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The Next-Generation Video Game System

Incredible "Turbo-Charged" Game Play
TurboGrafx-16 has 4 times the "playing power" of the leading video game system. You get faster response, greater movement, exceptional game-play.

Your TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem Includes:
- TurboGrafx-16 System
- TurboPad hand-held controller
- Keith Courage in Alpha Zones" TurboChip game card
- Easy-to-follow instructions

Arcade-Quality Graphics
Up to 512 colors on a single screen - nearly 10 times the number found in the other leading game system. So detailed, characters almost come alive!

All-New TurboChip Game Cards
Awkward game cartridges are a thing of the past! Choose from an array of games that challenge you again and again. "Keith Courage in Alpha Zone" included inside!

Awesome Sound
The most realistic home video game sound ever. Six sound generators for music and sound effects you've never heard before.

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