Numbers are powerful things. Powerful in meaning and purpose. With numbers, entire cities can be built, virtual or otherwise. Or important place markers can be made. And without them, troublesome as they may be, we wouldn't have the games we play. Another purpose of numbers is to provide something iconic inside the game. Below will be a list of the Top 10 Iconic Numbers and the games in which they appear in.

Welcome to the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado. Population: 53, 594. You control Frank West, a photojournalist who is looking for a "scoop of a lifetime." His search has lead him to Willamette, where he discovers that town in complete chaos. Streets are on fire, inhabited by zombies. He soon lands at the Willamette Mall, where he must stay for three days until his helicopter ride returns. Here, anything and everything can be used a weapon as you try to survive a horde of zombies and psychopaths, while trying to rescue survivors and uncover the scoop of a lifetime. And if you have nothing better to do, you can aim for zombie eradication achievements. How many do you have to kill? 53,594. Enjoy the carnage!

Earning its spot at number 9 (ha!) is Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Disgaea is a game that was virtually unheard of, but has garnered popularity in recent years. The game itself featured a stunning story and cast of voice actors, with a variety of jobs and weapons to choose from. But what really set it apart was the ability to level any character to level 9,999. But it doesn't quite stop there. Thanks to the Reincarnation system, a character could be reincarnated back to level one, but still retain abilities and get a significant boost to bonus stats. This process could be repeated over and over, and the result is a power-house army of one. Or 10, if you so wish. Giving Disgaea the potential to raise an army of infinite destruction.

The origin of the Pokemon craze. Years ago, Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow were released for the Gameboy and it was a success. The popularity of the game spread like wildfire. 151 monsters to choose from, each with different appearances and abilities. Could be traded with friends, or pitted against them. And with the game came the desire to "catch 'em all." Pokemon earns it spot at the list for being a game that choose to let the numbers do the advertising. The appeal of having 150 different choices made the game a commercial success. And for a good reason. Since then, the numbers have increased and is still one of the most popular and played games out there. Kudos, Pokemon.

One thing gamers like to see in their game is variety. Variety lets the player pick and choose how they play their game and allows for extreme re-playability. Suikoden, a RPG series from Konami offers variety in a new way. But letting the player recruit and play as 108 characters. Each character serves a purpose. They can be a fighter, a supporter, a tactician, a shop keeper, or even a tutor. As the story progresses, your main character gains a fortress of sorts, and all your characters can take up residence their. Allowing you to create a small community. The game also offers tactical battles, duels, and a variety of mini-games. Suikoden earns it spot by having 108 Stars of Destiny being it's central focal point of the franchise.

Majora's Mask is the indirect sequel following it's commercial success Ocarina of Time. After the events of Ocarina of Time, a now young Link set off with Epona to find a friend. Events transpired that lead Link to the mirror world of Termina. Here in Termina, an evil force threatens to crash the moon into the peaceful town. To prevent this from happening, Link must now utilize 24 different masks in order to prevent the world from ending. The catch is, however, he only has 72 hours to do this. Majora's Mask earns its spot by haunting the player with a countdown. A constant reminder that time is slipping.

Minecraft is a rather recent game released for the PC. In Minecraft, you take control of a character who can mine or build practically anything your imagination allows. The basis of the game is to mine valuable gems and ores, and generally build whatever your heart desires. You can, however, only have stacks of 64 items at a time. Once you exceed that limit, the item will begin to stack in another inventory slot. And after spending hours mining or digging or building, you begin to see 64 a lot. But stacks of 64 serve a purpose. It can be divided quite nicely. Which makes crafting and building simpler. Minecraft earns its spot for using the power of math and numbers in crafty, yet simple solutions.

In New Vegas, you start out as a courier who is shot in the head and left for dead in a shallow grave. You are soon dug up and nursed back to health in a nearby town. You spend the rest of the game trying to find out why you were shot, and what purpose the package you were carrying held. You journey will take you to the exclusive Lucky 38 casino on the New Vegas Strip. The Lucky 38 serves many purposes. It serves as the home of the de-facto ruler of New Vegas, a potential central hub for the Courier and their companions, and a location where multiple events unfold. Fallout earns it's place by using a number to mark a famous and important location, in large, flashing, neon lights.

From the team that brought you Ico comes Shadow of the Colossus. You play as a nameless young man in a forbidden land trying to restore a young woman. During your journey in this land, you must find and execute 16 Colossi. The best part is, there is no fillers or side-quests, just straight boss fights. The boss fights are are incredibly epic and beautifully rendered and force the player to really think about strategy. But what earns this games spot on the list is the emphasis placed on the Colossi. There's something iconic about a forbidden land protected by 16 giants.

Final Fantasy Tactics for the original Playstation is a tactical RPG focused around the adventures of a young man named Ramza in a war torn world. The game earns its spot for including the use of the Zodiac as a key focal point in story and gameplay. Throughout the course of the story, Ramza and his rag-tag army must fight Zodiac Demons and collect their respective Zodiac Stones. The Zodiac Brave Story, a story of war, honor, betrayal, and deceit. A story focused around the 12 Zodiac.

Yup. Mario. As number one. As one of the first major and popular games released, Mario captivated his audience with simple and exciting gameplay and music. You play as an Italian plumber named Mario, as he explores Mushroom Kingdom as he tries to save his beloved Princess Peach. Throughout his adventures, Mario comes across various power ups. A mushroom to increase his growth, a flower to allow him to shoot fireballs and a star to make him invincible for a short time. One thing, though, that excited plays more than anything else was receiving an extra life. Whenever a player would receive a 1UP, they would hear the sound bit and know that something good just happened. Since then, 1UP has made it's appearance in many games, making 1 such a common, yet, iconic number in video gaming history. Kudos, Mario.

Numbers hold many powers. Powers to create, powers to destroy and the ability to make something iconic enough that becomes memorable. From the Population of a town plagued by a zombie outbreak, to the number of monsters you can collect, numbers hold power.

List by ParanoiaKing (08/12/2011)

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