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TI's Home Computer. This is the One.

A lot of computers offer a lot. Only one in its price range offers the most. The TI Home Computer.

Better to begin with.
Anyone can start right away with our Solid State Software Command Cartridges. Dozens of programs are available in home management, education and entertainment.

Easy to expand.
Our Paripheral Expansion System gives you plug-in cards for memory expansion. P-Code capabilities, a disk drive controller and the RS232 Interface. You can also add a modem, speech synthesizer, disk drive and 80 column dot matrix printer.

Programming flexibility.
TI BASIC is built into the Home Computer. But it can also handle TI Extended BASIC , UCSD Pascal Version IV.0, TI LOGO II, TMS 9900 Assembly Language and TI PILOT. Programs can be stored in the optional Mini Memory Command Cartridge.

High-Tech Specs.
16-bit microprocessor, 16K bytes RAM, (Expandable to 52K) 26K bytes internal ROM, up to 30K bytes external ROM. 3 simultaneous tones from 110HZ to 44,000HZ. High resolution video U.&.I.c. Single line overlay for 2nd function. Control & Function keys. 16 color graphics with 4 modes & sprites. Sound impressive? Compare the TI Home Computer with the competition and really be impressed. You won't even need a computer to tell you this is the one.

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