Every game has its time to shine. Some games last with us forever, whether they are just that good or they are part of a long running series. However, some games just seem to be forgotten. All of the games here sold at least 2 million copies and were popular in their time. People just seemed to stop caring after a while.

Black and White is a God Game released in 2001. You play as a god over an island, given the option to do good or bad. You are helped out by a giant animal. It did things few games at its time did. So, why does no one discuss it anymore? Well, the same as most Peter Molyneux games, it didn't offer everything people thought it would, and opinion wore as time went on. But, people still discuss dissapointing games from long before Black and White, so there's still no real explanation.

A big Kart racer back in its day, a lot of critics considered it the best of the genre when it came out. It threw some creative ideas into the genre like a story mode. It sold a ton of copies on release, and introduced a few new characters. So, why isn't it discussed anymore? Mario Kart exists. Why care about an older game when an incredibly similar series with more modern entries exists?

Disney's Aladdin was a platforming game released for the Genesis and SNES in 1993. This, along with The Lion King from the same studio, is one of the few good movie based games. It featured good gameplay and fun level design. So, why aren't either discussed anymore? A few reasons. For one, both had an incredibly high difficulty level for its target audience. However, the real reason probably lies in the fact that they're based off movies. Everyone knows movie based games usually aren't good, and most people probably haven't played these games since they were children, so they probably assumed they were bad games not worth discussing.

Jak and Daxter is a platformer for the PS2. It featured amazing level design, incredibly good gameplay for its time, and it was just a really fun game. And, unlike the games before this, it still has popularity. Most of this popularity is focused at its starring characters as opposed to the game itself, however. For some odd reason, gamers just don't seem to form positive opinions about 3D platformers not starring Mario. They play them, but they honestly just don't care. Which is sad, because some of them are really good.

Continuing that thought, here's another 3D platformer for the PS2. Ratchet and Clank had style and included weapons, which is incredibly uncommon in the platformer genre. Ratchet himself has appeared in a few GameFAQs contests, but I've never seen a discussion on any of his games, and none of them have gotten into any of the games contests. A great game that really deserves more attention, because I don't remember it getting much in the first place.

Now this one is inexplainable. Like the past few, it is also a platformer. However, unlike the past few, it stars one of the most famous game characters of all time. If you see a list of popular game characters, Crash Bandicoot will be there. However, if you look at a list of great games, none of his games will be there most likely. Everyone played them back in the day, but no one really seems to care anymore.

Mafia was a GTA styled game that focused more on realism. It was incredibly well made, and included a more realistic police system that actually got you in trouble for minor crimes. Why isn't it talked about? Because GTA itself is widely hated by a large amount of gamers, so a less well known game with a similar style isn't going to fare well in discussions. While it probably is the best game on the list as far as quality goes, Mafia II is being made, so popularity could easily rise back up soon.

Rollercoaster Tycoon is a theme park simulator released in 1999. It featured an addictive ride creator and a simplistic but effective style. Its expansion packs made it so much better by including actually challenging missions. And, I really don't know why it isn't discussed anymore. It's easily the best and most memorable of its genre, and it is still just as fun today as it was when it came out. I really think it was just forgotten, as any time I mention it around gamers, everyone seems to mention how they loved it.

While Crash has already had an entry on this list, both games are just different enough that they both need to be here. Crash Team Racing is a kart racer. An amazingly well made kart racer. It probably still is the best kart racer. It featured creative track designs and felt like more of its own game as opposed to a Mario Kart ripoff. But, just like the platformers and DKR, it is still just not as popular as Mario, so no one discusses it anymore.

Of course, if you haven't noticed by now, the key to being forgotten is being a platformer without Mario in the title. It's only natural that the third Spyro, easily one of the most unique and all around best platformers of all time, tops this list. It featured great level design and a unique gameplay style that allowed it to become more than just a platformer at times. Spyro is one of the few instances of a platformer with actual characters, and it was just a charming game in general. I guess gamers are just too cool for dragons.

I hope this list reminded you of a few great games that you haven't heard mentioned in a few years. All of these games are deserving of being discussed and remembered well, but time just hasn't been nice to their popularity. All they really need is a few nice discussions and they could easily be popular again. Now go and start a conversation, and these forgotten classics could be given a second chance. And remember, make sure not to forget your current favorite PC game, 3D platformer, or kart racer, or it might soon end up like these.

List by CasanovaZelos (07/30/2009)

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