Super Smash Bros. and it's two preceding sequels, Super Smash Bros. Melee and especially, Brawl, is a merge of most things Nintendo in a fighting game. A cast of 34 + 5 (some characters can 'transform' in battle into completely different characters) a collection of items from various games, a fine selection of various other themed levels, and probably my favorite, a collection of songs. Some are modified, some are the original, a good deal were even composed for the game alone. Either way, Super Smash Bros. has the finest selection of Nintendo music you can find, and occasionally I'll just go through and leave the game on a stage playing music, and listen to the selections for hours. Out of more than a hundred something songs, I have narrowed it down to my 10 favorites, and give them to you.

Mute City is the most famous and recognizable F-Zero song from the series, due to it being in the previous Super Smash Bros. game, and F-Zero not being too famous of a series (Well, at least not in comparison to the other major Nintendo franchises) This version is more of a techno-rock sort of music, which fits the theme perfectly of F-Zero and it's stages. Well put together and fun to listen to, Mute City got Number ten.

HIS WORLD has an epic beginning, although at first thought, it can be classified as a mysterious, tyrant theme - thought it soon changes to a classic guitar rock music, featuring a more sonic-y feel to it. Played by the awesome band that plays most Sonic music known as Crush 40, HIS WORLD landed itself number nine.

The Main Theme for Legend of Zelda is well known, especially for it's grand fanfare at the beginning, and constant heroic sound going on the whole song. This song brings back nostalgia from the Link to the Past times, when this game started to get famous. This song very well fits the Legend of Zelda theme, heroic, and epic. Either way, this song won number eight.

The Theme of Love (as un-lovey as it can sound) is probably one of the best orchestral pieces on Super Smash Bros. With varying beats and styles playing throughout the song, starting out with a fanfare and some hard music, followed by some softer string music, all to be looped back to the beginning. Although strings and some hard music you wouldn't think would fit very well in one song, yet this piece managed to blend the two genres perfectly, and that's what landed this song number seven.

Chill was one of the songs played in that old game, Dr. Mario. Chill was modified in Super Smash Bros, giving it a strange but well blended mix of genres such as rock, techno, and pop. With good guitar, good synthesizing, and this mood fits well the theme of the Flat Zone stage. This strange but awesome modification of the old Chill won number six.

Victory Road was played in the Pokemon series, in the location with the same name. Victory Road was the final place you entered in all four games, although of course, modified to fit each game, though it was in every game with the same purpose; the challenge before you went up against the Elite Four. Though it had a strong theme, Pokemon was never exactly known for it's music, except for the catchy, looped themes. However, Super Smash Bros has modified it to give it a creepier, haunted theme with a fast-paced music going on. This song landed number five.

Meta Knight's Revenge was a new song composed for Brawl. It was released pre-Brawl release as for the teaser site: This song has an fairly uncommon jazz style implemented into it, and is extremely fast paced. This fast beat and motion, and awesome playing jazz is composed to be just what Meta Knight is; a fast paced, speedy character. This jazz song and it's antics have landed it number four.

The Battle Scene/Final Boss music from Golden Sun made it into Brawl. This song has a hard, cold sounding beginning, but after you delve deeper into this song, it starts to unfold an epic, heroic tune, played fast-paced and swiftly, this song is pretty awesome; and makes it's way on to awesome custom stages as well as the Norfair stage. This awesome song and all it's music made it to number three.

Live and Learn was composed by Crush 40, a band which plays all Sonic music. Sonic the Hedgehog series is known for it's lyrical rock music played by that band in a lot of stages. In specific, Live and Learn was played on the final, final boss battle of Sonic Battle Adventure 2. While there was both a hero and a dark side mode, after completing both you unlock a secret mode - featuring challenging obstacles. After the final lengthy mode, you get to go into the awesome final battle. With all the corrupt spin-offs coming about, it's nice to see an older piece of Sonic music still in here. Although this version was cut in half and rather looped differently (which means that the awesome second half is gone) it's still an awesome song. This is probably my second favorite Sonic song (next to What I'm Made Of, which unfortunatley didn't make the cut) and also, my second favorite Brawl song.

Donkey Kong Country is not exactly the MOST well known series, yes, it's well known, but by now it's gotten old, and not a lot of people had access to it, let alone currently have access to it. (luckily, not including me) Me and a lot of other people agree that DKC2 is the best of the series, and probably the best of the game. Bramble Blast came from the stage obviously known as Bramble Blast as well as a few more with a similar function, though replacing the barrels with other entities such as ropes. It's known for that because the stage is unique - you find yourself coping with lightning fast button pressing and reflexes by blasting through constantly rotating barrel. It's harder than it seems. As for the song, it is best known for the simple beat constantly going on: a Du du du du du, repeated the whole song. More and more of an orchestra add on until it's a pretty fast-paced awesome song. Though, those of us who played the classic SNES version of Bramble Blast like the old one known as Stickerbrush Symphony (I still do) a lot of us also agree that the new Bramble Branch, is better. Though some of us, like me, also say that though both Bramble Branches are equal - and say that they are two different songs, but they're both really good pieces. No matter what you say though, most people have to say that Bramble Branch is one of the best pieces, and this is what landed number one.

Well, there it is - the top 10 songs from Brawl. With a variety of games comes a variety of music, and Brawl is probably one of the best mergers of music.

List by Trixter800 (09/29/2008)

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