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FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 09/16/06

Tricky Kick(TurboGrafx 16) FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.0.0
copyright 2006 by Andrew Schultz schultz.andrew@sbcglobal.net

Please do not reproduce for profit without my consent. You won't be getting 
much profit anyway, but that's not the point. This took time and effort, and 
I just wanted to save a memory of a great game and the odd solutions any way 
I could. Please send me an email referring to me and this guide by name if 
you'd like to post it on your site.





    2-1. CONTROLS

    2-2. POINTS

    2-3. PIECES

    2-4. GAME LAYOUT


    4-1 through 4-6. REGULAR LEVELS

    5-1 through 5-6. SPECIAL LEVELS





Tricky Kick is a puzzle game for the TurboGrafix-16, an obscure system that 
chucked out some beautiful games in the early nineties, its heyday, as in 
"Hey! What'd I miss?" In TK you simply have to kick two of the same item 
together, and they disappear, until you clear the board of pieces. You can 
bump one item with another unless the way is blocked, i.e.

12  <can kick 2 right

123 <can't

TK has regular and special mode, special having the same number of puzzles, 
but they are lot longer. Regular has 6 runs of 10 puzzles each, with the 
simplistic sort of Anime story where you know how it's going to end, but so 
what--you must solve them in order for each run, but it's nice if you get 
stuck on one. While levels get tougher as you work from 1 to 10 even the 
early levels are not trivial, but sadly the later levels become paper pushing 
or the trick you've seen before or can figure out--with enough obvious 
matches your first time through, you're left with only one really tough one 
to figure out.

So the puzzles never bowl you over. But they look very nice--especially the 
haunted house(a kid needs to survive to join the club) and the city 
streets(robot warrior and Mayumi, a girl walking to a birthday party.) And 
it's still clear what's an obstacle. The forest is also nice and while 
prehistory and ancient Japan are nothing special, the monster types are 
certainly cute. The special effects partially make up for the small dead end 
in the puzzles--only so many ways to do things there.

And the special levels drag out--you get 30 minutes but you don't need them, 
or the 20+ seconds it takes to count off the bonus at the ends. It's worse 
than those **** cellphone ringtones so popular these days. Although you do 
get to see a few new icons to push around as many levels are quite congested 
(woo tiddlyflip hoo!) But overall TK is fun and that is what counts.

Now about this FAQ. Sometimes I use shorthand and sometimes I write out what 
to kick where.
--3U=3 squares U
--L*=all the way left
--L*-1=all the way left - 1
--Sometimes I'll say "kick the X" when one X is in the corner and it will be 
pretty clear there's only one you can kick
--this FAQ may not optimize solutions. Often you can weave obvious right 
moves together, concentrating alternately on pairs, to get done a bit 
quicker. But it's harder to memorize and follow.
--I wish I could use shorthand all the time but sometimes it's easier to 
visualize words, and there are some timing puzzles.
--If I say "kick X down" and there's something blocking X above, that means 
kick what's above X to send X down.
--for easy matches(usually icons horizontally/vertically aligned or next to 
each other) I'll gloss over the details of how to do it.
--sometimes I will name animals awkwardly/inconsistently between various 
levels. But it should be consistent for each round.


    2-1. CONTROLS

RUN BUTTON lets you give up.
BUTTON 1 kicks in the direction you face. You can change direction to another 
direction you're blocked in--you just don't move.

Enemies you kick go about 3x as fast as you do.

Bumpers cause enemies to bounce back at you. While an enemy bounces you can 
move away/towards to relocate the enemy, or you can even move out of the way.
Some rows and columns wrap--you can leave an enemy falling through there as 
long as you wish.

    2-2. POINTS

Points: 10 20 50 100 150 200 300 400 500 500 ... (*2) regardless of what the 
block is.

Pairs | Total
1     |   20
2     |   60
3     |  160
4     |  360
5     |  660
6     | 1060
7     | 1560
8     | 2160
9     | 2960
10    | 3960
x     | 1000x-6040

10 points per second left as bonus

    2-3. PIECES

Enemies stop when they hit against other enemies or a wall or you. You can't 
match three at once.

Enemies can go off the screen and keep looping until you stop them. If you 
can walk off the screen, you can kick an enemy off and vice versa.

Bumpers cause enemies to run back in the direction they were sent.

Arrows cause enemies to change direction. If you kick an enemy onto an arrow 
and it gets stuck, you can't kick it in another direction. You have to remove 
whatever is blocking it for it to go forward.

If an enemy hits an arrow and one of its own type is blocking further 
progress right away, you don't get a match i.e.

^    1

In a maze of arrows, two quick matches cause a bug in the game where only one 
enemy is destroyed.

You can kick an enemy into a bumper if there is space between it and a 
bumper. You can move it pretty much anywhere along the line the enemy forms 
with the bumper.

If you kick an enemy into a bumper/arrow, you can also cause a collision that 
will destroy them. Kick your enemy when they are 45-degree diagonal from each 
other and they will meet at the same time. Boom.

    2-4. GAME LAYOUT

The regular and special modes have 6 levels of 10 rounds each. Solve the 
regular for the special's password. The cutscenes are the same for the 
special as for the regular levels. The rounds start easy at 1, generally, and 
go to hard at 10. No one level seems appreciably tougher than the other. You 
have to get through them all anyway, so it doesn't matter--you can have up to 
six to work on at any one time if you get stuck, too, since you can choose 
where to go next.


One of the things I've noticed about this sort of puzzle game is that there 
are only so many things to do. Some people take this as running out of stuff 
to do, but they can also look at it as running out of stuff to do wrong. A 
few guiding rules may help you stumble on the right solution--or close enough 
that you turn around and say "geez, why'd I do that."

Of course with this guide you shouldn't need these tips but maybe you'll find 
them interesting in general.

--there's nothing wrong with making the obvious moves first. If there are two 
pieces you can't match together near the end in an open board, think of where 
you could use a buffer piece to link them together. Never say "oh that's too 
easy, it wouldn't work."
--the exception to "try anything" is if you have 4 of a certain piece and 2 
in corners then you know the 2 free pieces must each go into a corner.
--try to picture what could happen if you got rid of one troublesome piece. 
The rest often falls into place.
--often it's a good idea to leave a piece one move before you match it. You 
can bounce other pieces off it.
--if you move a piece to the side or to a corner, be sure you have a method 
to move another piece there or an arrow to get it out. Remember, once in 
there you can't back out.
--if you're having trouble getting two pieces together at all, picture where 
you could put or remove another piece to get things to work. Also, try to ID 
pieces that serve a useful bunker against a wall.
--don't get careless pushing a pair into the corner. Often I've done 
something like the following two below.

