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by Seth0708

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Guide and Walkthrough by Seth0708

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/05/2013
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Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead is an action-RPG originally released for the MSX2 in 1987 by Fun Factory. Two years later in 1989 it was ported to both the NEC PC-88 and TurboGrafx-16, or PC Engine. A sequel called Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead 2 was released for the MSX2 in 1988 and then for the NEC PC-88 in 1989 shortly after the original port. This early release has led some to call it the very first survival horror game.

While the sequel has been translated into English on the MSX2 by Oasis, the original remains in Japanese for all three releases to this day. While the story is easy enough to follow, this presents a major problem as all three versions are extremely strict in how various event triggers occur to move the game along.

You control a heroine named Lila, a member of a paranormal military unit called S-SWAT (Supernatural Special Weapons and Tactics) that has been sent into a small American town called Chaney's Falls. This hamlet has been overrun by otherworldy invaders. A Marine battalion was sent in before S-SWAT, but all contact was lost. Lila becomes seperated from other members of the unit and finds herself outside the town's Catholic church.

Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead plays like Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. You move Lila on the world map, here representing Chaney's Falls, and enter various buildings to explore and uncover what has occured. When random enemy encounters occur, the player is transferred to a side-scrolling sequence where Lila must battle various enemy units in a more action-RPG setting.


This guide is written assuming that the person playing through Shiryou Sensen cannot read Japanese. As such this section is largely focused on how to play the game and on identifying characters and locations without needing to read Japanese script.

This guide was largely made on the TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine) version of the game. There are differences between the three versions, which can be found in the Version Differences section below. Consulting with this section will help you use this guide to get through the other versions of the game if you are playing on a different system.


Directional Pad - Moves Lila. Lila can move left or right in the battle screen and in all cardinal directions on the world map and inside buildings.

Select Button - Opens the inventory menu on the world map and in buildings. Pauses the game in the battle screen and allows cycling through Lila's weapons in conjunction with up and down on the Directional Pad.

I Button - Causes Lila to jump in the battle screen. Cycles dialogue boxes when speaking to characters. Confirms menu choices in the inventory and password screens.

II Button - Causes Lila to attack in the battle screen. Skips through dialogue when speaking to characters. Cancels out of menu choices in the inventory and password screens.

Inventory Management

This is a picture of the inventory screen as it appears on the TurboGrafx-16 version. Please note you will never have this exact combination of items at once as items will come and go from your inventory. This screen includes every possible item you can have so it will be easier for you to identify items as you acquire them.

In the upper right corner are your options. Selecting Weapon will let you switch weapons by selecting the one you want on the left. Selecting Item will let you use your consumable items by selecting the one you want immediately below. Selecting PS### will allow you to enhance the selected weapon with your psi abilities for the next encounter.

The consumable items consist of the green vials (restores PF), the medkits (restores HP), and the pills (restores MF). The story-related items are seen below. The top row, from left to right, has the Body Armor, Jacob's Ladder, Radio, Photograph, Flashlight, Explosives, and Holy Cross. The bottom row consists of the six medallions needed to seal the portal. All of these items are acquired in turn through the story and serve functions therein. If you are at a point in the walkthrough where it says you should acquire one of these things, check the inventory menu to make sure it is there before you leave a location.

Identifying your weapons we have, from top to bottom in the lefthand column, the Knife, the STYER-AUG machine gun, the HK MZP-1 auto pistol, and the M2A1A-7 flamethrower. From top to bottom in the righthand column we have the SIG P226 pistol, the SPAS 12 shotgun, the FN MIMIMI M249SAW machine gun, and the M72A2 bazooka. These weapons are explained below.

Knife - You begin the game with this. It only works in melee range, but will become your best friend. I highly recommend using this in battle from the world map and only using guns in battles inside the buildings. It will save you a lot of ammo as you make your way through the game.

SIG P226 - This is your basic pistol. It consumes one bullet to fire a single shot. It does not have rapid fire and does only slightly more damage than the knife. It will quickly become obsolete once you acquire the STYER- AUG.

STYER-AUG - This is the basic machine gun. You acquire this from Gordon at the Marine Camp. It consumes one bullet when fired, but can be fired rapidly. It does more damage than the SIG P226, so it should be your default weapon of choice inside buildings once you acquire it.

