God, there are so many video games out there. It seems like every day that passes, there is brand new ones coming out, each trying to out beat the game before it, and because there are so many games out there trying to be different from the rest, that means that there are also a ton of video genres out there to boot. There are genres for every occasion and for every different type of person around. No matter what, there are always good points to each genre and most are worth checking out, but which are the best of the best? Which video game genres should you focus your time on the most out of a sea of video game genres? Well, fear no more because I present to you the BimmyandJimmy top ten video game genres of all time to hopefully give you suggestions on what you should focus your time on the most. Oh and you know, I also wrote this to entertain as well, so just try to relax if there is one on the list that you happen to dislike. Anyway, let’s get a go on.

Everyone wants to be a music star. In the long run though, only a few are able to put the time and effort into developing a music career, while most of us in society would rather play video games, so what’s the alternative? Well why not start your own imaginary band? Luckily, with the number of music games released these days, anyone can become a pretend rock star with games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Ironically, even though these games are all fantasy, many people around the world have actually received worldwide acclaim because of their intense skills with these types of games, chasing to become the very first person to reach 100 percent on the hardest song around. Of course, like music, it’s not without its controversy, specifically from over jealous gamers who spew malaise on these people to raise their own self-esteem. Personally I don’t really care if you become a Guitar Hero…hero. If you want to become a guitar hero celebrity, then I say go for it. Remember, it’s your life, and you are in control of your own destiny. Besides playing with a plastic controller, you also have games like Dance, Dance Revolution where the idea is to use your feet instead of your hands. Not only is DDR a fun game, but it's potentially healthy as well. I think I've even read somewhere that a few schools in the US actually used DDR as an exercise program in gym class, which is extremely ironic seeing as how video games have always been thought as something that only fat, lazy people played. The only real downside to the music game genre is that today, the number of these games has actually over saturated the market to the point that gamers are actually buying less of these games. Still, who knows, maybe one day the genre will once again pick up some steam and sell like they use to years ago.

What could be debated as the very first video game genre ever created, there isn’t any denying that there is no other beloved and bestselling video game genre out there than the sports genre. What makes the sports genre such a rounding success is basically what makes playing or watching sports on TV such a popular pastime; the genre perfectly matches the intensity, pace and intelligence of every single popular sport out there to every imaginable detail. To boot, because of how gamer friendly both the multiplayer and single player modes are in these games, almost anyone, ranging from every single overpopulated college dorm out there, to us more loner gamers out there, can pick up a sports game and find some level of entertainment. That, and of course, let’s not forget the over saturation of sport games and sequels coming out each year. Strangely, this over saturation seems to only affect every single popular Americanized sport out there like football, basketball and for some strange reason golf. Ya, because if there is one sport out there we desperately need to make more games for, it's golf. Anyway, just like every other great video game genre out there, the reason why the sports genre has become so memorable is because of all the classic games that have come out in resent decades. Who can forget such classic games like Mike Tyson's Punch out, Tecmo Super Bowl, or pretty much any quality sports game made by EA or Sega? With games like these coming out every single year, then it’s no wonder why the sports genre will be one to die-hard.

Life is a wonderful thing isn’t it. Out in the world, there are just so many wonderful things that we can carry out to strengthen our lives with. Of course, to fulfill them, there’s all that hard work to do, and there’s a large chance that it might not work out and we end up losing everything…not to mention the mental and physical stress from all the traveling you’ll be potentially doing. Ugh, forget it, it’s much easier to just stay inside all day, and that’s perfectly fine because we don’t even need to go out into the real world to carry out our dreams anymore, all thanks in part to the simulation game genre. Just like life, there are a ton of simulation games out there for all kinds of people to choose from. For example, have you ever wanted to own your very own roller coaster park, or run an entire city? Well, worry no more because with games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City, your fantasies can come true...well, electronically of course. Simulation games these days have become so in-depth that the real world has become a fifth wheel, which is sad yes, but is also interesting at the same time. Who knows, maybe one day every single memory that we own will be artificially simulated into our heads, you know, just like the movies Total Recall or Dark City. Anyway, I’m just making crazy stuff up now, but something I’m not making up is how mindlessly fun these games are. I can’t tell you how many wasted hours I’ve clocked building my very own mind-blowing roller coasters in Roller Coaster Tycoon, both figuratively and literally, and I don’t regret it at all. Still, as much as we all love video games, just remember to take some time out of your lives and, you know, go outside for a bit. The world is stressful yes, but it doesn’t hurt that badly (Then again, look who’s preaching).