   X a->  X
XX X     aX

The right moves are clear if you think for a bit.

--Use bumpers--even chain them--to get a piece into position. Remember you 
can flip your position with an enemy between two bumpers. Kick it, say, up 
and dodge and when it comes back down, step in so it stops on the way up. 
Once you're above it you can kick it where you need it.
--Always check to make sure that you haven't placed three enemies in a row--
unless you can get rid of one quickly.
--Work backwards from where you want to kick a certain piece to. You can 
often find the right path that way.
--You can often use arrows to move a piece off the side. Also note arrow 
patterns that can kick an item quickly from one side to another or even 
provide a useful loop.

  4-1. OBERON


I actually got caught up on the first level for a while. I guess there's no 
sense in it being too trivial. Here is what you need to do.

1. Kick the right squirrels right
2. Kick the gators from the left, sending the lions right
3. Kick the left squirrels left
4. Kick the gators left
5. Kick one of the center gators from above then below
6. Kick one of the squirrels vertically twice
7. Repeat 5-6 for the lions on the right


Kick the UR cat from above, the DR squirrel from the left, the D cat twice, 
the UL lion right, the top wolf down, the UL lion left, the UR squirrel left, 
the bottom squirrel up twice, the DR lion left and then up twice.


A maddening little level with lots of minor pitfalls. Kick the two snakes 
from above. L kick-L R 3D L kick-U kick-L R 3U kick-R*2 L D kick-D R 2D kick-

This will pin two lions and tigers against the left.

3R kick-R 2L 3U 2R kick-D 2L 3D R kick-R*2(cats). Kick the top gorilla and 
bunny 2x each. Kick the squirrel left(lions) U 2L D kick-R(squirrels) 4R 

Kick the left tigers from above then the DR lion L/U. Kick the UR rabbit left 
twice, then kick it down and the DR gorilla left twice(rabbits). Kick the top 
gorilla twice to win.


It's tough to get that first one without dragging a pair into an adjacent 
corner, but once you do, everything falls apart. You can't directly go for 
one pair but if you weave them together, good things happen.

3L 3D kick-R*2 3U R kick-D L 2D R kick-R kick-D*2 2L D kick-R(lions)

2U R kick-D(geese) 3D kick-R 3U R kick-D 5D R kick-U


This is one of those impressive looking levels that collapse quickly after 
trial and error. In fact there is a brutally straightforward way through.

Kick-L*2 Kick-D*2 3D Kick-L*2

L kick-U L kick-U L kick-U*2 L kick-U L kick-U

2R 2U 2L kick-D R kick-D 2U kick-R 2D 2R kick-D R kick-D 3L 3D kick-R


There's only one pair you can match after a kick and that's the cats.

4D 3L kick-U 2L 2U kick-R(cats)

3U 2R kick-D R kick-D 3L 3D R kick-R*2(gargoyles)

L 2D 2R kick-U 2U R U kick-R*2(snakes)

D kick-D 3L 3U 2R kick-D 2L 5D R kick-R*2(wolves)

2R 3U kick-U kick-R D 2R kick-U 3L 3U kick-R(lions)


The key here is, after getting the top bit right, leaving the four snakes for 
last. The obvious connection of two snakes leaves all the piecs trapped.

2U 5R D kick-L U 3L kick-D(snakes) kick-D(wolves) 2L D kick-R U 2R kick-
D(wolves) R kick-D R 2D kick-L(snakes)

2L 4D kick-L D kick-L kick-R*2 3U R kick-D 3L 3D kick-R(snails) 3U R kick-D L 
3D kick-R(wolves)

3U R kick-D 2R kick-D D 2R D kick-L(squirrels) 3L D kick-L kick-R


Here you have bouncers which kick animals back and forth, and you need a 
little ingenuity to avoid the obvious pairings, which lose, so that you can 
sweep the wolves/lions in a circle.

Kick-D*2 2D L 2D kick-R 2U R kick-D 3L U L kick-D

Kick the right lion and move up right away. Block him so he winds up above 
the lower squirrel--go 2L and, after he crosses right, D and L. Kick him from 
below. U* L U kick-R(lions) R* D kick-D(wolves) D* kick-R(2) 5U 6L kick-D 6R 
5D 2L kick-R(swans)

2L 5U 2L kick-D R 5D kick-L(squirrels)

Kick the top gator left and block him so you can kick him to the bottom. Do 
so and kick him right, then kick the lion up.


A twisty little level that had me going for the save states a few times 
writing this up. Note you can warp between the top and bottom by going off 
the screen in the center(horizontally speaking) bit. And the arrows work by 
bouncing an enemy back at you if you kick one at them.

Kick everything off to the left to clear your way out. Kick the lion left.

Kick the UR blue right, down and left(you can warp through the top/bottom 
bit.) Kick the DL yellow right-up-left-up. 

Kick the UL lion right, up, left, up. Kick the R lion left(1 pair).

Now you just repeat, with a little care of course. Kick the DL wolf right and 
up and the DR blue left--but go 1L to stop it. Kick the cat L U(use the 
up/down warp) L U and left.

Now the squirrel. Kick the UR yellow left and go 2L. Kick the squirrel L U L 
U L. Even more legwork here but the next one is easier. Kick the lower wolf L 
U L.

Kick the upper yellow right, go 1R and block it. Kick it U L U. Kick the blue 
U L U. Whew.


This is a toughie because it seems you have to wedge one enemy in the corner 
without being able to get him out. However the trick is to have the following 
where you can base things:

c d

Match e and f(monkey/cat) bouncing them off d and then match the c's, then b 
and a.

D kick-L 2U 2L kick-D 2R 2D kick-L*2 kick the wolf up, the lion D and L. Kick 
each cat left. Kick the DR gorilla U and L and kick each cat left again. Kick 
the DR gorilla U and L.

Kick the DR lion left and the blue up and left. Kick the UR blue D L. Kick 
the lion up. Kick the DR yellow L U L. Kick the DR lion/wolf left then both 

"Oberon rescued Chima from the sorceress Kymera and was rewarded with a magic 


Udon the bionic man of the 25th century must save his world from destruction 
after an invasion of rampaging aliens.



  A B
  | |

f e d c

  a b

Kick F and c left 2x. Kick b up(match). Kick E and d left and a up(match).

Kick d left, D right and match them. Kick f right and E right and match the 
e's. Kick E left twice, e up and d left and up. Then kick one of the e's into 
the corner and let the other follow.


Two tricks with arrows. Go under the left of the turtly guys, kick him up, 1U 
immediately and 2L. Kick up for a pair and kick the turtly guy on the bottom 

Kick the other turtly guy up, go up to block him, then left/down and kick him 

On the center of the right edge, kick down at the two monsters(in quick 
succession to save time) to dissolve two pairs and kick down in the UR for 
two others. Then kick the final pair together.


