Nothing in life is free. That's a hard fact we've all had to accept. We have to work hard for what we want. When you're young and your parents gave you an allowance, you had a choice; either tough through a month or two without binging on candy and whatnot to buy the hottest toys, video games, or clothing, or get an afterschool job like a paper route to give you the finances you needed. And when you get older and get a real job, you might have to put in some overtime to get the cool new stuff you want on top of making ends meets. And even in video games, you have to work your butt off to acquire that sweet power-up or perk you want. Yeah, most of the time, you can't get something for nothing.

However, every so often, video game devs take pity on us and provide an easy way out. Just by not doing anything. All you have to do is nothing. That's it. Just either put the controller down or turn the system off and let the game do its thing. Yup, you just sit on your duff, go outside, spend some time with your significant other, come back in a bit, and boom. You're rewarded for not doing anything. Here are ten examples of games that take pity on the hard-working, hard-playing gaming populous and cut them some slack.

Earthbound is one weirdest, yet greatest JRPGs for the SNES. Now that it's available on the Nintendo eShop for both Wii U and 3DS, you can now relive classic moments without spending $200 on eBay for a physical copy. Classic moments like accessing Belch's Factory in Grapefruit Falls. When you approach the doorman, he'll ask for the password. What is the password? Nothing. You just drop the controller and not do anything for a whole 3 minutes. And the patience testing continues with Poo's mediation. When you first control the Prince of Dalaam, he needs to compete his Mu training and this requires you to climb a mountain spire and at the right moment, just drop the controller and not do anything. Just ignore those dialogue boxes that keep popping up. After that, just answer "Yes"Â to all the questions and you can continue.

Now this one might seem strange, but it'll make sense. When you destroy all the spikes in the dark room with the Arma Machina Glyph, you'll be rewarded with the Fortune Ring, which increases Shanoa's luck in relation to how much time has passed in the game. It seems like you have to play for a very long time to get the most out of it, but here's a little trick you might not know about. Just go to a save room, plug in the charger, and leave the system on (don't put it in sleep mode). Do that and when you come back, you'll notice Shanoa's Luck increasing by 1 for every hour that's passed. This is excellent for Glyph and treasure hunting.

Have you noticed how games by Nintendo have been pestering you to take a break when you play their games for prolonged periods of time as of late? Well, this is one game where you'll want to do just that. After spending some time slaying Risen and the like, you'll notice that the map will start spawning weaker enemies, which makes grinding a more tedious process than it already is. Well, after you're done wiping out all the powerful enemies on the map, take a break for a while and you'll see the map repopulated with more powerful enemies that you can use to grind for experience and gold. We really need more RPGs with this kind of mechanic. Maybe now we'll stop hounding on Nintendo for all those messages to take a break. Maybe......

MMOs can take a lot of time to get the most out of. You'll hear horror stories of how people actually die from exhaustion trying to power level their favorite character. Blizzard heard about this and decided to do something about it. For every 8 hours that the player is logged off at certain points, such as an inn, you accumulate a rest bubble that will double the experience you earn until it wears off. You can stockpile up to 30 bubbles and if used in the right circumstance, you can earn more experience than you would if you decided to pull an all-nighter. So once bedtime rolls around for you, it would probably be best to give your character the same treatment and let them rest too. And save money on coffee and energy drinks too.

Bravely Default is a really awesome JRPG, bringing new ideas to the table while maintaining that old school feeling. One of these new ideas is the reconstruction of Norende where every building that's upgraded will allow Tiz and company to buy items from the red-clad merchants scattered throughout Luxendark that you can't get anywhere else. While building and upgrading shops does take some time, you can get more villagers by either using Street Pass or Update Data when you have the chance and that doesn't take much (if any) effort. And here's the thing; they'll still work even when you have the 3DS in sleep mode. So if you wait patiently and keep up with the Streetpassing and Data Updating, the merchant will be able to provide you with some of the best gear in the game before long. Taking on the Dutchy of Eternia wasn't so hard, now was it?