Besides the puzzle genre, the only other video game genre that I can think of as being one of the biggest brain busting and extreme at the same time is the Real Time Strategy. Of course, there isn't any secret why the Real Time Strategy has been a huge success. Who wouldn’t want to have total control over a massive, technologically advance army and order them to destroy your enemies to nothing but grains of dirt? It's basically if you just took the classic board game Risk and digitized it, all while keeping the famous ingredients Risk had to offer; implementation of strategy on every scrutinizing detail, the long ass time frame of each game, and of course, the entertainment factor. If there was one game that I could suggest as holding all the elements of the perfect Real Time Strategy game, then Starcraft is undeniably the best example I can think of. StarCraft is perfectly balanced, highly strategic and a blast to play, but most importantly anyone, regardless of their skill level, can pick up the game at any time of their lives and play for hours. Of course, not to look down on other RTS games, the genre has many other treasures such as the Command and Conquer games, some of the first Real Time Strategy games I've ever played, and the middle earth, sword and sorcery Warcraft games, way before the release of World of Warcraft. The genre itself is also both extremely lucrative and still massively popular, especial in Asia where they still hold annual Strarcraft competitions on live TV.

If there was one word that I could use to describe video games, that one word would defiantly be “hardcore”. We have had video games where all you do is shoot the crap out of everything that moves. Video games were you fight people to a bloody and horrific pulp. Hell, just think of the sickest and twisted game design that you can possibly think of, and chances are that someone has made it. Anarchy can't completely rule video games, and thankfully programmers answered this call and gave us gamers the puzzle genre. Still, don’t judge a book by its cover. While there isn’t anything overly violent in the puzzle genre altogether (either than eating ghost in Pacman), the challenge level and anarchy of any great puzzle game will turn any sane man into a trembling wreck with its high level of concentration and skill. Of course, the perfect example of a great puzzle game is without a doubt Tetris, a game that even to this day will leave you with a splitting headache if you play long enough, but will keep you coming back for more with its perfect and fast paced gameplay. On the evil, capitalistic side, the puzzle genre is king and has sold for decades, especially on portable game consoles such as the Gameboy DS. Granted, puzzle games are not as difficult as advance algebra or figuring out odd time signatures on any Progressive metal song, but no matter what, the puzzle genre will challenge and entertain your mind, any day of the week.

Look, speaking on my behalf in both my daily life and on this website, and you can’t honestly say that you disagree with me, it's hard sometimes to control your anger in tense situations, especially when you have some asshole who you just can’t stand hanging around you like flies of dogs**t and pissing you off with insulting, out of the blue, cheap shots on everything that you say, and no matter how many times you just want to punch the mother in the face, your moral instincts inside your head prevent you from making a truly horrible mistake which could potentially risk your integrity as a person (that and the guy might sue your ass for everything you've got). This is why man created the fighting genre, and in these anxious and stressful days, we need all the help we can get to control ourselves, and thankfully the fighter genre really does work wonders at keeping your anger at bay. Honestly, if you’re pissed off, and if you don’t feel like exercising to release your stress, there is nothing like putting in a good fighting game into any console and beating the crap out of some character you despise; you will feel a hell of a lot better afterwards and there are no messy lawsuits afterwards. By the way, I know your probably expecting me to play on the word "messy" to describe the nature of the fighting genre and everything, but truth be told, blood and gore doesn’t always mean the game will end up better than one that isn't, such as with games like Super Smash Bros or any of the early Street Fighter games, but let’s not be ultra-conservative, blood and gore surly doesn’t hurt the genre in any way...at all. Also, like another great game genres, the fighter genre is not only lucrative, but ripen with amazing and classic games from every console generation that has existed. So many that to name them all would be almost impossible, (and a waste of time). I could go on and on about this fantastic gaming genre, but the point is, I love the fighter genre, and I bet it's safe to say you too love the fighter genre as well.

It’s funny how one man’s opinion can change in a few short years. For example, if I wrote this list four years ago when I started on Gamefaqs, I would have not even considered placing the RPG genre on this list; in fact it would have been far down my list as humanly possible. At the time, I just didn't get them. They were long, boring, and had incredibly lamebrain and idiotic plot-lines that went nowhere fast. That was until I found out that it wasn’t the genre at all. I was just playing lame ass RPG games. So, I decided to re-evaluate my perspective and actually give RPGs another shot. Now, after playing a few of these games, I'm a changed man. I can now defiantly see why people love Role Playing Games,but don’t get me wrong. I still feel that RPGs are, for the most part, unnecessary long and pretty easy to beat, but because I’m an older and mature person, I can finally greatly appreciate the atmosphere and size of these games greater than ever before. But atmosphere is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the RPG. The reason the RPG is a rounding success is kind of like the same reasons why the First Person Shooter is so popular: a large cult following filled with dedicated and obsessed gamers, and I don’t mean a few people who would consider themselves a massively hard-core gamer like with most other video game genres. No, RPGs are like a virus; if you somehow come in contact with only one, just one single, solitary game, you'll immediately want to go out and play more, and before you even know it, you’re obsessed with the genre to the point where you’re dressing up and going to conventions. That’s how powerful and deep these games are, and trust me, no one is immune from this virus. In ways of comparison, just look at some of the games that developers have released and it’s no wonder why Role Playing Games are intensely followed by gamers. How can you go wrong with any RPG game made by Squaresoft, or these massively popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft? RPGs will suck every single last dollar out of you, and you won’t even bother to notice or even care because of how amazing and gigantic these games are.