Off the screen arrow action here. Kick right. R*-U*-R*-U* and kick up. Kick 
right for another pair on screen. L-U and kick the two adjacent guys right. 
R-D so you can kick the final guy left.


Kicking something and getting out of the way is a definite theme here. Don't 
worry about optimizing the number of kicks--slow and steady should be pretty 
fast as it is.

Go D-L and kick the turtly and go back right. Keep doing so util you can make 
it R-U. One down. Now take the brown eyebally one to the left and kick it 
left until you can stop it 1L of center. Kick it up and kick the one right of 
it right. It'll keep bouncing back until you can sneak down after kicking it.

Now kick the right green eyeball guy right until he bounces back 1R of 
center. Kick him up and then right and get out of the way. 3 down.

Go to the DL. Kick the car left and go R-U. You may need to kick it twice to 
lodge it in the DL. Then kick the next car left and keep going DR and kicking 
it back through the arrows until you can escape right, back to the center, 
after escaping. Let it go by and you have another match. Repeat mirrored for 
the other side.


There's a lot of looping around to get to the right guy to kick.
Kick D. Kick the gold left, kick-D(*2) 2D R 2D kick-L 2U L kick-D R 2D kick-
L(2 matches). Kick the orange bot on the right edge left.

Kick the golds into a pair, 3U kick-L and go to the UR. Kick the orange bot D 

Kick the left blue right. Go to the UR and kick the orange bot down and left.

Kick the top green down and the bottom U-R-U-L. Kick the guy on the left D-R-

Kick the final R2D2 U L and the top one L D L D.

the egg down, 3R 2D kick-L. 2L 2D kick-L. Kick the golds together, 3U kick-L. 
In the UR kick-D*2. Kick the green eyeball L/D. Kick the left bluebot right 
and the UR  bot down and left.

Kick the bottom green guy U-R-U-L and the top guy down.


This is a clever one with 6 loops off the screen and you may have to use them 
all. Kick R2D2 left. Go down and kick that monster down and run up. Kick it 
up and go just above the top road. Now the two orange/blue eyeballers are on 
the same row.

Kick the green guy left and the bot up--don't worry where he lands. Kick the 
R2D2 2 right for one match, then right again. Kick the R2D2 in column 3 down 
and go up. Kick it up and stand above the top row street so you can circle 
around it. Kick it right(match 2) and then kick the green eyeball bot to the 
right and go left--shift it over one street-corner for later. Kick the right 
arm-bot down and then kick the green eyball-bot on the left down so it is 
left of the other. Now you can kick it straight right.

For the last bit just kick the two arm-bots onto the same row and kick one 
into each other. You'll have to bash them against yourself a bit, so you can 
just run after them kicking one way and stay still the other.


Go right and kick that green eyeball left and go U 2L. Wait for it to go to 
the left of its bounce back and forth and go down. If you goof up, kick it 
right again until you get it right. Then kick it down. Repeat, mirrored, for 
the other side.

In the DL kick-R 1R and when the monster freezes, L 2D 2R U kick-U. Repeat, 
mirrored, for the right.


Some tricks as to what to zap second. Kick the right orange guy down and move 
R so he has effectively moved 1U. Kick the UL orange guy down twice, backing 
up UL so you can kick it R D L and, boom, one match. Hit the center guy in 
the UR right, then bounce it down twice and get out of the way so it is at 
the top. 

Kick the former top icon D L D R D. Kick the top green eyeball L D R and kick 
the DR turtly left. Kick the lower eyeball so it lands at the 4-way 
crossroads after bouncing back left(may take twice) and then U and L. Kick 
the left hulk L D R D and the right one R and D and then R off the bouncer 
and try to duck right/up. This may take 2 tries to get out of its way, but 
once you do, you're done.


Tough to figure out the next few moves and even the next few after that are 
arduous, but even my first time completing this I still had 2 minutes left. 
So first, kick R2D2 left. 2L 2D R* kick the orange crab up, go right and kick 
it left. Then kick the other crab down onto it.

Kick the left R22 down and move down. Kick it down again and escape right. 
Kick it right and the eyeball next to it 1D. Kick R2D2 left and down.

Kick the turtle in the DL down so it runs back up by you(duck right) and kick 
the other turtle U R and the arrow will guide them to a collision.

Kick the DL green eyeball down and move up so it bounces around--kick it R 
then D to make another match. 3 more to go. Kick the UR tentacle guy left and 
if you are quick you can go 1L 3D and kick it back up after it hits you(if it 
gets ahead of you you can still kick everything into the bottom row--you just 
have to reverse the 2nd guy)--it'll be 2U2L of the bottom and you should head 
to the left of it. Kick its partner U R(arrow) and R for another match.

Kick the bottom armbot U, then the top one U. Kick the now-left one right.

Kick the bottom spidery brown guy right and go L. Take 2 kicks to make sure 
it goes up. Then kick the other guy in the UL U R and kick them together at 
the bottom.


Lots of back and forth here. Tough to decide what to place in the corner when 
space is low but note the orange eyeball must go to the other side.

D L kick-L*2 R U* kick-U D* 3R U kick-L*2 L U* R U kick-L(R2D2) D* L* U* L* 
kick-D(greens) D*-1 kick-R(blues)

2L D kick-R R* U* 2L D kick-D D* kick-D U* 2R D* L kick-L(R2D2) L U* 2L D* 
kick-D U* 2R D* L kick-L(blues) R u* 2L D kick-D D* L D kick-R(yellows) L U*-
1 kick-L U 2L kick-D D* R D kick-L(blues) 5R U kick-L 4L U* 2L D* kick-D D R 
D kick-L 3L U* 2L D* kick-D U* R D* L kick-L L U kick-L D 2L kick-U 4R U 
kick-L D 4L kick-U
You were victorious!

You saved earth but destroyed the city. [bill "claimed $10000000"]

Well just have to rebuild it again but at least we are safe.

    4-3. TARO

Everyone in school picks on Taro, telling him he is chicken. They said to 
join their club he would have to prove himself by sneaking into the haunted 


Kick the crying guy near you L D R U L. Then R U kick-L 2L 2U 2R kick-D L* DL 
L D kick-R. Don't forget to kick the top white flame down--it looks like it 
would be an obstacle, but remember motionless <=>obstacle, motion<=>object to 


Lots of symmetry here. Kick the crier L D L and the vampire L U L. Kick the 
pinkfaced bloody think and the death guy(black) left too. Go up top, kick 
pink D and 2D L D kick-R*2(pinks) R 3U R kick-D 2D R D kick-L(greens)

Go to the bottom and kick black up, then the blacks 2R, then the skeketon U 
and L--mirrored vertically from above.

