The Twisted Metal series is known for making a big name for itself in the genre of vehicular combat. Whether you've played this game or not, you've most likely at least heard of it. An unknown fact to perhaps some, the series was conceived by David Jaffe - the same man who would go on to creating the God of War series.

Several characters have made themselves big names in the Twisted Metal franchise, and we'll be discussing that here, the top ten most iconic Twisted Metal characters!

Mr. Zombie only appears in one Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 4. He is extremely unique however, in that Mr. Zombie is actually the one and only Rob Zombie! Rob Zombie wrote a good amount of the soundtrack for Twisted Metal 4, most if not all of them being remixes for some of his most popular songs.

His vehicle is the Dragula, the name of one of Rob Zombie's many great songs. His character in the game has joined the Twisted Metal tournament because he wishes to be a celebrity (oh the delicious irony!). His special weapon is a giant demon skull of sorts that draws enemies in with an electrifying tractor beam of sorts that slowly drains their health, and explodes.

Axel is one of the more unique characters in the series, in that he is actually physically attached to his car. He had a rather unfortunate upbringing from an abusive father who grafted him into the giant wheels. Axel seeks out to partake in Twisted Metal so that he can prove that he is stronger than his father.

He's a body attached to two wheels and drives around as such, his weapon being a force field of sorts that radiates explosively. He typically has very weak armor because his very body is exposed to the elements, and let's face it, a missle to the face would hurt pretty bad, if you lived to feel it is, which Axel apperently can do!

Grasshopper is driven by the 15 year-old Krista Sparks, and when she was in a car accident at a very young age, she survived and was rebuilt as part-cyborg by the LAPD to track down Calypso and get close to him. How could she do that, you ask? You'll have to play Twisted Metal 2 for yourself!

She also appears in Twisted Metal: Head-On as a ghost, and needs to win the tournament to wish for her life back. Her vehicle is unfortunately horrible, and her special attack is pretty difficult to use. She's worth playing through the story at least once, however, so you can see her surprising ending.

Warthog, much like Spectre, is usually a different person is every game, the vehicle of choice always being a tank or a Humvee. In every game except Twisted Metal Black and Twisted Metal 4, his special weapon is the Patriotic Missiles, a trio of red, white, and blue missiles.

The various tanks and Humvees are usually pretty slow (the Humvee's are faster than the tanks though), and the armor is usually pretty top notch, making him a great turtle. His Patriotic Missiles are pretty powerful as well because not only is it three missiles at once, but they all home in on a target! Warthog does some serious damage, and has been in every Twisted Metal to date.

Contrary to the name, Outlaw is actually driven by a cop, and is indeed a cop car. Sgt. Carl Roberts drives the car in the first tournament in an attempt to stop the tournament once and for all, and bring Calypso to justice. Like all of Calypso's wishes that are granted, things don't go so well for Carl, and in the second game, his sister who is also an officer sets out to find him.

Eventually in the series, they ride in the same car and set out on their original mission. Twisted Metal Black saw a completely different character and vehicle with the name "Outlaw", but the cop duo came back for Twisted Metal: Head-On.

The final boss of Twisted Metal 2, and is driven by Charlie Kane, you can probably guess who he's related to. He is perhaps the hardest boss in Twisted Metal history, and drives a gigantic ice-cream truck that is black with pink polka-dots. He is massive, extremely fast, and is great at pressuring the player.

He even has two forms. While the first form can be baited and trapped, nothing can save you from his second form other than hit and run tactics, with health pick-ups in between. Dark Tooth isn't just playing around, and he's absolutely crazy! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case.

A lot of people like to play as Spectre, and for good reason. He's probably the most well-rounded on the list. Every one of his stats is decent without being too far on either side of the spectrum. He has some history with Sweet Tooth that I won't spoil here, but his influence as a character in the series is fairly large, affecting several characters throughout the franchise.

Spectre is ironically never the same character twice in any of the games, and thus the cars are fairly different in design as well. In one of the games, Spectre is a girl, while the rest of them are usually male, and none of them are related. Still, whichever car bears the name "Spectre", is usually one of the best to pick from.

In the first Twisted Metal game, he was a former champion of the tournament and the end boss of the game. Calypso eventually came to own his soul and he makes an appearance in almost every Twisted Metal game. He is often a large tank with a very powerful special weapon, though in TM: Black, he took the form of a semi-truck with a powerful flamethrower.

He can often be unlocked via various methods, some games with cheats, others you can simply unlock him by meeting certain requirements. His presence throughout the series is well-known and you know you're in for one heck of a battle if a message pops up that says "Prepare to face Minion!".

Calypso is the one who started the entire tournament. He runs the whole thing, and whoever wins the tournament gets to have one wish granted by him. Often times, these wishes are granted but in a twisted way, so that the victor will not be able to enjoy their wish. This power has sometimes backfired on him as well, since the powers that be force him to grant the wish, no matter what it is.

Calypso was once just a normal family man, but got into a nasty car accident with his family and they all died. Two years later, after who knows what happened to him, he came back to life and began the Twisted Metal tournament. He was only playable in one game, Twisted Metal 4.

It can't be denied, the psychotic clown is depicted on almost every cover in the series. Sweet Tooth is known for being a total nutjob and even usurping Calypso at one point. He's typically the most powerful driver in each game, Twisted Metal 4 especially.

He drives an ice cream truck with a flaming clown's head on top of it. His real name is Needles Kane, and at first he was just a bit loopy, but as of Twisted Metal 4, he's been akin to Heath Ledger's Joker. He's gone through a few re-designs, but none of them are really significant, because looking at him, you'll always know who he is.

So hopefully you've enjoyed my latest Top Ten, honorable mentions go to Twister, Shadow, Auger, Primeval, Slam, Roadkill, and Hammerhead.

Let's hope any new Twisted Metal for the PS3 or 360 is a reality and we get many more great games in the franchise, and that these characters make it into the next twisted adventure! Rest assured, the number one character will definitely be in it, as he has been in every Twisted Metal to date, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the rest of them make it too!

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