Glitches. They’re inevitable. No matter how much you try to smooth out a game, you just can’t succeed on the first try. And even then, there are more glitches. It just doesn’t end. Some of these can really harm the game (remember the Guru Goron Glitch from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?). But there are others that can give you that much needed boost. Here are the glitches that can give you that heads up.
But before doing so, here are a couple of rules to follow.
1. They have to be beneficial to some degree or just to have some fun with. Needless to say, glitches like the Skyward Sword glitch won’t be on the list.
2. They can’t be from games where the glitch can be patched via online means, so yeah. No Oghma Infinium from Skyrim.
3. They can’t require a hacking device to access (like Game Genie, Game Shark, and the like).
Alright, here we go.

The direct sequel to Ocarina of Time is almost as legendary as its predecessor for its innovative use of the 3-day cycle and 24 masks to collect. One of the most famous is the Fierce Deity Mask. Sadly, it only works in Boss Rooms. Or does it?

How to Perform: A) After getting the mask, follow Anju and Kafei’s Bomber Side Quest until you come to the evening of the 3rd day. B) Make your way to Sakon’s hideout with Kafei. C) As Link, set a mask to one of the C-Buttons and wear it. D) When you switch to Kafei, go into the menu and replace the mask Link is wearing with the Fierce Deity Mask. E) When you switch back to Link, he’ll undergo the transformation and become Fierce Deity Link. F) Continue through the hideout as normal until you’re finished. Now, for what it’s worth, you can walk around Termina as Fierce Deity Link.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Once you do this, you can’t use any items other than bottles and you can’t change back so all you can do is wait for the impending Lunar Apocalypse. Also, don’t talk to any shopkeepers or Bomber’s members, or the game will freeze, forcing you to reset the game. Also, don’t try this with the Giant’s Mask. It’ll freeze up your game (I tried that).

You can’t deny that this is one of the greatest games ever made. It’s so great, it spawned a re-make. And it’s also epic for its glitches. Here’s just one such glitch.

How to Perform: A) Equip a bottle and look for something to catch. B) Swing the bottle to catch said item and immediately pause it. C) Select the item you want to replace and set it to the C-Button that has the bottle Link is using. D) Unpause the game and Link will still be using the bottle. But now you’ll have another bottle instead of the item. Useful for getting rid of useless junk like the claim check.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: The effect is permanent so don’t save your game if you use this glitch with anything you need to advance! Also, this glitch doesn’t work at all in the 3DS remake.

How many of you spent countless hours trying to find the elusive 9th Sword Orb, and felt like a butthead when you found out it didn’t exist? Well, it does. Just not in the way Squaresoft intented.

How to Perform: A) Use the Flammie drum and fly over Ice Country and land in the area where Neko is selling his wares (you have to land in the area. Landing elsewhere and walking to him won’t work). B) Save your game and use L+R+Start+Select to do a soft reset. C) Select a new game and work your way to the point where you fall into the crevice in Potos (do not save under any circumstance). D) As soon as Elliot starts shouting, press L+R+Start+Select and hold it for 5 seconds (or the file will become corrupt and you’ll have to erase it). E) When the title screen comes up, load your game you saved near Neko. You’ll now be in the pit with the Mantis Ant. F) Simply kill it and the Orb will be yours. G) After Jema pulls you out, it’s highly recommended you use your Flammie Drum to get out of the village. If you like, you can use this glitch as many times as needed and you’ll get the Mana Sword long before you were intended.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Don’t try and forge your sword beyond Level 9. Doing so can reset your sword to Rusty Sword or even cause permanent damage to your save files.

Ah, a classic. It might not be beneficial in anyway, but too many people will bite my head off if I don’t include it.

How to Perform: A) At the pipe leading out in Level 1-2, smash all the bricks except the one right next to the pipe. B) Crouch down and jump backwards to the brick without breaking it. You should pass right through it to a warp pipe. C) Go down the pipe and you’ll end up in the Minus World, which is basically world 2-2.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Once you’re in the Minus World, you’re there for good. The only way out is to reset the system.

That yellow blob thingie will haunt you no more with this. But it’s good pretty much everywhere else.

How to perform: A) Defeat Elec Man for the Thunder Beah (Duh!). B) Select the Thunder Beam and fire away. C) As soon as it hits an enemy, press the Select button to hard pause the game (not going into the menu). D) When the enemies done flashing, unpause it and the beam will damage the enemy again. Keep doing it over and over again and you can do some serious damage. And considering how much energy the Thunder Beam can use up, this helps a lot.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: This cheat will only work with the original NES game, or its emulations thereof (Wii Virtual Console and 3DS Virtual Console). It won’t work with the one in Anniversary Collection or Mega Man Powered Up for the PSP.

