vehicles the game has to offer. the GRID games are good. It's nice they're reached that number also.

Well thats it folks. I finally get this list out of the way after my interest of exploring so much content across many discs. Who knows if the future would have games which feature over 1,000 cars. I think as games get advanced and realistic and it would cost so much to make them, video games would eventfully go the other way and go down to just feature one car again. Worth noting it's not just car that get loaded onto discs. Polyphony Digital created Tourist Trophy for the PS2 which featured motorcycles over cars on the same Gran Turismo tracks, so who knows what gets made next and shipped onto discs in the future.

Maybe a developer for the Nintendo Switch could prove me wrong and develop a game such as this and release them onto the Nintendo Switch's with their cartridge. Who knows! Maybe we'll see that coming.

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