Kick the werewolf R U R and the flame R D R.


L kick-D(pink) D L kick-D(wolf) 2D R kick-D 3L kick-L 2L D L kick-L 3L U L 
kick-U U L kick-D(blues)

2R 2D kick-L R* U kick-L D 4L 2U L kick-D D 3R D 2R U 2R D kick-L(goblins) U 
2L kick-L L* U L kick-D R 2D kick-L 2L kick-U 2D R kick-U


R U kick-L*2 3D kick-L*2 L kick-D L kick-D 2D L D kick-R*2

R* U* kick-U D* L*-1 U* kick-U*2 U* L 2U kick-R D* R 3D L kick-U 2D R*-1 2U 
kick-U*2 4U R U kick-L U kick-L

Kick all 4 wizards down and kick one of the middle ones left and then right 
to win.


Kick the right guy down, then the 2nd-left D R D(match) and kick the flames 
down to the bottom and match them. Kick the right guy from above and the DR 
werewolf right and the right guy down again. Kick the DL guy D R(match 3) and 
the UL werewolf D R. Kick the UR grey guy D L D and the other guy D L for one 
matck. Kick both wizards U and one L/R into the other.


A very easy level--not sure what the middle deflectors are for.

Kick the D L grey R U and the wizard nearby U R. Kick them both into their 
twins and you can just keep going to the DL. Kick the flame L D and the 
purple whiner D L and kick both of those into their twins.


Cramped early but you can bust out. I think I found a more elegant way 
through the first time, but I can't remember it now. This uses a bit of a 

D L kick-D 2L 3U kick-R 2U 3R kick-D*2 2R 2D kick-L*2 3L D kick-L and kick it 
D R D and the other wolf L into it.

Kick the DR flame left and the top one down and repeat the cycle, then repeat 
again for the criers.


Kick the lower grey up and 2R for one match. Repeat for the magicians, 
kicking the upper D and 2L. L kick-D 2L D kick-R(wolves) R D kick-R and kick-
D the other guy. Kick-U the UR flame, 2R U kick-L U L kick-L L* 3D L kick-U.


Basically you need to juggle the items that there are only two of and it's 
actually pretty easy.

Kick-R 2R D kick-L 2L U kick-U 2U L kick-D R 2D kick-L*2 L kick-D*2 3D L 2D 
kick-L&go up 1(match) U L kick-D R 2D kick-L(up 1 to get out of the way) L 3U 
R kick-D L D* kick-R

Kick the final center wolf left and then D(move out) and kick the other wolf 
right(avoid down) and the other crier up(avoid left).


L D* 3L U kick-U 2U L U kick-R*2

D R kick-R U 3R U* 3L D kick-D D* L D kick-R(wizards)

4L U kick-U 2U R U kick-L*2(pinks)

L kick-U 2U R 2U kick-L L 4D kick-L 3D 3L u* kick-U(blue spider)

U R* kick-R L 3U R kick-D L 3D kick-R*2(match)

5R 3U L kick-D U 3L 4D 2R kick-R(match)

L U kick-L D 2L U kick-R 2L 3D R kick-U 2U L* kick-U 7R 4U L* kick-L R* D* 
kick-D D 4L D kick-D 3L 3D 2R kick-R

"After a spooky experience Taro came out of the aunted mansion and saw that 
the monsters were really just his buddies wearing monster suits. He passed 
the test and now can join the club."


"Long, long ago, before fast food restaurants, Gonzo the stone age man was 
sent to defeat the wooly mammoth and return to his tribe with meat. Good 

He says "Wo!" when he wins and "bummer" when he loses...weird.


Kick the UL guy D R D R, the UR D L D L, the DL U R U R and the DR U L U L. 
You can't cross a left guy to the right without using other enemies.

Kick the DR guy U L and the UL guy D R. Kick the leftmost guy D R U and the 
rightmost U L D.


A pain of a level. First match the two skeletons to make things easier later. 
Kick D*2, 1D. 1D akd kick-L 1L and when the skeleton stops, kick the top seal 
down. Then kick one seal off to the side and freeze him there.

Kick another seal to the right center column 1 above the bottom. Kick the DL 
mosquito D R and kick it down. Let it stop above you. Kick the DL tiger down 
and right. This will require going off the left side, down and back right.

Now kick the seal to 1D of the top. You can just kick him down, run down and 
kick him up and stay at the verytop. Kick the tiger U R U and the mosquito U 
R(around the screen) U.

Now move the seal to the left column. To do that, trap it in the center on 
the row the other seal isn't. Then kick it L and go 1L and wait for it to hit 
you. Kick it 1U of the bottom again. Kick the blue D L and kick it down and 
let it hit you from above. Kick the brown D L. Kick the seal down and up so 
it is 1D of the top and kick the brown U L U and then the blue U L U.

Kick the seal D and stop it so it is horizontally eye to eye with the other. 
Then kick it left.


2L 6D kick-L*2 4U 3L D kick-D U R kick-D 6D 4R U kick-L and D for a match. 
Then kick the right mosquito D L U.

Kick the blue down, then the mole down and the other one R/D for a match. 
Take the dark green and kick it D R U. Kick the DL lt grn right, then the DR 
red right, the blue D L and the UL red D R.

Kick the DR guy up, the 2 greens right and match them, then the final guy R 


Kick the DL mosquito R and U. Kick the DL red L and U(via the light green) 
and kick the DR dark-green L and U, then the red right. Jick the warrior in 
the center L U L. Kick the UL light-green down and the UL warrior R D L D L D 
and the guy 2L U down, then kick them together. Kick the light green U L.

Kick the lower blue U, the lower warrior D, and the upper blue D. Send the UR 
warrior L D R D R(kicking the blue right) D R.


Kick the UL lt green L U. Then push the brown into the blue and kick the 
brown so you can drop the blue down after it hits the reflector. Kick the 
blue left and move up to get out of its way for the match. Push the brown 
right if you need and then down, then push it left and go up so it meets its 
match. Kick the LtGreen L U L.

Kick the UR skeleton down and left. Move 1L so you can tap it from above and 
then kicl the DR lion L-U-U. Kick the mosquito L-U-U aid its friend U-R to 


The whole map is one big loop, so once you are down to two items you can't 
really miss solving the puzzle. To get down to two, kick the bottom dinosaur 
right and move L U out of its way; it can hit you on the way right. It 
doesn't matter. Go back up top and kick the warrior right, the crab left, and 
the next green guy right.