SPAS 12 - This is the shotgun weapon. It shoots three bullets at once; one goes straight ahead and the other two veer off at forty-five degree angles. A single round seems to be about the same as the STYER-AUG, but if all three hit a single target it does three times the damage. It consumes nine rounds when fired, so use it sparingly. You acquire this weapon from Cameron once you get him to the Church.

HK MZP-1 - This is a more powerful pistol. It consumes three bullets when fired and seems to do about three times as much damage, making it a good tradeoff later in the game when you face enemies with greater health. You acquire this weapon from Cronenburg.

FN MIMIMI M249SAW - This is a heavy, M240 series machine gun. It does more damage than the STYER-AUG, but consumes five bullets with each shot fired. Like the SPAS 12, use it sparingly on larger enemies. You acquire this weapon from Romero in the Ruins.

M2A1A-7 - This is the flamethrower. It is very powerful and does a lot of damage, but you do not get it until very late in the game. Very effective on the final two bosses. You acquire this from Peter when he finally agrees to leave the Drug Store and come to the Church.

M72A2 - This is the bazooka. Like the M2A1A-7, it is very powerful and useful on the end bosses and Guardians that swarm the Ruins. It is found on the waterlogged corpse that is revealed after draining the lake in the Ruins.

Game-Breaking Glitches

There are two major game-breaking glitches in the TurboGrafx-16 versions that everyone playing should be aware of. Thankfully both are avoidable and can be "fixed" by using the password system.

The first is the more widely known of the two: the experience bug. This glitch was actually discovered by the programmers and the HuCard came with a small note explaining it. The maximum level, level nine, is reached at 8000 experience, but you can still continue to collect experience orbs after that point. If you manage to pass 9999 experience, however, you will hit level 0 and die instantly.

This should not happen in a normal playthrough even with liberal grinding. In making this guide I walked all over the world map, to make the map, and grinded to level four at the beginning of the game. After that I fought most random encounters and didn't even try to avoid experience orbs and I still didn't reach 9999 experience. If you find yourself getting that high, say over 8000 experience, you can take the effort to avoid the experience orbs and you should not have any issues.

The second major glitch is the inventory bug. You can have a maximum of fourteen expendable items in your inventory at a time. These would be the pills, green vials, and medkits. If you ever get fifteen, however, your inventory will vanish, including your weapons and story-related items. Using the password will reset this, but it is easier to just keep track and don't let yourself go over. Sometimes characters will give you items, so keep them around thirteen items and always check your inventory after talking to people at the Church.

Character Chart

This chart is intended to identify the non-player characters found spread across Chaney's Hill. Speaking to any character will display their portrait alongside the dialogue. These portraits were taken from the TurboGrafx-16 version, but they look very similiar in both the MSX and NEC PC-98 versions as well. The Walkthrough refers to these characters by the names listed above.

Of note is that the MSX version lacks a few of these characters and actually has a single unique character. This character, Harvard, is found in the Library. More details can be found below in the Version Differences section.

Relevant Links

This is an excellent Japanese resource for all three versions of the game.
The Hardcore Gaming 101 article on the series.
Japanese walkthroughs that aided me in completing this game.

Version Differences

Between the three versions of the game there are some major differences. The NEC PC-88 and TurboGrafx-16 versions are very similiar and only display minor differences, while the MSX2 version is quite a bit different. The Walkthrough will get you through both of the former, but cannot be used "step-by-step" for the latter.

The TurboGrafx-16 and MSX2 versions are called Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead, while the NEC PC-88 version has a further subtitle of Browning no Fukkatsu, or 'Browning's Resurrection. This is an odd choice since it implies a pseudo-spoiler about the character of Browning.

The TurboGrafx-16 version has a leveling system somewhat akin to Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. In the NEC PC-88 version this system is replaced by simply "leveling" Lila when you defeat bosses, somewhat similiar to Richter mode in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The MSX2 version does not have a leveling system so to speak. The breakdown for leveling can be seen below:

LevelExperience (TG-16)

The MSX2 version has a character unique to it named Harvard. He is found inside the Library, which is not destroyed in the MSX2 version. The character of Whitman replaces him in the NEC PC-88 and TurboGrafx-16 versions. There are also more corpses in the MSX2 version as many of the people you save in the other versions are already dead when you find them in the original.