The 2nd generation Pokemon games brought some much needed changes to the table. One of the welcome changes is specialized poke balls which work better than Ultra Balls in the right conditions, as well as other beneficial effects. Remember in Red, Blue and Yellow how even Ultra Balls weren't enough to nab those hard-to-catch Pokemon like Onix? I do. Well, that's where Kurt comes into play. After making your way to Azalea town and giving Team Rocket the boot from Slowpoke Well, Kurt will then start making Poke Balls for you out of acorns and they vary depending on the color. White acorns yield fast balls; black acorns yield heavy balls and so on. All you have to do is find the acorn associated with the poke-ball you want, give it to Kurt and wait until the next day, and I mean literally. You can just shut the game off and play something else until the next day and keep repeating the process until you have enough of the desired balls you want. I used the Heartgold and Soulsilver remakes because you can give Kurt more than one of the same acorn here.

Grinding for money in RPGs can be an arduous task. You have to spend hours fighting monsters and whatnot to fill your quest bag to the brim with the best healing items or to get that ultra-strong weapon or armor that you had your eyes on for a long time. Not in Fable 2. Here, Sparrow can buy property and rent it out to other people and the rent money will accumulate for every 5 minutes that the game is not being played. If you buy all the available property, rent it out and wait for a couple of months before playing again, you'll be rolling in dough. Sadly, people were able to exploit this by turning the clock in their Xbox 360s 2 months ahead so they didn't have to actually wait, and thus why Fable 3 got rid of this nifty feature.

When you visit the Tower of Walse and watch the water crystal break, you'll see a shard where you can't walk to so you have no choice but to leave it. You can come back later in the game and make your way to the bottom of the tower (you'll have 7 minutes before you run out of air) and interact with the shard. You'll enter a boss fight with Gogo, the mimic. He says in order to win the fight, you have to master the art of mimicry. Now this is where it can get confusing. You might be tempted to bring out your strongest attacks and pummel him, but he'll mimic everything you do. As you can tell, if you don't do anything, neither will he. Just let time pass in the fight (hope you still have some time left) and he'll use banish on himself, thus rewarding you the fight. You now have the mimic class. This just goes to show you that you can't use physical force in every fight and expect to win.

The End, as any Metal Gear Solid veteran can tell you, can be a difficult fight. He camouflages himself very well and can hit Snake in any area he has full eyes on. He's also difficult to ambush because he has hearing like a greater wax moth so even the slightest sound will alert him to your presence. There are many other factors involved, but suffice to say, The End will truly test your patience. However, Hideo Kojima is famous for using the system's power and features to be....well......himself. If you save your game during the fight, wait a week and come back, you'll find that The End has died of old age. Easy as that. The downside, however, is that he has a couple of nifty items that you have to actually fight him for, which are the Moss camouflage and Mosin Nagant. And if he dies this way, that gear is gone for the rest of the playthrough. So you should only do this if you find that they're not worth the trouble.

Those words sung by The Clash at the beginning of the game were an excellent way to kick off the game. But after I found out about this ending, I realized that they actually have some meaning to them. After Ajay's trip to his mother's burial site hits a major snag and Pagan Min 'invites' him to dinner, he then has to take care of a few loose ends and leaves the dining room. This is your chance to escape and get to the burial site. But what if you decide to stay and wait for Pagan Min to return? If you put the controller down and wait for around 15 minutes or so, Pagan Min will actually return to the dining room and personally escort you to the shrine via a chopper. That's it. No need to get involved with the Golden Path, no need to wander around Kyrat getting attacked by honey badgers and the like, no need to retake outposts, no need to be pestered by the Royal Army, no need to be the peace keeper between Amita and Sabal, nothing. All you have to do is put your mother's ashes in the appointed place and leave the shrine. Sorry Pagan Min, but we won't be shooting any #%&*^#!@ guns this time. Maybe next visit.

Honorable mentions:
SP Drink Replenishing - Bravely Default
Go Outside - The Stanley Parable
Ignoring an attack - Undertale
And thus proves the old saying true; "Good things come to those who wait." Any other incidents where you get something for nothing that I missed? Just let me know.

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