Kick the tigers and warriors to the top and match them. Kick the dinosaur 
between the two greens down and kick the two greens together, then the 
dinosaur left. Watch it bounce all around before matching.


Kick the UR green in the center to the left. Kick the green dinosaur on the 
left left, going R U. Take 2 times if you need. Then U 3R kick-L U 3L kick-

Kick the left warrior U and go R and kick the blue U and go 1D then kick the 
DR warrior U L*2. Then kick the green guy below D and go R to avoid him. 2U 
kick-L. Kick the R in the center U and go 1U. L U kick-R and now kick the 
lower blue down and stay out of its way. Block it so it winds up 1L of the 
other blue and kick them together.

Bounce the left mosquito so it lands in the center and do the same for the 
other, so that one is on top of the other in the center and you can kick one 
of them twice to win the level.


Some matches have to be made before others. You need to decide which, and 
eliminate them in the right order, or two guys will be unable to align.

Kick the blue left.
Kick the red D L.
Kick the UL stegosaurus (spiky tail) R D.
Kick the dark green U, the unarmed warrior(DR) L U and the dark green R.
Kick the UL armed warrior D R.
Kick the light green DL R and U.
Kick the mosquito(DR) U L.
Kick the pinks down and the L to the right.
Kick the moles up and the R to the left.


Push the near warrior 1D. 1L kick-U R U* kick-L. 3L 4D L kick-U R U* kick-L.

Kick the left walrus and skeleton left and up. Kick the walrus right, 
skeleton up, skeleton right. Kick the walrus down and your warrior up.

Kick the right walrus R U L. Kick the right devil R U L and go under it, 
kick-U D so you can kick the warrior right.

Kick the devil down, the warrior up(seal to the top) and the warrior up into 
the seal. Kick the warrior down.

Kick the DR skeleton R-U-L and the seal left for a match. Kick the R skeleton 
U and go 1D. Kick your warrior U and R so it is 1U of the skeleton.

Kick the lower eel R U L and then the devil R U. Kick the top warrior right 
twice and down for a match. Kick the left skeleton right and down. Kick the 
DR skeleton U and move U so you can kick it L U L.

Kick the UR devil right twice then down for a match. Kick the D eel R U L.


Very tricky--you need to get all enemies on one side or the other and so you 
need to use what you have carefully--don't match until things are clear.

Kick the 2nd-top row in the center down, then the top one. Kick the DR 
warrior left then 2-u so it and the snake are parallel with its pairs. Kick 
the warrior left.

Kick the light green lizard and the grey blobby thing U and R so that only 
the snake is in the right of the center. Kick the bottom red L U. Match the 
snakes, R 2U kick-L, L U L kick-D R 3D kick-L and kick it back right. Kick 
the other green up into the red and right, 4D 2R kick-U for a match. Kick the 
UL lizard D L R 2D to clear out some more.

Kick the DL dark-green R then 2U and kick the mosquito R D. Then kick dark-
green R so it matches its pal. In the center, stegosaurus U L and warrior U L 
and you might as well knock the reds R and the bottom U.

Knock the pigs together and the UR stegosaurus R D and match the two 
warriors. UR stegosaurus D L for another match and UL mosquito R D.

"Today he was lucky! Ah, there is nothing like a quiet family Bar-be-que. 


"Little Mayumi has been invited to Biffs Birthday party.

"But to get there safely she has to cross thru the Rude Boys territory. Be 

She says "Wow!" if you get through a level and "Sob!" if you give up.


Kick the UR cat R D L. Here you need to loop through the DR crosswalk. Kick 
the DR rude boy R U L--use the UR crosswalk. Mirror this for the UL cat and 
DL rude boy.

Push the UR car R D, the DR R U and the UL L D L and the DL L U L. There may 
be a quicker way weaving through all of this, but this is straightforward.


D 10R kick-U*2 and now kick the rightmost item right and up--repeat until you 
kicked the final car. (You can save a bit of time kicking two right at once 
and kicking the second right and up again.)

Now kick the DR cat up and left and kick the non-cars left on the way down. 
Then kick the bottom car up twice.


Kick the cat R D D R D D for 1 match.

Kick the stick thug R U D L and move U and L to stop him--between the trees 
is pretty good. Kick the gun thug L U and he'll crash into the stick thug.

Now kick the stick thug left and kick him left when the gun thug is under the 
left-arrow--or earlier if you are further to the right. Since they travel at 
the same speed you want them to meet so you can kick the gun thug up into the 
arrow--move later rather than sooner to be safe.

Kick the gun thug up twice. Kick the UL guy down and the DR guy left, moving 
1L. Kick him up to win.


Kick the DR yellow cat U L-twice and U and R-twice to crash it into the other 
guy. Kick the UL guy that looks like he's on his side right, go up and kick 
him down. Kick the DR redhead up twice and kick the DR kitty down and then, 
when it goes to the UL, down and then back left when it hits the bottom.


Kick the near yellow cat D R U and the other L into it. Kick the bottom 
redhead left and the top one D R D into her.

Kick the stick thug R D D L D and the car thug R D D R D. Kick the DR cat U L 
and the UR cat D R D.


Kick both redheads down and destroy the cats below 2(both down, 1 2R) and 
bounce the right upper cat right and move left so you can kick it D R. Do the 
same for the left cat, but D L. Destroy the four lavender aliens. Now do for 
the lazy guys what you did for the cats--kick the right one, go 2L and kick 
it D and R. Kick the left one, go 2R and kick it D and L.


Finding which loop to tackle first can be confusing.

U kick-U U 2R kick-R R D kick-D and kick the lower yellow cat 3 times to 
clear the path to the UL. Kick the UL cat twice right. Kick the one 1D1R of 
it up and then go to the UL to kick them together. Kick the top redhead to 
the right so the yellow cat goes flying, then the lazy guy, then the redhead 
again so the redheads match.

L U L the lazy guy and then kick the left purple alien twice. Pow. Kick the 
yellow cat down twice and the gun thug down--move up. Kick the purple alien L 
D and the yellow cat D L D and the gun thug D L D to win.


Kick the stick thug U L U R. R* kick-R 2L 2D 4R kick-U and match the whatever 
they ares.

Yellow cat D R U L. Kick the lazy guy L so one bag thug hits the wall and 
kick the other one U L U. Kick the UL lazy guy D R R. Kick the redheads U/D 
so they are next to each other then 2L to match them. Kick the bottom tiger 

Kick the UL car U and L, the DR U L U. Kick the remaining two cats D and the 
L one right.


This level requires timing while an item is in mid-bounce. Kick U, kick L and 
kick the DR lazy guy D and the UR guy R D L D R. Kick the UL green-bag guy R 
D L D R.