On that same not, Gordon has a larger role in the MSX2 version and actually helps Lila more before apparently getting killed by the invaders. In the MSX2 version he actually teaches Lila new combat techniques.

Patrick's visions are alluded to in the NEC PC-88 and TurboGrafx-16 versions, but are only fully explained in the MSX2 version. There, Lila has to give him a blood transfusion and sees his visions, revealing the nature of the invaders from Hades in the visions.

The MSX2 version also has a day-and-night cycle that changes enemy encounters. This counts in real-time. You can also sleep for hours at a time to regain health and move this clock.

Two more items exist in the MSX2 version. There is a Sleeping Bag that can be found that will increase your health regeneration while sleeping and a Bowie Knife that has a longer reach than the regular Knife.

The "world map" is biggest in the TurboGrafx-16 version, while it is smaller in the NEC PC-88 version. The latter also has roads and other features not present in the former. Inversely the maps inside buildings have the same layout in both versions, but in the NEC PC-88 version they are larger while in the TurboGrafx-16 version they are more compact.

Inexplicably all zombie enemy units were removed from the TurboGrafx-16 version of the game. This makes War of the Dead a somewhat misleading subtitle since the invaders do not seem to resurrect the dead at all in this version. Most of the enemy units in the NEC PC-88 and MSX2 version are the corpses of Earth lifeforms possessed by the parasitic invaders. This is implied in the TurboGrafx-16 version, but the sprites and do not really reflect that.

The manner in which the enemy encounters work is different in all three versions. In the MSX2 version battles can happen any time, even when you are standing still. The random encounter die seems to roll every second in real time in the internal MSX2 clock, so standing still you are still rolling constantly for enemy encounters. The encounters themselves are on screens with backgrounds that can have multiple enemies on them attacking you. You can escape by going either left or right off the screen or by killing all the enemies.

The NEC PC-98 version only rolls for random encounters when moving. The encounters themselves, however, all take place on a black background that superimposes over the map screen. You only ever fight one enemy in these encounters and you cannot run away. Combat is also a lot slower in this version.

The TubroGrafx-16 version rolls for random encounters when moving, but the battles take place in larger battle screens with different backgrounds. Each encounter can have multiple enemies, although they come in preset "packs" that are easily identifiable.

There are only twelve total enemy sprites in the TurboGrafx-16 version, including two for the final two bosses that don't appear anywhere else. This means you are seeing the same enemies throughout the game. They are differentiated by color to indicate health and damage levels. Likewise the majority of the boss encounters are simply "powered-up" versions of these basic enemies.

The MSX2 and NEC PC-88 versions of the game have substantially more enemy variety. Both versions share thirty-six unique enemy sprites. In addition, the MSX2 version has six unique enemy units. The NEC PC-88 version has two unique enemy units, both bosses.

The first unique boss in the NEC PC-88 version is a zombified Romero. In the TurboGrafx-16 version you will fight a Guardian when Romero dies, but in the NEC PC-88 version you fight Romero's zombified corpse instead. This boss fights similiarly to one of the zombified soldier enemy units.

On that note, the Death God is different in all three versions. In the MSX2 version is is a large face embedded in a flesh wall. The NEC PC-88 version has a writhing mass of worms. The TurboGrafx-16 version has a multi-headed dragon that you must fight two in a row. The NEC PC-88 and TurboGrafx-16 versions fight very similiarly.

General Tips

This is a breakdown of what defeated enemies can drop when defeated. In the NEC PC-88 version you will simply acquire ammunition, health, and/or psi from them automatically.

Try to conserve ammunition by using the knife on enemy encounters from the world map. If you only use the guns when inside buildings and stick to the knife outside you will find you save a lot of ammunition with only a slight increase in difficulty.

Do not be afraid to use your consumable items. There is no shortage of them in either the NEC PC-88 or TurboGrafx-16 versions and they will save your life. Hoarding them can also work against you if you get over fourteen items in the TurboGrafx-16 version; see the Game-Breaking Glitches section above.

