From the early days of gaming until now, there have always been ways that games have glitched, bugged, or otherwise become "odd". Sometimes they are just moments, and sometimes they are completely gamebraking. The ten most well known and most unique oddities are listed here.

By now everyone should know how to fight Reptile in MK1. However, what you may not know is an odd glitch that happens when fighting Reptile occasionally. Sometimes, when fighting him, a macro error will occur. This means that the character was not loaded correctly. Instead of appearing green with the name "Reptile", he appears red/orange with the name "ERMAC" (short for "Error:Macro"). Rumors spread that he was a new hidden character when in fact it was just a misloaded Reptile. In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Ed Boon decided to take advantage of the rumors and added Ermac as a playable character.

On the Atari 7800 version of this game, you need a key to get through a door. The only problem is that the key is behind the locked door. Of course this made the game impossible to beat. With the name "Impossible Mission", this made this glitch somewhat humorous. It was fixed in later versions of the game, and the mission became possible once again.

The intellivision was a pretty primitive system by today's standards. There were many things you could do to glitch any game pretty badly. Turning a game on and off repeatedly is one of those ways. Players that did this to the game Astrosmash did more than just glitch the game, they found a second game code! The game Astrosmash was originally supposed to be a game called Meteor. That game was partially finished, but the game was completely changed and a new code for Astrosmash was put over it. Because that original game was still there, if you flip the intellivision on and off with Astrosmash inside of it, you can play the still unfinished game Meteor.

The intro to GTA 3 takes place somewhere that isn't part of the accessible game. Well, it isn't SUPPOSED to be anyway. To get to it, you either need to beat the game and have access to the DoDo (a plane) or enter the low gravity cheat and have access to a tank. If you have the DoDo or tank, fly straight toward Shoreside Vale and you should see an area where the land and water just sort of stop. Right near there is a blueish area. Fly toward that, and the city seen in the opening scene will appear under you. If you try to land, you will fall toward the ground and actually be undeneath it. You can walk around in a completely blue area dubbed "blue hell". You won't be able to do much after that except turn off the game and try again.

Sometimes when this game loads (if it is really dirty or if it is glitched somehow), it will load level 0-1. This is an odd level that just sort of "stops" at a brick wall and there is nothing that you can do except wait for time to run out.

In the 360 and PS3 versions of this game, the Buccanneers have a play that lets the RB take a direct snap. This can be glitched. If you choose a hot route, and select a WR, the WR (who is lined up parallel with the offensive line), will take the snap. Since the WR is in front of the line of scrimmage anyway, there is virtually no way to stop this play from gaining 2-3 yards. EA patched this and made it so people could not exploit this online.

If you own a pirated version of this game, beware. There is a chip in all legal versions of this game that is checked right before the final boss. If this chip is not detected, the game will immediately realize the game is pirated/hacked. This means that anybody playing a pirated version of the game will get to the final boss, then the game will freeze. The player will reset the game only to find that his file has been deleted. This has been seen as a "cruel" way to prevent pirating, but it made it impossible for anything other than a legitimate copy to be beaten.

The object of arcade games is to make money. Make the game so the player dies often (but not too frustrating) and keeps dumping in quarters. Apparently, one of the game designers for Tempest didn't get the memo. There is a special score that is not too high, that if you reach, you get forty free lives. No codes, just reaching a score. It does not need to be exact either. Compare this to the 3 lives you start off with and you have an expensive error on your hands.

This is a gamebraking multiplayer glitch. Thankfully it is impossible to do in a competitive match. On the gridlock stage, on the back of one of the flatbed trucks, stand with one foot off the edge. Have another character kneel under you. After 2 minutes or so, your character will start to twitch. When this is happening, have the crouched player stand up. You will go flying into the air. If you have a sniper rifle, invite some friends and have fun...

Ahhh. One of the most famous glitches in any game ever created. If you go to the old man in Veridian City, he will ask if you want to see how to catch a Pokemon. Say yes. Then, have a pokemon that knows "fly" take you to Cinnebar Island. Use "surf" up and down the side. You will eventually run into a pokemon known as Missingno. It will just be a glitched up pile of fuzz. It will either be past level 100, or at level 0. It will know completely random attacks, and if it gains a level, it will evolve into Khangaskahn. Be warned though, this will ruin your game if you catch it. Graphics will be glitched, and random freezing will occur. However, whatever item you have in the 6th slot you will gain a lot more of.

So there you go. Some of the weirdest glitches or odd things found in video games. Hopefully this has inspired you to scope out odd things in games yourself. Just because technology is improving doesn't mean that odd things like this are going to stop.

List by EstasTodoBueno (08/06/2009)

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