2D shoot em ups are an evil, unforgiving group of games. Even back in the day with the earliest examples of 2D shooters like Space Invaders and Galaga, the speed and challenge of these games were just unbearable to comprehend. Now that we are living in this new age world of modern gaming, with such games like Ikaruga, the challenge level of shoot em up games has gone completely thru the roof to the point that most are almost impossible to beat. Still, that’s why this genre is an absolute classic to play and why it's one of my favorite genres ever made. Like I said, speed is the one major rule when it comes to making the greatest shoot em up game of all time. If the speed of the game is intensely fast, and if enemies and missiles cover every single pixel on-screen, but still holds a fair challenge, then the game will probably become an instant classic for sure. Not only that, but the entire genre is basically just you mindlessly blowing crap up. It's ever guy’s fantasy come alive and it's no wonder why these games were the most played back in the 80s. Even though the genre kind of took a dive back in the 90s when the arcade became extinct, there has suddenly been a Shoot em Up boom as gamers have now geared towards faster and intense styles of gameplay, and no other genre fits the bill perfectly than this one.

It's hard to believe that there was a time when the FPS genre, the largest and most lucrative game genre out today mind you, was nothing but a little cult based genre that only a handful of rich gamers had access to back in the 1990s. Nowadays, you can’t even go a week without what seem like a brand new FPS game coming out, many of which are pretty much carbon copies of the last FPS game released months early. Then again, it’s ironic that gamers complain about the redundancy factor of First Person Shooter games today when basically every single FPS game that came out in the 1990s were nothing more than generic "Doom clones", but for some reason, we just didn't care and we automatically label the older games as the best of the best. So, what makes FPS so popular, and why are all the FPS games that came out in the 1990s remembered as being the best of the bunch compared to today? Well, the first question could be easily answered with just a few choice words: blood, violence, and wide assortments of guns to shoot the crap out of everything that does and doesn’t move. Oh and do forget about the multiplayer option; that’s a big one indeed. But why were these games received better in the 1990s? It's difficult to come up with an answer because it's not like these games were all that original from the each other (remember what I just said about the "Doom clone"), and in all honesty, most of these games back then weren't really well developed. I think it’s because it had to do something with the cult like following that the genre started on, dominated by hard-core gamers who wanted, oh let's say more…satanic, Heavy Metal themes. Think about it; the genre was once complimented by a ton of heavy metal inspired songs, had fast and intense 3-D based gameplay to satisfy those who weren’t afraid of a challenge and, of course, dark, demented, Death metal or modern-day war-time inspired themes. The whole genre just screamed any song by the thrash metal band Slayer. That and of course, the games back then had some of the best gameplay experiences around as clearly shown in games like Goldeneye. That’s not to say that the games made these days don’t share those same properties of past FPS games, as obviously aperient in games like the Time splinter series. It’s just that, for the most part, they don’t feel as memorable or as interesting as they used to. So, sue me, I'm a nostalgia nut, but you can’t say I'm the only one. Besides, what do I know? The FPS genre in the last ten years has made more money than anything else and I can’t say anything terrible about that.

Without further delay, I finally reveal the greatest video game genre ever created. Not only is the Platforming genre still massively popular these days, holds the most number of games than any other video game genre out there, with some even considered the best video games of all time such as Super Mario Bros 3, and one of the first video game genres ever thought of, but the platformer was THE genre that both held video games together in the early 80s and stimulated video game production after the infamous video game crash of 1983 (again with the crash). Just think, without games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros and many, many others, the entire industry would have died and faded away. Besides that, the platforming genre is a blast to play, offering up extreme challenges, massive and involved gameplay features, and quick intense speeds that need every bit of concentration that you have. If you still need undeniable proof that platformers are still the best of the best, just look at the number of newer games coming out these days which have been a hit with gamers, most notably the Little Big Planet games for the PlayStation 3, or all of these mega difficult, gamer hell platforming games on the internet like I Want to be the Guy, just to name one of many. Not only that, platformer games are just as good in 3D as they are in good ol’ 2D, making it one of the easiest video game genres that made the 2D/3D switch back in the mid 90s than any other, clearly shown with games like Super Mario 64. I don’t know what else to say; platformers are just too good to describe in words.

Well, it's conclusion time. Once again, here's hoping that you got some entertainment and or educational value from this list, and if not well...I don’t know, maybe next time I’ll keep your complaints in mind. Speaking of which, once again, send me your mail and or complaint posts and I'll get around to replying them in the next, oh let’s say, year or so. Time for some honorable mentions. I'll start with the racing genera, which I'll admit is a fast and intense genera, but I absolutely suck at them. Oh, and let’s not forget the Third Person Shooter, a fun, but kind of awkward to control video game genera. Either than that, keep sending in your suggestions and I'll keep writing these lists. Until next time, keep on gaming.

List by BimmyandJimmy (03/15/2012)

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