I've done the classic series, now I'm going to do the X series. Again, this is a very hard list to put together, and in fact maybe harder than the classic is. A few rules of note:

1: A game can have more than one stage theme to it, however I'll try to keep it one game, one theme.
2: I will only include ONE Sigma stage on this list.
3: This is not about the boss, their weapon, or how good the stage plays, merely the music.

And if you're expecting a list of 'worst themes' soon, I don't think that's going to happen. Reason being: I can't find 10 bad ones unless we lump all of X5 and X7 together, which I'm not going to bother playing again to put a list like that together. Also, I have not played X8, but I have played Command Mission, so yes, this list isn't an 'all X-games' list.

Also, this list is my list. Feel free to put together a list of your own, but these are my top 10.

Given all the options to make this list, there are ones that I had to cut out and sadly, a lot of X4 are not here. The #10 spot was pretty much the a mix of technology put together with style.

The beginning sounds like you had a computer virus and that you're going out to fight it. The chorus starts off soft but has a sens of danger to it. Then as the second verse starts to play, you're set up with a pretty high echoing sound of tension building that says 'this is what you're going to face.' It plays to the stage in two ways: one is it's electric sounding over-all style, the other is that the further you go, the more important it is to get things done fast. It's not the most amazing track ever, but it feels like one of the most rushed, and the whole area is like that.

I don't know what it is about X3 that makes me not like it. Maybe it's just the boring over-all stages or perhaps it's that the mavericks aren't that intimidating. Sure Crush Crayfish and Blizzard Buffalo sound cool, I just didn't find them that 'amazing.' But the music wasn't bad, but the best one of them all was this one.

Starting off, it feels like it's a heroic encounter that you're trying to fight your way though the beginning of a long battle, starting at the base. This plays twice before you get to the main chorus, which sounds like you're climbing to the top of a tower that seems like it has no end. So much so, you could feel like you're going up into the clouds. Yes, I'll place this one (although it is shorter and has less going for it) above Boomer Kuwanger, but only slightly, because even though Boomer Kuwanger's theme is good, it doesn't feel like 'fighting higher and further' more like 'fighting to be the best.' But really, this one could be a toss-up.

Here's one thing most of us can all agree on: Mega Man X7 is by far the worst in the X series. Everything is just wrong. The stages, the bosses, the music... except for this track. Which is kind of odd, because to me Vanishing Gungaroo is the least likeable of Red Alert. But hey...

The rock track begins with a very basic guitar solo. But then it turns into this mix between 80's pop with it's background and a hyped-up guitar that gets you pumped for the rest of the area. Then it turns into a bit of a pop-sounding high-pitched track that keeps it going, with just a bit of only base to slightly bring it down. Then the pop goes back up to slowly rise the intensity again. Does it have a lot of different elements to it? No, but it keeps you ready from beginning to end.

You know this is going to be a pretty amazing list when this is only at #7. And I won't lie when I say that it can be said that X1 had possibly the best over-all soundtrack of the series (only possibly matched by X4). This wasn't the best one the list (there is one more) but it is one of the best fitting to the stage.

It starts off pretty slow, just a basic intro. And then it goes into quick high-rising tone of heroics. The very short track sounds like you're quickly rising up into the air fortress of a majestic champion, and then at the end slowly brings it down a little bit. When it does, it makes you feel like you beat a long amount of odds. But it also kind of makes you feel like you haven't finished, as it quickly returns to the start again.

I don't know how people missed this game. Maybe because of the downfall of Mega Man X thanks to 7? Anyway, the only RPG on the list, this game got over-shadowed pretty quickly because of big brother's failures. But two things were good about this game. 1 is it's actually a fairly decent RPG, and 2 the music. Each character had their own themes, and here's one of them.

Starting off with a simple drum beat that's really low, then it quickly exploded into this massive feeling of a strong-armed hero getting ready for battle. Not in a Thor kind of way, more electric in that sense, but just as 'muscular'. Soon after it feels like you're hearing a story of a champion and his adventures in still that electric sense. Then it picks up with only a few notes saying that the job isn't done and it's time to go back to fighting to end things.

