RPG's are a dime a dozen, in fact there are so many to keep track of you can actually inadvertantly miss some. This list compiles great RPGs that were either overshadowed by more popular franchises at the time, or just weren't advertised well. But this by no means it doesn't deserve a place in your game library.

Obviously from a mega-popular franchise, it appears on the list because out of all the Zelda games this one recieves the least attention. When in reality should get the most. It paved the way for the rest of the Zelda games bringing innovations and an engaging story that was heavily improved upon its NES counterpart. If you think you've played all the Zelda games, think back and remember if you've played this gem, if not, i suggest you do ASAP.

A pretty cool RPG. You have an axe that can be powered up and you kill lots of stuff until you take on the last boss - who just happens to be so big you're aiming at his kneecaps. That's about all there is to say on this game. You don't think of game gear as an RPG handheld, and for good reason, but this game is a diamond in the rough.

The first RPG for N64 almost two years after the system's release, it boasted great graphics and sound, and THQ's enter into the realm of RPG's. The story of this 3D RPG follows the adventures of Brian, a young adventuring boy who has the unique power to manipulate nature. The storyline was nothing out of the ordinary but it was one of the first games to include the progression from day to night in a video game. For any RPG fan, you will find a lot to like in Quest 64.

The definitive dungeon crawling RPG for DC, the dungeons are, clearly, the main area of the game, and they are massive, ranging from ten to twenty floors. Twisting paths loaded with traps abound, and stepping upon a trap will send characters into blindness or confusion, warp them to different areas of the map, or result in various other effects, some good and some bad. And as Dreamcasts first RPG, it is an incredible feat but sadly, somewhere, it got lost in the mists of Skies of Arcadia and Shenmue.

As either a female or male swordsperson (aka a fighter, paladin type), you wind through more than 10 large levels based on Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy books, whacking the limbs from ghoulish goblins and ogres, and learning the tricks of the castle's many traps. The total enemy count winds up to as many as 50 different kinds of bad guys, which is no small feat. It's big, full of monsters, and is packed with action and puzzles, and the medieval theme is attractive to many a gamer.

The dig boasted incredible visuals at the time and an equally comeplling storyline that brought you into an imaginative world of magic and wonder. This was when LucasArts was fairly new onto the scene so it was overshadowed by more known games at the time which is unfortunate because they really don't amke games like this anymore. Some of the best voice acting and creativity ever in an RPG.

Many claimed this to be the 'Final Fantasy for Dreamcast'. This game is not meant to be a clone of Final Fantasy in any way, despite the similar look. Silver is a unique experience due to its battle system, a strange hybrid of action and command-based tactics. The game pushes the Dreamcast bto the edge, and although it suffers from slowdown when too many characters appear on screen, this is a definite recommendation for RPG fans.

Jade Cocoon puts gamers in the shoes of a Levant, a young boy who is following in his late father's footsteps in becoming a cocoon master. The capturing of monsters, or the "Cocoon" feature, is essentially what makes this game unlike no other. Through your adventure, with the help of your ocarina, you can capture all sorts of monsters, bring them back to your wife and she'll do one of three things. She can spin the creatures into silk, which can buy weapons, armor and other various items, she can also tame them, and they can join your party, or, if you have a whole bunch of creatures, she can combine them. One of the coolest things in an RPG ever, but sadly not many people still experience the game that many called 'Pokemon for adults'.

EGG was an RPG out of left field that gave you plenty of control over the main character. Your primary means of attack is a teeny-tiny punch, but you can also block, and spin around like a top, taking out any enemies which lay in your path. There are some truly inventive puzzles throughout the game that go beyond the simple pull the lever and cover the switch thing. EGG is a difficult game throughout, with the game doing little to hold your hand as you journey about the world. RPG's this difficult just aren't made like this today.

THQ appears on the list with anothe rone of their RPGs, developing a game with an engrossing story featuring a very linear quest that follows the adventures of a young man named Eon. His journey pairs him up with two love interests and whole strange cast of characters. The story, itself, while it doesn't contain the most inspired plotline, does its job in keeping a steady pace of progression throughout the game. This mostly unheard of gem has beautiful cinemas, a straightforward quest and an innovative battle engine that everyone should experience at least once.

This list should serve as a scavenger list of some sorts. Although you may not agree on some points, you should still feel slightly compelled to track down these games and give them a run-through. Like i've pointed out a few times in my list, they just don't make games like this anymore. Awwww memories....

List by coolio2cool (02/17/2006)

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