When a player reaches the very end of a video game, sometimes there just so happens to be someone or something that does not want them to continue. These are known as final bosses, and are usually accompanied by a theme of some sort. Some are slow and instrumental, while others give the feeling of an intense rock band performance. Nevertheless, they all have that particular timbre which denotes an epic showdown. There were so many to choose from, my initial list went up to nearly fourty. It was an extremely hard choice. I'm here to show what I feel are the ten most epic final boss themes.

The Resident Evil games are not known for their battle themes usually, but Resident Evil 2's "Third Malformation of G" says otherwise. Wlliam Birkin hunts down the main character (Leon S. Kennedy or Claire Redfield) throughout the game. So, a final confrontation is expected. As the setting is on the verge of destruction, your character rushes to the train to make an escape. None other than Birkin in his dilapidated from stands in your way. As you try and put an end to the beast, a very fast paced tune plays along. It is a perfect theme for Birkin, and nets itself at number ten on the list.

I never imagined a Mario theme to sound quite like this one. It is a very dark tune, that plays during the showdown with Smithy in what looks like The Underworld. Smithy uses a giant hammer to change the shape of his own head. That is something that no other villain has ever done as far as I know. It still gives me the creeps when I see him do it. The main part of the song might be the single most awesome part of any video game song I've ever heard. It almost doesn't fit with the series (even though it was made by Square). Overall, the song has a dark techno sound, and would be perfect for a live rock remix version. This is why this song is number nine on the list!

Pretty much all of the battle themes of the Devil May Cry series are epic (Faithful Servant, Ultra Violet, Flock Off, Sworn Through Swords, etc). Sadly, I can only list the final battle. That doesn't mean it's not good, it is still number eight on my list. Dante does not have a good relationship with his brother, considering the two have three fights within the game (and three more in the first one actually). "Blood on Blood" plays during the final encounter with Vergil in the Demon World. It starts off as an orchestrated fast-paced tune, then slowly transforms into a huge choir orchestra based ensemble at about 2:50. It truely defines the impact of a choir in video games.It even remixes the main theme of the game into the song. This is easily one of my favorite battles in a videogame.

When I first picked this game up, I never expected it to have a final boss. I was picturing a game where you just beat up each other with different pokemon (transferring pokemon from the game to battle on screen). However, after completing Gym Leader Castle and Stadium Mode, you are greeted by a special visitor. The most powerful pokemon of its time,Mewtwo. Not only does he have the ability to wipe out your entire team by himself, he does it while a wonderful song plays. It kind of starts with an egyptian sound to it, then goes to the main pokemon battle theme,and ends with a beautiful melody that ties up the tune perfectly. This is why the song is number seven on my list.

This is the last Pokemon game, I promise. GSC are unique in that you think the game is over when there are actually eight more gym leaders and a champion to defeat. The champion turns out to be based off of Ash from the anime. He holds a menacing Lv. 81 Pikachu, as well as a high level Espeon, Charizard, Blastoise, Venasuar, and Snorlax. The music starts as a remix of the pokemon main theme, then goes into an awesome fast paced battle theme. It gives you an immense feeling of being at the end. No other trainer in the Pokemon series has had a team quite has challenging as Pokemon Champion Red. This is another song that deserves a really good rock rendition. Just a note, Champion Lance of the first half also has this song, although the battle itself is not as epic.

Every battle in this game is epic, which I believe was an intention. Anyway, "Demise of the Ritual" plays during the final colossus fight. After just losing your best friends, you have every intention of beating the crap out of this guy(?). So it makes you even more sad by starting off as a very soft melody. This melody sounds like it could be in your everyday romance movie. Then, after a minute or so the beat begins to quicken and it becomes another choir-assisted masterpiece. I must say, I am a sucker for choirs in battle themes; they always seem to make the battle seem so much more epic. Although the battle may not be the hardest in the game, it does porbably have the best audio track of any of them. Which is why Malus is placed at number five on the list.