Kick the UR kitty down and the UL yellow right for another match. Kick the 
right purple down, then the DR yellow kitty right and go 5U. Kick the kitty 
left so it collides with the moving one. Best to do it when the moving cat is 
1 square above your cat to make sure you destroy them. Kick the R cat left.


With more walking around than doing this doesn't feel like a "real" level 10, 
but there are enough places to trip up.

2L 3D kick-L and kick the UR cat left then down. Kick the the UL cat right 
then down and kick the redheads up and toward the corner for more matches. 
You can weave these together to save time if you want. Now repeat mirrored 
vertically for the bottom bits--stick thugs, lavendr DL goes R U, DR goes L 
U, match them, match the 4 lazy guys.

Kick the yellow cats down and the white ones up. Kick the DL cat right and 
up, the DR left and up and match them. Kick the UR left/down and the UL 
right/down and match them.

"She taught those Rude Boys a lesson! They won't mess with her from now on.
"At the party Biff had been waiting for Mayumi to arrive. When she walked in 
with his present he was so happy he kissed her!"


It is a time of chaos in ancient Japan. Many ambitious men are trying to be 
the ruler, but there is only one true ruler-young prince Suzuki.


There are three icons in a tower. Kick the center one D L D, then the top, 
then the bottom, which is now the right. Kick that on U L.

Kick the red armored guy down, then kick the DR guy(there's a sentry in the 
way, brown and red, you can't move by) D L U and the left guy R for a pair.

Kick the UR guy L D L.


I got trapped trying to pair the red guys a lot but fortunately you can use 
the other enemies to do that.

Label them as follows:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Kick the red guy L 3x. Kick the bottom lancer(8) 2x. Kick #3 L D L(pow) then 
2 down(pow again) and 7 up. Kick #4 R, #1 D, #6 L for the match. #9 D 
#7 D #7 R.


 a  + c
 b    d

Kick left b right, right b left and down. Right c left, left c right and up. 
Kick DL d up/right. Kick left a right, top a down/right, top a down.


An inside out puzzle that baffled me for a bit. You can't trap pieces in the 
DL without getting really stuck, so you have to move a lot back up near the 

D kick-D D* L D kick-L L D kick-R U R U R kick-D 2U 2R D kick-L and kick the 
dark warrior D L for a match. Kick the two ladies right for a match, the UL 
helmet guy D R, and then kick the left orange guy and right shepherd up. Kick 
the UL shepherd left, then the DL orange up and right. That leaves the DR 
shepherd to kick U L.


While I was under the impression you had to clear both guys beneath the dark 
warrior at first, you only have to get rid of one.

Kick golden guy down, 1L, kick down, 2R 2D kick L for a match and kick goldy 
D R. Kick red guy down 1 and 4L 3D kick-R and kick goldy down. Two more kicks 
down as you go that way. D* kick-L(2) L kick-U R 6U kick-L L kick-D R D* 
kick-L U 2R D kick-L. Kick the reds up and match them and do the same for the 
grey knights to win.


The key: don't knock a grey soldier into a corner unless you know you can get 
it out. There are only 4 on the outside you can move so move the right one, 
2L kick-u*2, 2R 2U kick-L, move the D one, 2U kick-l*2, 2D 2L kick-U. Now you 
can kick 2 blues together--the L and U one. Do so.

Kick the R blue soldier down*2. D. Kick-L*2, 2L, kick-D*2, D, kick-R*2. L D* 
3L 3U kick-R*2.

The rest is just mop up work though you need to make sure soldiers don't get 
lumped against the wall. Kick the top knight that is free to kick to the 
top.D 2R kick-U*2. 2U kick-L L* kick-L*2. Kick the stray knight to the right 
U 2L. Kick along the bottom row and then kick the 3rd-highest on the left. 
There are 3 pairs of enemies to polish, and that's easy.


There are probably a lot of ways to complete this level if you don't try to 
be too brilliant. Just isolate one pair at a time and it will go quickly 
enough, if not optimally.

Kick the DR dark warrior D L and the UL dark warrior R D R D for a match.

Kick the UL monk R D R D and the DR one L for another match.

Kick the UL orange guy D R.

Kick the robed woman D R and detour to kick the UL helmeted guy D L.

The gold guy can go D R D R too, and the other gold guy you can kick R*2. 
Kick both pairs twice from above to win.


If you're not careful you can glide through and think you're clever and get 
stuck with one pair, but a relatively painless in-between move fixes that.

Kick the right crossbow guy and upper orange guy twice to make a pair. Kick 
the top lady down 2* and the right blue ninja 2* to squeeze in the middle 
guys a bit.

1d and kick away to the left--2 pairs. Push the blue ninja left and kick the 
orange guy at the top down.

Kick the bottom blue warrior up and right, then the blue ninja. Kick the now-
right blue warrior up, the left blue warrior right, and match the two. Kick 
the left blue ninja right and up. Match the two ladies.


You'll probably fail to isolate a pair first time through--as you probably 
guessed, order is important.

Kick down. Kick the egghead left 3X. L* U kic-k-R D 2R kick-U*2. Kick the top 
blue guy down. Kick the UL egghead up and left. Kick the archers to the left. 
D R kick-U and kick the blue ninja right. Kick him right again so the lady 
goes right.

Kick the DR egghead U L. Kick the bottom lady up, the grey knight R D and the 
blue swordsman down to create a pair. Kick the black warrior U L and the blue 
ninja R D for a pair.

Cleanup now. Kick the minstrel and orange guy all the way up, orange guy 
right, and minstrel down. Bottom orange guy up and right. Dark warrior up, 
brown warrrior L D.


You just need to use the black warriors as anchors as you move guys to the 
other side. First kick the UR red right and the DL red U R U. Kick the left 
woman in red down and the black warrior down on her, then the blue D R.

Back right and kick the bald guy D L and his companion U L D to match. Back 
right again and kick the shepherd D L and his companion L D to match.

Kick the lower blue D R U for a match and kick the two remaining on the right 
side up so you can kick them left. Kick the red guys that started on the left 
to the edge too and now kick up twice.

Kick the near black warrior R D and the other two on the right to the right 
edge and into each other. Congratulations, you win the first set of 60!

"I've done it! I've finally got it!!"

"Hey, you've been playing TRICKY KICK on the 'Turbo Grafix' again!! Don't 
play so much even if it's so funny."


Special mode isn't especially more painful than regular xcept for the bonus 
countdown at the end, which takes FOREVER.

"Oberon, your friend Chima has been captured by the evil Sorceress Kymera. 
She has been hidden in the forest to the west. Can you help find her?"