Always, always, always talk to people multiple times. The triggers in this game to move the story forward are very unforgiving and it is better to read the same dialogue a couple times than to trek all the way into an infested building only to find what you need is not there because you didn't talk to someone enough times. When this guide says "talk to everyone," it means talk to everyone multiple times before moving on.


You begin outside the Church. Head inside and speak to both Carpenter and Carrie. Keep talking to them until they just repeat the same line over and over. This is going to be critical to progress through the game as often you need to speak to people multiple times to cause the trigger to allow you to progress. Once you have exhauted your dialogue options, walk outside and head south.

Your first goal is go to City Hall and rescue Wells. I have uploaded a map of the city here on GameFAQs and I strongly recommend you have it open as you refer to this walkthrough so you know where to go. If you're playing on the NEC PC-88 version the map is going to be slightly different, but can give you a general direction of where to go.

Make your way south to City Hall and enter the building. Wells is located just to the north of where you enter. Speak to him to get him to follow you. You cannot access the courthouse area inside just yet; instead exit City Hall with Wells and return to the Church.

Once you make it back to the Church, speak to everyone again. Make sure you talk to Carpenter after talking to both Wells and Carrie as he seems to change dialogue after speaking with them. Once you have exhausted your dialogue options, leave the Church and head back south. You're going to the School this time, which is south of City Hall.

When you finally get to the School you might want to take a moment to assess the situation. Inside the School the random encounters are much tougher than those on the city field, so if you're still struggling it might behoove you to do a little grinding. You also want to make sure you understand how to apply the psi ability to your weapons as you will need it for the boss inside.

If you're ready head inside the School. On the first floor in the northeast you can find Janet and Franklin hunkered down in a classroom. Speak to them and then head to the northwest corner of the first floor. Take the stairs here to the second floor and then take the stairs you see right away up to the third floor. Head south and into the southwest classroom. Carol is in the northwest corner of this classroom, but be warned that about a desk-length in front of her you will be forced into a boss encounter.

Boss Encounter: Skeleton

This boss can be very frustrating if you don't know what to do. It begins by simply walking back and forth, but after a few seconds it sprays a salvo of bullets out in an arching pattern that covers much of the screen. A single hit does around 70 HP of damage, so it will often kill you in a single hit.

While you can crouch in close at the boss and stab or shoot it, hoping it leaps and lands next to you when it fires to avoid the hit, there is a far easier way. Before approaching Carol open your inventory screen and apply your psi ability to the pistol. When the battle starts open fire and watch the boss' health plummet in a few hits, often before it can even get a shot off.

With the boss defeated, approach Carol. Speak to her to get an odd dialogue response. She is asking you to go find her teacher, which is Janet back on the first floor. Return there and speak to Janet and then come back up to Carol in order to get her to follow you.

If you've done this and Carol still won't follow you it means you missed the trigger back at the Church and need to return there and speak to everyone again to make it happen. This can be frustrating as this game requires you to do things in a very specific order, so please always make sure to exhaust all dialogue with all characters you encounter.

Once you have Carol in tow, return to the Church. Speak to her there to increase your maximum MF. Once you have done this, speak to everyone in the Church again and return to the School. This time you need to talk to Janet to get her to follow you. You can only save one person at a time, so there is no way to save time by trying to gather Carol and Janet together.

Once Janet is in the Church, speak to everyone again and then return to the School. Talk to Franklin this time to learn about the Marine unit that was initially sent in to try and combat the invaders. You need to get a raft to make it over to the Marine Camp. To begin this process, leave the School and head to the Hospital. Just inside the door you will find Browning. Speak to him to get a tip about the Boat House.

The Boat House door is locked, so don't bother going there just yet. Instead head back to the Church and talk to Carpenter. Keep talking to him until the dialogue stays the same. This means he's given you the key to the Boat House. Head south to the Boat House and approach the door. You need to walk into it a couple of times to get Lila to use the key. Once she does, a boss battle begins.

Boss Encounter: Maneater

This is just a powered-up version of the face enemies from the School. You can use your psi abilities if you like, but just jumping up and shooting it a few times will do the trick as well. You are a little cramped for space as the arena is only one screen big, but it should go down without much of a hitch.

