There are many different characters. There are some that are big. Some that are small. And even some - that are pink. Yes, pink. And those pink, cuddly characters happen to be some of the deadliest too - so be aware!

Mr. Saturns are small, bodiless creatures that crashed to Earth. Not only are small and cute, and aid Ness along his adventures! They look like they have mousctaches too. They came to Earth from a crash. They're so small, you can pick one up, and chuck it at the nearest archenemy . . .

Ignoring Conker's Bad Fur Day, he actually had a nice history. He was a great racer in Diddy Kong Racer, as well as a cuddly squirrel main character in a game for Game Boy Color. He had a good past, and a good will. Too bad he turned bad. He is a orange-yellow squirrel, and remains true to his friends. Espcially Berri, his girlfriend, I would say.

An elebit is a small creature that was said to come from the heavens from a lighting bolt.They would seem like mighty creatures, except for the fact that most are the size of your thumb. They're great at producing electricity though, stick it in your light bulb and bam. These guys vary from being able to alter gravity, to multiplying 'till your dizzy.

Another lesser known characters. He has pants. And he's white. That's about it. He's a white marshmellow, fitting his name. He's a frog wannabe, but he goes around banging people with sticks and sending thunderstorms by crying. He also seems to bit a bit of a cry baby, seeing how he first met Mario by crying a thunderstorm (literaly)

Mog is a not very known character, but he's a white kitten looking creature. He (or she?) helped Locke and Terra defeat evil clowns (or at least they had bad enough graphics back in the day) armed with a sword, and some weird dances, that seem to have an effect depending on their enviroment. She's actually one of the most powerful characters, as well as (s)he has a strong will, and is good to her friends (despite he's a Yeti)

Yoshi the dinosaur-dragon-monster comes in a variety of colors. Green, pink, blue, and the elusive white and blacks, although the common color is green. Yoshi seems to like eggs. He also has a big stomach, and likes to swallow things up. She is apparently a girl, seeing how she lays eggs with what she swallows.

Although there's I mentioned Pikachu, I HAD to put her in here. Jigglypuff, known as Purin in Japan, is a pink puffball, that sings, yes, sings. What makes him/her so deadly? She sings - yes, sings. Not that good either, to be frank. But, her famous singing puts people and things to sleep. Useful, eh? The glory of singing badly when no one can hear . . .

There probably less than a quarter of an inch, and yet they beat beetles up like it's a punching bag. These guys, commanded by Captain Olimar, will do any command. Yes, no joking, they carry you while you sleep. They will carry objects a copule hundred times their size. They follow you in THEIR sleep.

Yellow, jagged tail. Pikachu has shocking personality - turns out he's electric despite the fact that he's less than a foot tall. In Pokemon Yellow, he's your best buddy - following you around. He'll be happy for life! Unless you, of course, mistreat him, heh heh.

He's round. He's cuddly. He's pink. And he's armed with a never ending stomach. Kirby the wonderman, erm, thing, will swallow anything. I mean seriously, how can someone eight inches, pink and round be deadly? He's a copycat - whoever he swallows, not only does he get a cool outfit, but he also gets to keep the ability. Let's just make sure he watches what he eats . . .

There it is. Now you beleive me, right? Characters don't have to be scary loaded with guns and such to kick butt. Next time, don't be embarressed when you're beaten the heck out of with a pink character!

List by Trixter800 (10/18/2007)

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