The DS, having a touch screen, brings up endless chances to show brilliance in game design. Already we've had classic titles and ideas shaping the world of gaming. Some games force you to tap like hell until your screen breaks, others testing your knowlage, and then theres games that thrive on your own creativity. All of the games on this list will feature some form of method to let you experience how creative you actually are, some may not even be very popular- but they will be the ones that let your imagination and artistry flourish.

As sstated in the introduction: by no means are these games the most popular, and this is no exception. I'd never heard of this game until i played it. Moreover, you barely play this game- you experience it. Hate famous works of art? Think a few of them would look better in a different colour, or maybe a dinosaur in the background? or how about painting your own masterpiece? You can do all and more in paint by DS! This may be unpopular, and more of an application than a game, but it requires creativity to get the most out of it, and you can let your artistic side out.

Once again, not very popular. Once again, more of an application. This games all about making music with your very own synthesizer, thats all there is to it. If your musically gifted, you'll love this, but if not, you might want to give it a miss. Its also a great title if you just want something to play about with, while expressing your artistry.

The classic simcity series is on the DS, and it does involve a great deal of creativity, but is also paired with financial, and buisness knowlage. Without this creativity aspect, your city would fall apart due to bad arrangement and other important aspects, So creativity is a big part in SimCity DS.

The first few Mysims games involved very little creativity unlike its cousin over on the Wii. When mysims racing was released on DS, i bought it because i enjoyed kart games on the DS, and had high hopes for this one. My only disappointment was its length. Everything else was done rather well, and my favourite part was getting to customise your own car and racer. With different parts to choose from, you can create your very own unique kart and race through the various tracks. Its a nice twist on a classic genre.

In this fun little creative platformer from 5th Cell, you play the creator, who sends a hero down to save a town from the darkness. In these games you draw pretty much everything- the hero, weapons, transport, platforms, and a lot more. When the sequel came (Drawn to life: the next chapter), you drew even more in an attempt to save the world from all the colour draining out. Theres even a spongbob squarepants spin off for kids! While its quite short, and without the creative touch it just doesn't compete with other platformers, its a great game nontheless.

One for the Girls now with the imagine series. Imagination is a big part of creativity, and these games are all about imagining different lifestyles. These involve rock star, teacher, figure skater, wedding designer, and a lot more. Each game revolves around your creativity in one way or another, and the sheer amount of games in the series makes it a creative game worthy of number 5 in my list.

In Animal Crossing, you move to a town filled with talking animals, paying off your house, fishign, bug catching, and other daily activities. So where does creativity come in? Well, when you get different pieces of furniture, you can decorate your house. If you go to the clothes shop, you can design an outfit. You can plant trees and flowers in the town. Theres lots to do when you move to your town, and many of them demonstrate your own imagination.

In an ambitious move, 5th cell made a game were you write any word and it appears in game. Using this, you solve puzzles, and fight through action levels. This game may not be about making music, or drawing pictures, its all about thinking outside of the box. And isn't that what creativity needs? A different way of thinking!

If you have wi-fi, and a DSi, you have access to the DSi shop. There, you can download this brilliant application onto your DS. In this title, you can create your own animations on your DS. You can also connect to Flipnote Hatena, and you can post your own animations online, and view some yourself. Also, its free!

Here we are, Number one! And this is for all mario paint fans! In a way, this is just like a sequel. A lot of gamers have always wanted to make games, but many have little patience or skill in real game design, so they give up. Heres were this game comes in! Warioware is all about wacky microgames (smaller than minigames, they're 4 seconds long!), and this game's no exception, this time around, however, you make your own. You design the objects, the background, the music, the Action instructions, and then you can play it, send it to friends, or even put it in the online for the entire world to play. Even if that wasn't enough, you can create records, and comics. Even with minor limitations, this game is an absolute gem, and every gamer should take a crack at it.

All games require creativity to be made, but not all of them require creativity to be played. Even games like mario kart DS have some artistic element (the emblem design) in them, but when a game were every part of it requires creativity like warioware D.I.Y or flipnote studio, the game really comes alive and gives it true sentimental value.

List by icedog1003 (04/09/2010)

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