For those who want to know what I mean by "Arcade Style" I don't mean "Arcade Game" (Though many fit that bill as well). By Arcade Style, I mean not simulation. Easy to pick up and play. That means Mario Kart. That means Motorstorm. That means Burnout. All of the games out there that aren't Gran Turismo and Forza, or hybrid games like Project Gotham Racing. These are the kind of in your face racing games that anybody could pick up, but only the truly skilled could master, as long as no crazy Items were stuffed in. And though kart racing games ARE Arcade style racing games, there is MUCH more to Arcade style racing than Mario, Sonic, and pals. The other problem is that many great Arcade style racing games haven't had much sequels. Maybe it's because some of the big shots behind them aren't focusing on them. The biggest names have problems of their own, Sega is being forced to downsize and not focusing on Arcade racers after the recent Sega Rally game, and Midway doesn't exist any more. Yet the games are still there, and there are people who want to play them. Here are The Top 10 Arcade Style Racing Games in Need of a Modern Sequel.

Maybe some of you guys are looking at this choice and thinking, "Where did this one come from?". Well, I expect you've heard of Hydro Thunder... OH, NOW YOU GET IT!
Arctic Thunder was Hydro Thunder ON SNOW MOBILES.
Now the only real reason I included this was the initial feeling of the arcade cabinet blowing cold air right at me. I've never played anything like the arcade version of Arctic Thunder. Period.

Now I can't imagine how a sequel would work, sorta how the console version lacked the "cool" gimmick from the Arcade release, but this isn't "THE MOST LIKELY SEQUEL TO ARCADE RACING GAMES", so I don't care. And with a new Hydro Thunder game gives me a bit of hope. That being said, the game wasn't received well, and the console ports weren't that good. Both of those make a sequel highly unlikely.

The worst part about this one is that it was gonna happen, but got thrown out the window when Microsoft bought Rare. Anyways, Diddy Kong Racing was a Mascot Kart Racer that featured Go-Karts, Planes, and Boat type things. It was interesting since each vehicle had their own strength and advantage. The game also featured some of the most wicked tracks out there. Shame that Donkey Kong Racing (Gamecube) was cancelled, as well as Sabreman Stampede (Xbox).

Yes. Midnight Club. Rockstar apparently can make more than just AAA action titles, but can also make racing games. Midnight Club was a street racing title, like the Need For Speed Underground titles. It was solid, and enjoyable. Now adays you don't see many street racing games, and none of them are as fun as Midnight Club. And I guess tastes change.

But if Rockstar is listening, I'd buy another Midnight Club if it was good. Count me in. And I'm sure some others would be willing to as well.

Another Sega Franchise I wish to see resurrected. Outside of the re-release, Crazy Taxi hasn't done anything new since the GBA game, and before that, the Arcade version of this game, which actually could give you money if you did well enough (Which didn't happen often). Now, Crazy Taxi is arguably not a racing game, since you don't race against any other drivers... But you do race against a clock, so whatever. This game required you to get people to certain locations quickly. Simple, but addictive. I'd like to see another Crazy Taxi.

For those of you who've never played an arcade racing game, or played games in the 90s, Rush was a racing franchise by Midway. The game did it all, weapons, speed, tricks, everything. Think Crusin', but much better. Now, 2049 wasn't the LAST game in the franchise, but you might as well pretend that it was, since Rush LA was horrible, and didn't even feel like a Rush game (Nor was it in San Francisco). Rush 2049 got it right. Crazy futuristic tracks, a battle mode that can compare to Twisted Metal, and wings hidden in the car for gliding. Not only does the Arcade version look amazing, but the Dreamcast version almost perfectly replicates it. Other than 2004's Fast and the Furious arcade game, which felt more like Crusin' anyways, there have been no good games that feel like Rush did. Everything from the little phone dial on the arcade cabinet, to the dreamcast port, felt amazing. WHERE IS THIS FRANCHISE? WHO HAS IT AND WHY ISN'T A SEQUEL IN THE WORKS?

Can you believe that it's been 4 years since Burnout Paradise? Me either. For those that don't know, Burnout is a racing franchise which specialises on a combination of fast paced racing action with huge slow motion crashes. Paradise wasn't just a good Burnout game, it was a truly revolutionary game in general. The game connected offline and online play in a way that had never been done, not to mention it was as fun as hell to play.

The developers of Burnout were responsible for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit in 2010. A solid game, but up against such competition as Gran Turismo 5, Motorstorm Apocalypse, and Forza 4. It wasn't a sim by any means, but if you wanted fast paced action, then this was your game.

DAYTONAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Okay, ya caught me, I'm a fanboy, and not putting this game higher was hard. Daytona USA was THE 3d racing game that changed everything. When it comes to racing games, F-Zero is the originator, Mario Kart brought in mulitplayer, and Daytona USA brought it screaming into 3D. Even now, with the PSN re-release, I still rock this game, and made sure to get 100% of the trophies on it. The only problem with a sequel is the fact that the franchise is a niche, and that Sega isn't focusing on such franchises anymore. But hey, I'd be ok even with a cameo in the next "Sonic and Sega All-stars racing" game.

With the release of The Phantom Menace in 1998, this game hit PC, N64, Dreamcast, and Arcades everywhere, and gave futuristic racing games a new benchmark. Racer's home version felt like an arcade game, but had features like a sim. Buying parts for your Podracer, and trying to qualify for more circuits. The game got quite difficult at the end, but regardless was an enjoyable experience for nearly everybody I've met who's played it. The Arcade version had completely different tracks, as well as a Podracer style control method, that means the little shifter things Anakin uses in the scene in the movie, and most of all, Graphics that were at that time MINDBLOWING!

A sequel did come out, but it was a little known PS2 title, that felt rushed, despite it's potential. The possibility of a sequel is highly unlikely.

Name me a bad Naughty Dog game? Oh wait, you can't. I mean sure, Uncharted 3 wasn't that different from Uncharted 2, and Crash 1 hasn't aged well, but those are minor gripes. This here though was the last Crash Bandicoot game that Naughty Dog worked on... And it truly feels like a well spent goodbye. This game not only feels like it sums up the entire series, but it also blows Mario Kart 64 out of the water, no competition. Hell, it's secrets and robust single player mode hold up to even modern Mario Kart games. The most revolutionary thing was it's Adventure mode, which sorta like Diddy Kong Racing, featured an over-world with many races. That's where the comparisons stop. CTR felt unique, because it felt like a Crash Bandicoot game as a kart racing game. Yes, that means that Gems and Relics are in the game, and often force you to go through excruciating conditions to get them, but it adds tons of replayability to what would otherwise be an interesting take on Mario Kart.

Now, this game actually received two Sequels, but even though Crash Nitro Kart was solid, it wasn't on the level of Mario Kart Double Dash. The third game was just... How should I put it, Weird? Anyways, the series needs to be put in good hands again... Then again, same could be said about the whole Crash Bandicoot Franchise after the horrid designs of the reboot characters, and the diversion from classic gameplay.

A generation has come, and now is just about finished, and yet Captain Falcon is still missing. And it's a shame. An entire system, now with motion control, focuses on casual games over F-Zero, and that's because MarioKart, unlike F-Zero, fits Nintendo's target Audience.
F-Zero GX is arguably one of the greatest racing games ever made. Period. The game has somewhere around 40 different cars, 26 courses, 4 difficulties, build your own car mode, and an excruciatingly difficult single player mode. Find tuned to the nth degree, F-Zero GX was not an easy game by anybody's standard. Unlocking everything is a Herculean task that most gamers just couldn't handle. Some of this stuff makes you wish you were playing Contra, where at least you had a cheat code if you really needed it... There was no such thing for F-Zero GX. To add to it, F-Zero GX arguably holds up to some modern titles in graphic power, and is hands down the best looking game for the Gamecube. The game wouldn't need much of an overhaul to look amazing on next gen hardware.

And to think, since so few got anywhere on that game, most only remember Captain Falcon from his Super Smash Bros appearences... Bring back the Cap on the Wii U, along with 30 player online play, stage creator, and WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T DO AS THE RUMORS SUGGEST, AND STAY AWAY FROM WEAPONS! I ALREADY HAVE WHIPEOUT HD! Also, can I ask for the "Live" monitor to be on my Wii U controller if I don't want it to be a map? Thanks!

Now, there are surely some titles that deserve mention that aren't on here. Acclaim's Extreme-G would love a re-boot.<br />Midway's Crusin' series got a lackluster sequel, but an HD remix would be appreciated. Can't include Hydro Thunder due to the 360 remake. Sega has many franchises which could use another go, like Outrun and Initial D. Sega Rally has had a new release, so it couldn't be included, yet the Studio responsible for the last 2 games has been bought by Codemasters, so I don't see a new title coming any time soon. But overall, I think any of these titles could use a new release.... Especially F-Zero, with that shiny new Wii U coming out soon...

List by MrKarateIII (04/18/2012)

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