I'll be fair where I can be. Pretty much each one of the themes fits the character it relates to. X's theme feels like being a leader, Zero's theme sounds like he does all the grunt work, Axe's theme sounds like he's still a kid , Marino's theme sounds like she's trying to sneak around for a high-valued item to swipe, Spider's theme sounds like he's a trickster who likes to hold all the cards in the game he's playing, and Cinnamon's theme sounds like the innocent girl who just wants to help out. So having to pick one of these was hard, but I took the more majestic of them all.

Each one of these guys had at least one battle where they shined in, using their themes of course. Note worthy for why I took one song off the list for another.

Welcome to likely the most unoriginal track on this list in my opinion. The background sounds exactly like it totally ripped off Gemini Man from Mega Man 3. That's not bad since that track ended up #6 of an endless amount of classic series tracks on my Top 10 Mega Man Stage Themes.

Starting with that background with a more powerful and less eerie way from Gemini man, you're given a quick feeling of being thrown into a volcano. It does sound like a flute playing in a way, but a more electronic one, saying you're about to enter an explosion. But it doesn't seem to stop as it says that at the end, Dragoon is waiting for you to face him. In the middle of this, it has a quick 8-note rise that says you're facing danger almost everywhere you go. It repeats the chorus again and this time the ending is much more powerful. It strikes you as if you're in the heat of battle, and then the volcano will boil you after that. Fits both the boss and the stage. Major win.

As no surprise, this is the Sigma stage that made the list. And I nearly put Maverick Hunter Zero on this list, but that wasn't really a stage theme as much as it was a boss battle. No worries, as Zero will get his theme on this list somewhere. But I took the Xtreme 2 version rather than the X 2 version because, it works better in an older-system sound.

Right off the bat you're treated to a guitar sound like the original one from X 2, and much slower paced. But yet it has the feel of being the same 'here's your mission: Beat all your enemies' as before. It's still as short instead at the end, it gives you a big longer drum beat to work with. Is it long and fancy? No. It's simple and yet has a lot of tension. Worth every second of this musical track.

Going back to my #6 and applying it here, this is the only time Zero had a theme to himself for something outside of Command Mission that fits this list. Besides Maverick Hunter Zero, which again is a boss battle, this is the best track dedicated to the saber using Maverick Hunter.

It starts off with a short into, trying to get the energy up. Then it pretty much gives you short 5 to 7 note harmonies that lead into a short chorus of rock music that says to me 'get out there and fight!' It gave Zero a new appeal after being in the background for too long. Yes, it's really short, but it's one of the most powerful tracks in the game, and possibly the best Mega Man intro song of all time.

For the longest time I had this as #1, literally, 5 games across the X series nothing came close to it. Mainly because it had the most powerful sound in gaming at that time.

It starts off with the opening guitar that you'll be hearing again at the end. From there the guitar starts to pretty much rock out with the sounds of energy pounding the whole stage. A subtle 4-note rise in the background on the second verse adds more tension as you go along. Then a chorus starts playing that sounds lower than the rest of the song, however, makes you feel like you shouldn't be giving up or slowing down, kind of like you're powering up for an attack. Then the last part of the track is a quick surge of energy asking you to rise up to the challenge ahead.

The shocking thing about this track is that it pretty much remained my #1 in MMX history, until...

The #1 spot, if you have never heard this before, isn't just the best track in Mega Man X history, or even the whole Mega Man series over-all, or even Capcom themes, it can be argued that this is the best video game music in history!

It starts off with a bass guitar solo that will pretty much be the over-all melody feel for the rest of the track. And then, the electric guitar plays for the rest of the short, but powerful track. The drums continue to pound in the background as you're honestly feel like you're being screamed at by the rage that a volcano has to offer inside of it. But it's the ending that just makes you go wow. The final notes are pretty much the electric guitar sound that the bass guitar had at the beginning, only on a much higher key. The fact is, this is honestly a track that sounds like something Metalica would have if they wrote music for a video game. One word: EPIC!

I know it's not easy to tell you how the music sounds without you hearing it, but I encourage you to go check out these tracks for yourself and see what I mean by them. There aren't many honorable mentions because these are just too good overall for me to start listing others for you. You can't go wrong however with any of these games with their music, much like the classic series.

Think I missed something? Send me a message.

List by PlasmawarriorX (09/19/2016)

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