With the boss defeated head north and out onto the warf. You will be back on the main map with a raft next to you. This raft functions a little differently from what you might expect. You can enter the raft and cross the water with it, but it will remain wherever you make landfall with it. In order to use it again you will need to go back to where you made landfall with it last. Don't forget where you parked.

Your next destination is the Marine Camp. Head there and speak to Gordon. Gordon will give you the STYER-AUG machine gun, but will not leave with you just yet. Once you have this, head outside and to the lake. Go to the Ruins and speak to Whitman. He will follow you, so take him back to the Church.

Once Whitman has been returned, talk to everyone again. Once you do, head outside and go to the Drug Store. Talk to Peter there, but he will refuse to go with you. He'll mention something about the service, so head back to the School and talk to Franklin to get some more information about him. Franklin will direct you back to the Church to speak to Carpentar again. Exhaust your speaking options with him to gain a permanent increase to your MF.

Go to the Library. Try to climb the stairs, but you will find they have been damaged. Now go to the Cabin and speak to Fran. She was camping with her boyfriend when the invaders came and will refuse to come with you until he comes back, so just head back to the Church again and speak to everyone once more to get word to head to the Hospital.

Go to the second floor of the Hospital, which can be reached by taking the stairs in the southwestern corner of the first floor. Head for the isolation ward to find that Franklin has relocated. Speak to him to learn about the strange patient in the ward, but unfortunately he doesn't have a key. The key is in the basement, so head back downstairs and take the flight of stairs down to the bottom floor.

On this floor talk to Bus to get the key to the isolation ward before he seemingly expires. Return to Franklin and speak to him to get him to open the door. Walk inside and speak to both Sandra and Patrick. Patrick is having these weird visions that Sandra is trying to treat while Franklin stands guard. None of them will come with you right now, so head back to the Church and speak with everyone again about what you found.

Once you do, head back to the Cabin. In the central south area is a box. Approach it to reveal a secret stairwell. Go down and meet Omadon. If you're using the Japanese walkthrough that's been promulgated around then you are probably stuck right here as it is missing two steps and is unclear where you should go next. You need to go back to the Church, talk to everyone, and then go back to the Hospital and talk to Sandra and Patrick. Exhaust their dialogue before going back to the Cabin.

Speak to Omadon repeatedly. Your maximum MF will go up againt through the course of this, but keep speaking to her until she says the same thing over and over. This will cause Cameron to spawn in the Castle to the north. Head that way and go inside. Move north and take the northwest stairs to the second floor. You should see Cameron from the stairs, but if you don't loop south and then north to the room he is in. If he's not there, make sure you talked to everyone I mentioned above in the order I mentioned.

Cameron will agree to follow you, so take him back to the Church. Once there speak to him again to receive the SPAS-12 shotgun. Talk to everyone else again for good measure and then head for the Hospital to talk to Franklin again. This time he will direct you to search for his sergeant, Gordon. Gordon can be found in the Warehouse, so make the long trek there and speak with him to receive the Green Medallion.

Return to Franklin at the Church and confirm with him you have the item he saw by speaking to him. From here go back to the Church and talk to Carrie to learn about the Test Facility. Head there now and interact with the blue device in the central north. The Green Medallion will become damaged. Go back to the Church and speak with everyone again to get some more details about Peter.

Go back to the Drug Store and exhaust your dialogue options with Peter. From there go to the Graveyard. Examine the corpse of Greg to fall into a sikhole. Work your way over to Cronenburg and speak to her about the rest of the S-SWAT unit. Work your way back out and go to the Drug Store and speak to Peter again before going back to the Cabin and speaking to Fran about her missing boyfriend.

Return to the Graveyard and speak to Cronenburg again to raise your maximum MF. Go back to the Church and speak to everyone again. Make sure you speak to Carol twice. Head back to the Hospital next and talk to Patrick to get him to follow you. Lead him back to the Church, and then head back to the Hospital and get Sandra. Bring her back to the Church and speak to Cameron.

