Have you ever heard any one talk about the lack of mature games on Nintendo systems. How, the system is too kiddish for them because all it has is Mario games, which don't feed their addrenaline or scare them. Use this list to dispel those rumors! Nintendo's, now old system, (after the release of the Wii last November) the Gamecube , actually does contain a number of M rated titles for the adult gamer. In this list I have compiled what I beleive to be the best M rated titles on the little purple box for you're enjoyment, especially if you're a Nintendo fan boy!

I will start this list with an M rated game that is exclusively for the Gamecube and that helps to tie some of the loose ends of the very zombiefied Resident Evil series. Resident Evil 0 (RE0), is the prequel to the Resident Evil for the original playstation, and helps to clear up the events that happened in Raccon City and in the Mansion in Resident Evils 1, 2, and 3. RE0 brought new story elements in, using the old playing styles of the earlier Resident Evils. It also made one change to the old playing style by allowing the player to use both characters at will.

Geist is the only game on this list made by Nintendo as a first party publisher. Being so, it is also only avaliable on the Nintendo Gmecube. Geist begins with you playing as the alive John Raimi on an infiltration mission into the Volks corporation. Shortly after this your soul is ripped from your body and you become a poltergeist (hence the name Geist). In you're ghostly form you are allowed to take control over other living beings to help solve the mystery of the Volks corporation and uncover their deeds. This makes for an exciting experience and one that I have never seen before.

We all know of the famous Metal gear Solid games and of course of their main protagonist, Solid Snake. This particular entry, also a Nintendo Gamecube only title, fuses the stories from both Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (MGSTTS) tells the story of Solid Snake and his to rescue hostages from a remote Alaskan military installation. This game can get you frustrated with it's cunning stealth elements and is sure to have you hearing, "Snake. Snake.. Snaaakkkkeeeeeeeee!!!" a whole lot.

Hunter: The Reckoning (HTR) is a action game from an over the top view very much like the Baldur's Gate series, except with guns. It has you fighting creatures of the undead most of the entire game (most of them zombies) using an assortment of long range weapons (a revolver) and short range weapons (chainsaw anyone). Hunter is based on a read through adventure novel and takes place mostly within a city and prison with lots of zombies and a few living. This game would be average except for one great element, it allows you to kill the zombies with a group of three other friends at the same time. This element makes the game a blast a parties, especially as you all try to run from the zombies in opposite directions and end up getting each other killed.

Spartan: Total Warrior is a single player action game, that manages to look beautiful, run at at a fast frame rate, and allow for hordes of enemies to be on the field at once, just waiting for you to cut them up. Spartan is set back in an ancient time period when the Roman's are attacking the Greeks, and places you as the hero of the Greeks against the Roman empire. You, as the player, play the Spartan and try to do the various tasks that the game instructs you to do on the battlefield. Spartan has many different kinds of enemies, a variety of moves, and weapons to use. It also incorporates an element of mythology into the game that makes it seem unique.

Def Jam: Fight For New York is a game that places you as a gangster trying to fight your way up the ladder of New York's fighting clubs. As the sequel to the original Def Jam Vendetta, it retains the fighting flaire of the first game but greatly expands on it. Fight For New York has a great character customization element for your gangster that includes clothing, hair, and best of all bling! bling!, of the plantinum style. Besides that, it has a well developed story mode where you can customize your character with special, painful finishing moves, better attributes, and five vastly different fighting styles. This game will also help get you're gangster on with it's great Rap music. Holler.

I'm now going to add another Resident Evil to this list of great M rated games. Resident Evil for the Gamecube, better known as REmake, is a remake of the original Resident Evil for the Sony Playstation. It is a really good remake however, in that it has much better graphics, improved camera angels, and loads of added area to explore in the mansion. The original Resident Evil is a great game and this just improves the formula, and makes it much more scary in the process. Those zombie dogs jumping through windows, and the moans of the freaky old lady (not to mention her looks) will scare the living daylights out of you. This game is a great REmake and probably the second scariest game on this list.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is the scariest game on this list (passing the previously mentioned Resident Evil) and is a Nintendo Gamecube only game. Sanity's Requiem is unlike any other game I have ever experienced or may have the pleasure of expericing. The plot begins with you, as a young women, visting the mansion of your dead uncle. After talking to the police man you begin to explore the manison and eventually find a book which changes your character into a Roman soldier in the past. These character changes continue throughout the game, having you play 12 different characters throughout various time periods in history, split up with excursions throught the mansion as the young women. The best part of this game though, is the Sanity meter. As you play the characters in the game they begin to lose sanity, and then all of a sudden your game turns off, or your head is chopped off, or your found walking on the ceiling......the end. I'm just kidding, actually the game goes back to noraml in about 5 seconds, but those 5 seconds are scary.

Killer 7....is just that crazy. It is just one of those games you have to play to get, and I mean play for at least 10 hours. Killer 7 tells the story of social, political, spiritual, and emotional ties between the US and Japan. It is a smart shooting game that has so many layers of ideas thrown on, you don't know which way to turn. It also has an unusual presentation style. The game is completely on rails, is cell shaded, has at least seven protagonist, uses graphic violence and language, and has laughing psychos that you can't see try and kill you, and because of all that weirdness this game is better. If you pay attention it will give you a new outlook on life and politics. Just as a side note, the M rating on this game should really be followed and not played unless the player is the correct age.

Resident Evil 4 (RE4), was their any doubt. This game is the reason I own every other game on this list, as it got me on a kick to play games for older audiences. RE4 redefined the whole survival horror genre and did it with style. This game follows the story of Leon S. Kennedy after his part in Resident Evil 2 as he travels to Spain to save the President's daughter. Having much more accessible ammo then previous entries in the series, RE4 creates a very fun action element to use on the thousand or so zombies or other such beasties you kill in the game. The shooting has it all, critical hit points, great looking gun reloads, laser sight, and the amazing head shots. RE4 also boosts excellent graphics, a good storyline, great gameplay mechanics, very scary enemies (Regenerators scare my pants off), and just all around great gameplay. If you buy an M rated Gamecube game, or for any system for that matter, buy this game.

I hoped you've enjoyed our journey through the world of M rated Gamecube games. We've killed zombies, been a poltergeist, infiltrated Alaska military bases, shot more zombies (but with friends!), defended Greece, gotten bling! bling!, shot updated zombies from a previous decade, had our tv's turned off as we lost sanity, fought smiling laughing psychos we can't see, and shot more zombies (but in the best way to possibly do so). It's been great time (not enough zombies though)! So if somone is ever telling you that Nintendo systems are for kids, show them this list. Keep on gaming!

List by offtheheezay10 (06/04/2007)

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