Video game music. It isn't the same without it. Video game music is incredibly varied. It can be intense, quirky, heartwarming, scary, adventurous, and many other things. Some music sadly even goes unused. Some is just a step up and used in a boring room always right before a boss. I'm looking at you, rave On from Killer 7. Though some video games stick to the type of game it is, other ones have hidden horrors. These songs evoke creepiness, even though the overall theme of the video game is not one of horror. That is why I bring to you...

The Top 10 Creepiest Songs in Non Horror Video Games.

How it's Creepy: It starts up with a single note and then the creepines comes. It sounds like your standard haunted house tune. It's more etheral at parts, and it has a part where it comes at you out of nowhere. Hard and loud. Near the track, it sounds a little like moaning. So I guess it could be creepy for children.

What makes it even creepier: While this may sound like your standard haunted house song, there are a few things to remember: First off, there's a ghost hiding in the painting. Next off, human ghosts roam the place. And the kicker? There's an antidote in the trash can in the dining room. Why would there be an antidote in the trash can?

How it's creepy: You first hear a gong, which sounds like impending doom is coming. Then you hear high pitched xylophones that sounds like it came out of a circus. Oh, and it has a little bit of reverb which makes it sound creepy. After a while, the music shifts into something different, with more drawn out notes and it sounds like the music itself isn't so sure of what it just played, like it creeped itself out. Oh, there's moaning as well. Let's not forget the moaning.

What makes it even creepier: When you first enter the building, the music plays, and someone says "Watch out!". And then some Zombies and a living tomato ambushes you. Yes, you fight zombies. The tomatoes can create NEW zombies. How in the world does THAT work? You also fight some evil swords. That's it. There's no other life in that building but you and the people your with.

How it's creepy: It starts off with an eerie shrilly noise that goes on for the entire song. And there are some notes that are slow and fade in and out. There's also laughter in the background. Or is that crying? If it's laughter, what are they laughing about?

What makes it even creepier: Exploring a dark, abandoned castle is one thing, but when the castle has people laughing for no reason at all, asking you to play with them, and staring at a treasure box, you know this is a higher level of creepy. Not to mention that the people are monsters in disguise. Some are even characters you recognize, such as friends and family. And take note that no battle theme plays in the castle at all. All you get is this song.

How it's creepy: It's just a simple 2 notes. That get higher and lower in tone at a rhythmic pace. That increases in speed. And it gets really fast and frantic. After it, it just suddenly stops, and all you hear is silence. What's worse is that this small piece of frightening music gets used over and over in later titles, and it's no less nightmarish.

What makes it even creepier: You're trapped underwater and you'll die unless you get some air. However, you move much slower underwater, and air sources are few and far between.

How it's creepy: It starts off with a sort of whistly electronic noise. There's really no rhythm or tempo to it. It sounds ethereal and creepy. Every now and then there's this buzzy noise. And what sounds like a buzz saw springs up occasionally before immediately disappearing. There's this drumming which kind of sounds like a heartbeat. And if you listen closely enough, you can hear the sounds of machinery.

What makes it even creepier: There are no enemies in sight, and the place looks extremely desolate. There are what appear to be tombstones scattered around the place with transporters in front of them. These transporters take you to various bosses so you fight them. So yeah, you're basically fighting the dead. Oh, and let's not forget these weird upward swirly things in the background. It's like the electronic souls of the dead rising up from the ground and going somewhere.

How it's creepy: It starts off with a sort of staticy alarm tone thingy. And it sounds like it's playing from far away as well. And then it shifts to a different melody, one that's slower and more drawn out. It's also high pitched, and it sounds like some huge monster is hissing or breathing. It's really akin to a numbers station. Those freak me out as well.

What makes it even creepier: It's the leitmotif to someone you don't know anything about. That person literally follows you EVERYWHERE you go. He also doesn't seem comfortable speaking human language.

How it's creepy: You start with a menacing intro, one that sounds like it's some big regal evil king or something. Then, after 4 notes, you hear something metal being hit along with a cacophonic xylophone that goes through the whole song. Plus the gong sounds accentuate the creepiness. After a while, you hear a guitar strumming that has a creepy melody. Near the end of the song, the gong starts up again, and it starts getting more and more busy like you're running out of time to do what you need to do. Then it starts all over so you can hear it again.

What makes it even creepier: Let's face it: Fighting someone who laughs when he's hurt is just downright unsettling. The kind of person who does that is truly messed up. Now, add some... or a lot... of speed to him. Now give him a high pitched voice and a childish personality. Now put him and you in an enclosed space together. Now make the enclosed space look surreal and like you barfed up a rainbow. All that makes for an extremely scary song.

How It's Creepy: It starts out with a single high pitched drawn out beat to make you think the music is glitching. And then the pitch starts to become cacophonic and varied. After a few seconds, a soft yet slow enough to be creepy sound appears over the beeping noise. The feel of that soft noise is akin to something like some scene where someone's mourning over the loss of something, which makes it creepier because that's not what happened.

What makes it even creepier: You start off and the first thing you notice is a platform that's just a mishmash of colors. In the background, it looks like some sort of abandoned town or mine or something. There aren't even enemies you have to avoid. When you get to the next room, there are paintings with faces that follow your movements. And they giggle. What are they giggling over?

How it's creepy: Right off the bat, there's absolutely no build up. It starts off with a blast of a discordant trumpet, which changes and waves in pitch randomly. And then you hear the random xylophones and chimes. There's also a weird moaning in the background as well. It's also at a fast enough tempo to make it sound like you have to hurry up or something bad will happen. After a while of that, it just reverts to random drum beats, which have been rumbling all along, still the same tempo. After THAT happens for a while, there's a build up that is guaranteed to make you flinch, as it starts all over from the beginning of the song.

What makes it even creepier: You encounter disembodied smiles that spawn off deranged images of various people you know. And by deranged I mean that they say stuff that's incredibly unsettling. The things they go from odd to weird to unsettling to creepy to OUTRIGHT THREATENING. Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about those mailboxes. They may contain creepy messages outright lying to you about what you do, scream at you, hold never ending darkness, and has the sound of yourself crying, among other things. Oh, one last thing: Do you remember that hot springs you rested in a while ago? It's actually a toxic waste dump.

How it's creepy: What? Seriously? How is this in an E rated game? You can take this song and slap it in any horror game and it'll make the game twice as scary. First of all, it has no melody. It's just some detuned trumpet rumbling in the background with... something else. There's a high pitched mumbling that's drawn out, and it doesn't sound like it ends naturally. Then there's also this low pitched garbling like some sort of tape cassette that's on fast forward. All of it together makes it extremely unnerving and creepy. And if you listen really hard, you can hear what they're saying...

What makes it even creepier: River Twygz this is basically a river to the entrance of the underworld. And if you fall off of the boat there, you see disembodied hands which try and grab at you for who knows what reason. I guess this is what you hear when you die.

And thus the list comes to a conclusion. You may have noticed most of the songs are related to Nintendo. Seriously, what's up with them and creepiness? Nintendo is a company that makes mostly E rated games, and yet there's way too many things in there which are creepy. It's probably why it makes them so good. I should tell you I'm a horror fan, do I enjoyed listening to every single song here whilst making this list. I also enjoyed listening to many other creepy songs.

List by alternate_mk5 (04/14/2011)

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