Return to the Graveyard and talk to Cronenburg again. Afterwards, go back to the Hospital and talk to Franklin again. From here go back to the Church and talk to Cameron once more who will send you after a Radio at the Marine Camp. Go there and examine the shelf there to find it.

At this point go back to the School to find that a large sinkhole has swallowed the northwest classroom on the first floor. Return to the Church and talk to Carpentar who will suggest getting the Jacob's Ladder at the Drug Store. Go there and talk to Peter to get the Jacob's Ladder. Return to the School and enter the classroom. It should automatically place the Jacob's Ladder, but if it does not just go in and out of the room a few times until it triggers. Once it is placed, activate your psi powers and climb down to face a boss.

Boss Encounter: Spawn Head

You've probably seen these things around, but now you can't just run from it. Open fire, but watch for when it shoots. When the star-like projectiles come out, jump ot avoid the bottom one as you can't duck under it. By now you should be strong enough that it will go down in a handful of hits.

With the boss defeated open the chest to find the Blue Medallion. Return to the Church and speak to everyone again. This will increase your maximum MF again and prompt Cameron to head back out to the field. After speaking to everyone, go back to the Ruins on the island.

Work your way around the circle, going up and down the stairs, until you come to the room with the tombstone. Examine this and then take the stairs in this room down. Head to the northeast to find Romero. Be warned that speaking to him will both give you the FN MIMIMI M249 SAW and begin a boss encounter.

Boss Encounter: Guardian

Switch to the SPAS 12 and crouch down. Open fire and watch the bullets from the boss travel over your head. If the Guardian begins to leap into the air, stand up and run to the other side of the room. It will come crashing down where you were and you can duck down on the other side and open fire again. It takes a lot of hits to kill, but the strategy is really that simple.

Go down the stairs by Romero and head east. Take the next stairs down. On this floor you need to go see the underground lake in the central chamber. To get there, go south until you see some stairs, but do not take them. Instead hook up to the north and go through the narrow hallway to the lake. Once you see the text box indicate you have seen the lake, go back to the Church and talk to everyone again.

From there return to the Hospital and talk to Franklin. He will follow you now, so take him back to the Church. Talk to Franklin, Sandra, Patrick, and Carpentar. Once you have, go to the Drug Store and speak to Peter about getting food to the Church. After exhausting the conversation with him, go to the Cabin and head to the basement. Speak to Fran to get her to follow you back to the Church. Once she is there, return to the Cabin and speak to Omadon alone.

Start heading to the Ruins and journey back down to where Romero was. You will confirm he has expired from his wounds and your maximum MF will increase and you will get the M72A2 bazooka. Exit the Ruins and return to the Church and speak to everyone again, noting that Cameron has brought Cronenburg to the Church. Once you talk to everyone, go to the Drug Store to find that Stephen has found his way there. Bring him with you back to the Church to receive the Flashlight.

Go back to the Graveyard and approach Greg's corpse from the south. You should find the Body Armor near the stairs; a message will appear on the screen when you do. With this, go back to the Church and talk to everyone again. Return to the Castle next and go to the bottom floor. You will find Browning down there. Speak to him to receive the Red Medallion. Exit the Castle and speak to Omadon in the Cabin.

From here go back to the Ruins and return to the underground lake. After the message plays, head back to Romero's corpse. From here go east and take the stairs you find at the end of the hall. Head west now and follow the path south to the first stairs you see. Take these and head north, following the path as it winds west, and then south, and finally north again to another underground lake. Approach it for another message.

These Ruins are composed of three floors, although by now it should be clear that they are less of a maze and more of simply a circular trail that goes up and down as it meanders. If you get lost at any time, just keep walking down one path and follow the stairs until you end up back in the room with Romero.

For now leave the Ruins and go back to the Church. Talk to Carpentar before talking to everyone else. Once you do, talk to Carpentar again to learn a little about who and what exactly Browning is. Talk to everyone again before heading back to the Castle. Speak to Browning again who will unlock the door on the second floor for you. Climb up there and open the chest inside to find a strange Photograph.

Return to the Church and talk to Cameron, Cronenburg, and Franklin. Your maximum MF will rise. When it does, talk to everyone again. Return to the Drug Store and talk to Peter. He will finally agree to leave with you, so take him back to the Church. Talk to him there to receive the M2A1-7 flamethrower. Speak to Carpentar again about the other medallions.