Money can be a real issue here, considering how much the Librarian charges for his goods and how difficult it is to come by decent amounts of cash. But this will come to your financial aid.

How to Perform: A) Acquire the sword familiar and enable it. B) Make your way to the Librarian’s shop. C) Stand near the librarian but not enough to go into his menu. D) Summon the Sword Brothers and as the sword starts to spin, walk towards the librarian to open his menu. E) Sell off all but one of your gems and press Start to go into your own menu. F) Equip the last gem and exit out of your own menu. G) While in the Shop’s Menu, sell the last gem. But you’ll notice that the count is now at 255. Keep repeating the steps to max out your money.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: This glitch has been removed from the Dracula X Chronicles version for PSP.

Let’s face it. No one wants to grind for the 980 rupees needed to acquire the Bow and then lose it. But thanks to more glitch programming, you don’t have to.

How to perform: A) Acquire enough rupees for the item you want to purchase. B) Take it to the counter and pay for it. C) As soon as the dialogue box closes, press A+B+Start+Select to go to the save screen and select Save & Quit. Now load up your game file and you’ll have retained the rupees you had when you saved. The faster you do this, the less rupees you lose.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Sadly, this doesn’t work in the Oracle series games. Sorry.

Elixirs and Megalixirs are difficult to come by. But with this cheat, that won’t be a problem.

How to perform: A) Acquire the X-Item Materia at the end of the Midgar Tunnel near the end of Disc 2 and equip it (obviously). B) Walk around until you enter a battle and go to the character that’s equipped with the Materia. C) Go into the items menu and select an item and then select the target. You’ll then get to select another item. Select the item a 2nd time, but don’t use it! D) Cancel out and you’ll notice that the item count went up. Keep doing this over and over again until the capacity is at its maximum.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: This will only work with items that you can use in battle, so no. You can’t use it to clone XXXX sources.

No matter how much you try, you just can't smuggle those quality Poke Balls into the Safari Zone. But what about smuggling those Pokemon out of there? Here's how.

How to Perform: A) Go into the Safari Zone and go to the area that has the Pokemon you’re looking for and wander around until you find it. B) Once you do encounter it, Flee and exit the Safari Zone immediately. C) Use Surf on the water South of Fuchia City and keep travelling until you come to the Seafoam Islands (make sure you avoid trainer encounters, or they’ll reset the glitch). D) Surf along the east part of the east island where the land touches the sea. Eventually, you’ll come across the Pokemon that you thought couldn’t acquire outside the Safari Zone.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Some of these Pokemon are quite strong and you’ll probably want to perform the Missingno cheat with the Master Balls to save you some trouble.

Ah, yes. You knew this was coming. The epitome of beneficial glitchy programming. The glitch that changed the way we look at glitch exploitation. The one glitch that can turn low-level Pokemon into warriors capable of wiping the floor with the Elite Four and your rival without even breaking a sweat. The glitch that allows you to nab almost every single Pokemon in the game without any trouble (couple this with the Safari Zone glitch and every Pokemon in the game is yours).

How to perform: A) Go to Veridian City and speak to the man who was blocking your path earlier in the game and let him show you how to catch Pokemon. B) Fly to Cinnabar Island and go to the east coast. C) Select the item you want to duplicate and put it in the 6th slot from the top. D) Use Surf and swim up and down the blocks that connect the land to the sea. You’ll eventually run into the Missingno (amidst some high level Pokemon). Now run from the battle and check the item on the sixth slot. You’ll notice a block in front of the one’s digit. You now have over 100 of this item. This is great for the Rare Candy, Master Ball and PP Up, as well as some powerful TMs like Fire Blast.

WORDS OF CAUTION!!!: Do not attempt to catch Missingno, as doing so can permanently screw up your game file, forcing you to start from the beginning.

Honorable Mentions

Final Fantasy 1: Penninsula of Power Glitch
Final Fantasy 6: Vanish/X-Zone Glitch
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Re-catch bugs glitch
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Exit Clocktown before recovering Ocarina Glitch.
Donkey Kong 64: Free Instrument Power

So who needs cheat devices when you can exploit the programs? And let's face the facts. There will always be glitches in video games, there will always be glitches that give us that leg up, and there will always be gamers searching for them. I may have missed a few, so feel free to sound off in the forums or send me a private message.

List by Raidramon0 (05/16/2013)

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