You travel through this comical game fighting strange and unusual bosses. Then you reach the final castle, and battle against a baby bowser form. After his defeat, Kamek comes and causes the baby to grow to an immense size and age. He slowly rises from the dark horizon, all while a suspensful tune plays. Then as he roars, the song begins to pick up the pace as it shifts from suspenseful to energetic. The song has a rock sound to it, even though it was on the SNES. Poor little Yoshi is face-to-face with a dinosaur the size of a a mountain, and the music lets you know that. Which is exactly why it is number four on the list.

You may ask, why put Marluxia as the most epic and not Xemans or Ansem? Well, they may have epic music, but I feel that Marluxia deserves his spot in the light. His battle theme "Lord of the Castle" is similar to the final colossus from number five. It starts slow and builds up the tension, before exploding with orchestrated magic. I can't fully describe the power that this song has, I almost had it as number two. You'll see why I decied otherwise as the list continues. The main problem with choosing this song, is that this game was never released outside of Japan. So, most people in other countries have not heard of it. I think everyone should as least give it a chance though, try finding it the OST on Amazon or some other store. The entire soundtrack is worth a look.

Admit it, you all knew that this game would be on here somewhere. I bet a lot of you thought that it would be number one. The truth is, it probably could be. As you escape the crumbling castle, you fell a sense of freedom. With Ganondorf gone, you have finally completed this wonderful masterpiece. However, just as you think its over, Ganondorf bursts from the ground below. His eyes glittering with wrath, he unleashes all of his energy to transform into a hideous monster. This monster takes on the form of a huge rabid boar with two golden tridents. While that may not sound like a final boss, the way the designers made the game, he looks like he could destroy the world alone. His music is even better, with a brief creepy introduction, it is a true final boss tune. I'm not really sure how to describe it, it's just...well, epic.

Now we come to the final theme, "Dancing Mad." Arguably the most epic song ever in video game history. It is divided into four different sections or "movements." Each movement represents a different part of the final battle. The first movement portrays somewhat of a demon, which starts off as a creepy Dracula-like tune. Then it turns into a choral masterpeice, sending chills down your spine; but its not over yet, it enters a fast-paced choral phase that gives a true feeling of absolute fear. The second movement portrays what seems to be tortured souls, and sounds like a faster choral version of the previous movement with some orchestra-like music mixed in. While not quite as satisfying as the first movement, it still is pure genius. The third movement portrays a godess, and is the most unique of the movements. It resembles an opera in many ways, possibly reflecting the opera earlier in the game. You may not think that a choral/opera song would fit a final boss, but it does suit the godess form perfectly. This movement also has Kefka's theme mixed into it. The final movement is my favorite and by far the most epic. It starts with a haunting introduction, then a dramatic pause occurs. Finally, it goes into a frenzy of notes that will stay in your head for days. This verse remixes the first movements, the boss battle from the game, and Kefka's theme; all while having its own unique sound. Then at the end it picks up from the beginning of the movement and continues on from there. In my opinion, no other song has ever topped this one, and no song ever will. Nobuo Uematsu is a musical genius. This song is pure magic, there's no other way to put it.

I could give a good conclusion that wraps up all of this information, but I felt that many songs deserved this list and should be listed somewhere. So after several hours of narrowing down songs, here are the songs that just didn't quite make the cut. Battle of Final Destiny (Mother 2), Champion Battle (Pokemon RBY), One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy 7), Boss Battle 2 (Super Smash Brothers Brawl), Final Battle (Super Metroid), Otherworld/Seymour Battle (Final Fantasy 10), Grand Cross (Final Fantasy 9), Battle with Zeromus (Final Fantasy 4), Final Battle (Super Mario World), King of the Koopas (Paper Mario), Lavos Battle (Chrono Trigger), Ragnarok (Devil May Cry 2), Dracula Battle (Castlevania), Meet Again (Guilty Gear XX), King K. Rool (Donkey Kong Country), Guardiano Nel Buio (Kingdom Hearts), Xemnas Final Battle (Kingdom Hearts II), Cackletta (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga), and Finish the Promise (Tales of the Abyss). Thanks and hope you have enjoyed this top ten list.

List by Dark_Ixion (09/25/2008)

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