Kick the yellow dog right and the UR lion up. Kick the UL rabbit up so it 
bounces left/right. Stop it on the left side of the exit down. Kick D R*2. 
Kick the UR lion L and L and stop it just left of center. Kick it D L.

Kick the DL lion D R and then D after it circles. Kick the UL rabbit R L and 
go 1L so you can push it D R. It'll be right of the tree--kick the rabbit DL 
of it right and kick it D.

Kick the blue guy D R and D after it loops. Kick the other one R into it.

Kick the cheetah up and stop it 1R of the left arrow. Kick it D and L and 
after it loops kick it D.


Kick the UR lion L D and the DL  U R*2. Kick the DR snail R U R and the upper 
snail D R. Kick the UR squirrel L D and the DL U R*2. Kick the UR dog L D L 
and the lower dog U L.

Kick everything in the UL all the way down. Kick the bottom row in the DR 
left. Kick the top row left, then the DR cat left and the top one down. Kick 
the top wolf D R.


You have to keep shuffling the tigers until near the end when you can finally 
kill them--in the meantime there are a lot of other animals to put into 

Kick D squirrel down. Kick the bottom blue left for 1 match. Kick the  left 
cheetah left and go 2R so it stalls over the squirrel. Kick that up and left. 
Duck D L and when the squirrel goes right, 1U and it will come back left into 
you. Kick it up.

Kick the blue guy up and you will want to go right and stop it when it comes 
back right. Keep kicking it left until you can stop it under the left 
cheetah, which you should kick down so the blues are aligned. Kick them twice 
to match them.

Kick the left cheetah L, 1R and then when it stops kick the lion U and R off 
the arrow and go 1L. Now match the cheetahs. Kick the upper bear right twice 
for an easy match and kick the snake down, left and step on the UR arrow. 
Kick the snake down when it's still. Kick the red guy down and stop him when 
he's coming back right so you can kick him up. Do so, kick him right, kick 
the lion left and stop it by standing on the DL arrow. Kick it up to win.


Kick the DL yellow left, go 2R so you can walk around and kick the DL wolf U 
L U. Then kick the right wolf R(twice, probably, so it goes 3L of where it 
was) U L for one match.

Kick the UR yellow dog D R D and the other L(move 1R) D R--this saves time 
over a direct kick D R as you have to walk more.

You can repeat this process kicking the DR blue into the DR corner and 
kicking the other blue D L(until you move R enough to kick it D) and D and R. 
Kick the one lion U for an easy match and then kick the bottom cat/swan up, 
kick the UR cat right and go 1R(so the swans can match horizontally) and kick 
the one swan U L and the other cat U R.


Kick the snail L D and the rabbit U L(via the lion) and the red bear R and 
the lion U. Kick the middle bllue down. Kick the white swans left and the 
geese down(via the blue) and the top of the yellow dogs left.

Kick the middle snake D R, then the UL wolf down and the DL right for a match 
and the yellow dog left. Kick the blue D R and the wolf left. Match the 
snakes and kick the cheetah L D. Kick the bottom yellow dog L and the top 
down via the cheetah.

Kick the lions U and the cheetah L U and the L lion R.


Lots of double-pairs here with two elements in the corner, so you obviously 
don't want to match the pair that's free.

In the lower bit, blue down, wolf left, blue left into the swan. Kick the 
swan down and the blues right and match them. Kick the cheetah right and the 
UL one can go D R D.

Kick the lower goose L*2. Kick the swan L and the lower red bear L*2. Kick 
the wolf U L and the swan D. Kick the upper robot cat D L D. Kick the lower 
red bear L, the upper D L D.

Kick the D goose L, the U goose D L D. Pair the snails and woodchucks at the 
bottom. Kick the lions U. Kick one R and match the yellows. Kick the snakes 
up and match them. Kick the R lion D. Kick the UR lion L and match the 
squirrels and kick the lion D.


The only real trick here is lining up the yellow dogs and woodchucks that 
form a square. Everything else is pretty standard. Let's work left to right.

Kick snake/wolf left and wolf up. Kick the snails U/D once to loosen the 
cats/cheetahs you can match, then match the snails from below. Kick the goose 
up twice(2 matches). Kick the center woodchuck and swan up, then on the right 
kick each squirrel up/down so you can match the bunnies and blue guys. Match 
the squirrels and now clear the center bit.

Kick the DL lion up and the loose squirrel right. Kick the UL lion right and 
match the squirrels. Kick the UL baboon R D and the L lion right. In the 
column of 6 kick the snake/wolf left and the bottom red bear 2U. Kick the 
snakes up and the wolf L U.

Kick the UL right, the UR yellow D and the DL yellow L U and the right yellow 
L(match) then the U woodchuck D. The R woodchuck can go L D and the "new" R 
woodchuck L.


Kick the cheetah U, squirrel L and other cheetah U. Kick the lion down into 
the tin cat, then match the tin cats and then the blues. Kick the nearby lion 
U L for a match and the baboon U R U R for another.

Kick the rabbit pair left and the UR one L D and the R one L. Kick the D wolf 
left and the snake D R and match the cheetahs. Kick the UR yellow dog L D and 
the UR wolf R D L. Match! Kick the snake D R D R and the squirrel D R U. 
Clear the yellow dogs, the UR cheetahs and kick the UL lion R D.


Kick the UL lion D R D and the UR wolf D L D(the guys on the sides just need 
to be matched, so we discount them.) Kick the lower lion right, squirrel L-D-
R, the other squirrel L and squirrel-U to match.

Squirrel D R. Lion(DR) U L D R, pushing the wolf L as you go. Wolf U L D R 
and lion U. Squirrel L, lion L, squirrel U.

UR wolf D L D L and clear the right side. Kick both lions down--R D with the 
top one, then the rest is trivial.


You need to break up the middle structure and the use the wide open column--
you'll twiddle a lot of stuff with it. Kick the cat right and the snail L and 
go 1L, then kick the snail D. Kick the snake left and go right. You should 
block the leopard over the other one. If not you can kick the snake left and 
then kick right 2x(leopard/snake) and move everything 1R. Kick the leopard 

Kick the snake left and run right. You want it 1R of the UR cat and kick it 
and go R if it doesn't work the 1st time. Kick the DL cat U R U. Kick the 
snail R U and the snake R to under the snail and U.

Kick the snail R and the UL squirrel L and D so the snails are aligned. Kick 
the snake L to match them. Kick the snake left again so you can block it 1R 
of the UL squirrel, which you will kick D and L. Wait for the squirrel to hit 
you. Kick it up. Kick the snake so it is 2U L of the DR lion. Kick the top 
lion D L. Kick it down and the snake L. go to the DL--if the snake hits you 
kick it again. Now you need to be accurate here. Kick the stationary snake up 
when the moving one is 1U1R of it and boom, you win.