Go back to the Graveyard. Examine the fifth tombstone from the left found in the second row from the bottom all the way west. This will reveal a secret passage. Take it and follow it to the chest. Inside you will find the Yellow Medallion. From here go back to the Ruins and examine the tombstone you saw earlier there. You won't be able to understand it, so go back to the Castle to talk to Browning.

Unfortunately you will find Browning is dead... again. Speak ot Omadon in the Cabin. She will agree to follow you, so go outside. Instead of going to the Church, however, you need to go to the Ruins. You should find Omadon waiting for you by the tombstone. Speak to her and she will translate it for you, telling you that you need six medallions to seal the dimensional rift below.

Go back to the Church and speak to everyone. This part is fairly confusing and the triggers seem glitchy, so you might have to do it a couple of times. In a nutshell, Peter will send you to get Explosives from the Drug Store to try and drain the underground lake by blowing a hole in the lake bed. I had to do all these steps three times to make it work, but I have seen videos on nicoviewer where they seemingly only had to do it once.

The places you need to go are the Drug Store, where you need to examine the leftmost shelf of the fourth row from the bottom. You should see a message about grabbing the Explosives. Check your inventory as they might not appear. If they do not, you have to make this whole cycle anyway and then come back and try again.

Next you go to the Ruins and examine the tombstone and both lakes again. You'll get the same messages as before. If you have the explosives you'll be able to drain the lake. If you do not, you'll have to go back to the Church and talk to Peter, and everyone else, again, before going back to the Drug Store and getting the Explosives again. At this point you can go examine the tombstones and lakes again. As I said, I had to do this cycle three times, but others seem to be able to make it work in one go.

Regardless, once you drain the lake you will find the waterlogged corpse of another S-SWAT soldier at the other lake, now also drained. Take the M72A2 bazooka from his corpse and keep going deeper. Follow the very long path; there is only one real way to go, but it does take longer than traversing the entire rest of the Ruins up to now. You will eventually come to a sealed door. Behind this is the portal to Hades, but you cannot get in without the other medallions. Examine the door for a message and then go back to the Church.

Speak to everyone to learn Wells has run back to City Hall. Go there and speak to him to learn that the fifth medallion is locked up in the city records. He will follow you automatically. Examine the door to the records quickly and then go back to the Church. Speak to Cronenburg once there until she dies. Speak to everyone once more and return to City Hall. Enter the back room and be ready for a boss fight at the chest.

Boss Encounter: Guardian

Switch to the M72A2 and crouch down. Open fire and watch the bullets from the boss travel over your head. This time you will doing so much damage the Guardian won't have much time to respond. It should go down in a handful of hits.

Claim the Brown Medallion from the chest. Your maximum MF should go up. Return to the Church and speak to Carpentar, Cameron, and Omadon. They will tell you there is one medallion left, but are unsure of where it is. Talk to Carol to receive a Holy Cross from her. As you try to walk down the aisle, a message should flash and the Black Medallion will appear to you. If it doesn't, talk to everyone again and then talk to Carol again.

Once you have these things, speak to everyone one last time and head for the Ruins for the final showdown of the first game. Return to the previously sealed gate and prepare to see a new enemy sprite for the first time in forever.

Boss Encounter: Master Gate Guardian

This boss may or may not appear; if it does not simply skip this part. Unlike the other Guardian variants, the Master Gate Guardian will stand relatively still and fire at you. After doing so, it will teleport out and teleport back in either where it was or on the opposite side of the screen. Watch for this and move to the other side of the screen if it teleports on top of you. You have about a second or two to escape while it phases in, so be quick. Duck under the projectiles it fires and shoot it between teleports.

Walk forward towards the portal to face the final boss.

Boss Encounter: Death God

Sigh, disappointingly the final boss might be the easiest boss in the game. The Death God moves back and forth, spewing a glob of projectiles in a manner similiar to the Skeleton. Unlike that enemy, however, the Death God aims high. This means you crouch down right in front of it and let loose. Equip the M2A1-7 flamethrower and just light it up. It will die in short order, but immediately respawn. Just kill it one more time to finish it off.

Seal the portal and end the menace of Hades... at least until the sequel.

Blood Balloon - These flying creatures are the only enemy units who appear in all environments, be it outdoors, on the water, or in buildings. The headless variety will simply swoop up and down, moving towards you as they do. The adult variation with a head does the same, but they will fire projectiles as they swoop. The projectiles are somewhat erratic depending on color, so you need to judge whether you should duck or jump. You can either wait for them to swoop and strike when they are low, or leap into the air and strike while they are high.

Death God - The final boss moves back and forth, spewing a glob of projectiles in a manner similiar to the Skeleton. Unlike that enemy, however, the Death God aims high. This means you crouch down right in front of it and let loose. Equip the M2A1-7 flamethrower and just light it up.

Fisher Dragon - These creatures are only found in encounters on the water. They start out largely underwater, but will emerge periodically to fire projectiles at you. You cannot hurt them while they are mostly submerged, but at the same time they will not shoot at you in this state either. I strongly recommend simply running from them as killing one is time-consuming and will yield only a pitiance of items.

Guardian - These big creatures serve as mid-game bosses, but also pop up as random encounters in the Ruins. They will move towards you constantly in their random encounter variants, firing indiscriminately. You can duck under their projectiles. There should never be any reason not to run away from them, ducking whenever they fire behind you to allow their projectiles to harmlessly pass over your head.

Hanging Worm - These dangling foes only appear inside buildings. They will begin retracted along the ceiling, but extend downward as you pass under them Usually you can run right under them without issue. Later variations will also shoot projectiles out at odd angles when they extend, which can be avoided by moving between the shots. Don't try to hit them when extended; if you must fight then jump up and strike them.

Maneater - These creatures are found inside all buildings. They move along the ceiling towards you. Their primary attack is to extend a long tube-like toungue from their "face" at you and spit projectiles from it. You can either leap into the air and shoot them from afar or just run away. Their projectiles tend to move in an arching pattern, necessitating that you jump between them as they pass.

Master Gate Guardian - This Guardian variant will stand relatively still and fire at you. After doing so, it will teleport out and teleport back in either where it was or on the opposite side of the screen. Watch for this and move to the other side of the screen if it teleports on top of you. You have about a second or two to escape while it phases in, so be quick. Duck under the projectiles it fires and shoot it between teleports.

Melting Man - These creatures are found both on the world map and inside of buildings. They might be intended to replace the zombie enemies from the NEC PC-88 and MSX2 versions. Initially you only encounter ones that will hop back and forth near you. Later encounters will add projectile attacks. You can duck under their projectiles, so approach with caution and crouch out of range. Wait for them to leap towards you and stab them before they reach you. If you are using a firearm, simply gun them down from afar.

Parasite - These squid-like creatures make up the bulk of the early game encounters. They can be found both on the world map and inside buildings. They are very simplistic in nature; they will take a step towards you, stop a moment, and then step again. Simply crouch down and stab or shoot them before they reach you.

Rock Beast - In function these enemies behave exactly the same as the Parasites. You can kill them in the same manner as well: crouch down and stab or shoot them before they reach you. In general they take more hits than their squid-like cousins, but after leveling a couple of times they will go down very quickly as well.

Skeleton - This beast doesn't look anything like a skeleton, but that's the name for it in the manual. This creature will move back and forth, leaping into the air every now and then. Its primary attack is to heave an arching volley of projectiles that spread out as they emerge from it. You cannot effectively dodge this attack up close, so your only choice is to run away when it does it. Never attack with the knife. Run away if you can, but if you cannot simply stay far away and shoot it as it meanders back and forth.

Serpent - These tentacle-like creatures only appear in water encounters. They move towards you in a manner like the Parasite. They will fire projectiles at times, but these can be ducked under. Duck next to one and stab it to death for a quick kill.

Squid Head - These tentacled terrors will aggressively pursue you and spew star-like projectiles as they approach. Unlike most of the enemies, you cannot duck under their projectiles. Instead you need to jump over the low ones and between the high ones. Do not attempt to fight one with the knife. Generally it is better to run away, but if you must fight one then stay back and shoot it, taking care to leap over its projectiles.


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