Here you need to make use of the columns/rows that loop off the screen. Move 
the DL R2D2 R D. Kick the rightmost guy U and go R and D above the other blue 
eyeball and L. Then kick the two together.

Kick the turtly U and L and stop it above the other. Kick it D. Kick the UR 
armbot left and down. 1U and kick it right and go 2L. Now you can kick it 
down on its mate. Kick the white eyeball D L D and go to the DR corner to 
stop it. Kick it L*2.

Kick the UR of the two remaining L and U--it'll loop. Stop it in the DR and 
kick it R.


Kick the upper green guy L D L D and the UR R2D2 L D L and the right green D 
L and the lower R2D2 L U. Kick the lower green/orange to the outside and the 
blues R/D and L/D onto the monsters. Bring the upper green/orange in and kick 
the blues together then the greens/oranges down.


Kick the R2D2 yp, bring the eggs together, kick the U armbot D and the U 
turtly down too. Kick the DR orange/blue eyeball R and U and the UL one 
right--along the way kick the DR crabby thing L and the top one L D for 
another match. The UL green eyeball can go L D followed by the DR one--D L.

The DR R2D2 can go RU, freeing the griffons to match. Kick the final DR guy D 
L and the final movable R2D2 U R and the other thing L D.


Kick the DR guy and back out left.  Kick the DR pair down. Kick the green and 
armbot left. Kick the orange and armbot right. Kick the DR blue right and the 
armbot down. Kick everything right as you sweep left. Match the greens, blues 
and oranges.

Kick the UL eyeball up and move right so you can get to the top. Kick the UL 
down. Kick the yellow right, clamshell right, blue left*2, left clamshell L, 
match the blues. Push everything left all the way, match 

Kick the left column of 2 down--rapid fire and hold down so the R2D2 touches 
the bouncer. Push the eyeball 1D more and now push the other side down so you 
can match the eyeballs. Push R2D2 1D and L.


This is a level where you have so many different ways to do things. If lost, 
kick one item near the arrow edge and do the same for the other and mesh 
them--you can stop them anywhere and it is a matter of getting started.

Kick the R2D2 R and the one below it U. Kick the green 2R2U of the corner D 
and L onto the other green. Now there are 2 green eyeballs with blues to the 
left. Keep kicking the blues 2x and pushing left 'til the eyeballs are next 
to the left edge and you've set up 2 more easy matches(kick up.)

At the bottom kick the orange ship down and right via the R2D2. Kick the DR 
eyeball right so you can go right. It will bounce left but you can kick an 
armbot L U for a match and the crab above U and th one R of it L. Now there 
are two whitish monsters where you can kick the upper right and go 1R to line 
them up vertically. Kick the bottom crab left and go 2 and kick the R2D2 up 
for another match.

Kick the left white eyeball 1U and right. There's a gree monster to kick L D 
for a match. Then kick the R armbot u*2 so it moves 1U. Kick the right blue 
up to the edge and kick the armbots and blues left for a match--there's also 
an orange match. Kick the bottom eyeball up a few times so you can kick it L 
and do the same for the R2D2 but right.


This level looks busier than it is. Kick the D armbot U, move 1U. ick the 
left white guy R*2. ick the turtle into the gold, kick the gold D L and the 
whites L. Kick the top center eye down, the R2D2 left(match), the orange 
eyeball down and the UR green eyeball down. Kick the DR orange eyeball L U.

Kick the clam L, the R2D2 D, the blue L U L and the orange eyeballs together. 
Kick the left eyeball D, then the 2 above right(match) and the other bottom 
one left(match) and kick the DL turtly R D and the other D too along with the 
green eyeballs so they're at the bottom 2 rows. Kick them right, then the 
crabs and the blue spikes to leave one match. Push the armbots R and the top 
one down.


Kick the nearby eyeballs left and right. Push the UR R2D2 left and kick the 
green eyeball down and the 2 center guys up and the orange eyeball L U for 
another match--the R2D2s go right and match on the right edge.

Push the top R2D2 right and the green eyeball down. Kick the crab down, 
orange eyeball R U and the R2D2's left to match on the edge. Kick the left 
armbots to the left side and match them too.

Kick the turtly right and the armbots right and the turtly down into the 
corner. Kick the crab left, match the armbots and kick the top turtly R D L. 
Kick the other crab left and U for the final match.


Kick the left two in the center square up and the right two down. Kick the 4-
armed one left for a match and the egg right. Then kick the orange eyeball 
left and the other right--those get matched with the next kick too.

For the bottom square, kick the DL item up twice and both items right, and 
kick the DR up twice and both left.

Kick the DL of the upper center square up twice & wait for them to hit you 
and kick both right, then the DR of the upper center square up twice and kick 
them left.


Kick all the orange eyeballs left except the 2nd-bottom one--that, only 
twice. Kick the R2D2 up to kill the eyeballs and then R U R U kick-L L U L 
kick-D(R2D2s) and kick the top/bottom guys on the left 1L so they hit the 
armbots. Kick the 2nd-bottom orange eyeball and go 2L as it bounces back.

Kick the bottom armbot right, the 2nd-bottom right twice and then the orange 
eyeball from above to match the whites. Kick the bottom armbot right and now 
you can match the bottom orange eyeballs.

Kick the bottom remaining orange eyeball left then right off the arrow--move 
1R. Kick each top armbot right to line up 2 more enemies. Kick the 2nd-bottom 
right and go 3R. Kick the 4-arms up and the top armbot right. Now you can zap 
the eyeballs. Kick the 2nd-bottom armbot up again. Only one is left in the 
center. Kick it right and move 4R--take 2 times if need be and then kick it 
down. Now just bump each armbot pair to the side.


Kick the DL green eye left and the two clams up and the right clam left. Kick 
the 4-arms left and the top one down via the orange-eye. Now kick the 3-
legged oranges(not the crabs...the guys in the wrapping rows) 
right/left(whatever's most convenient) so they wind up above each other, 
running into you above the green eye. Hit one down from the top for another 

Kick the right crab D L and wait for it to hit you. Kick the right turtly 
down and then on the left kick the turtly D R and do the same for the crab.

Kick the right eyeball up, go 1U and when it stops, push it L so it's under 
the other one--run as you go. It may take two swipes but then hit the 
eyeballs from above for a big match.

Kick the top armbot right and down and stop it when it is parallel with the 
other. Kick the DL green eyeball down and get out of the way and stop it when 
parallel with the other one--again, you get retries because the board wraps.

Match the two guys and now you have 4 pieces left. Kick the UL D and the DR U 
and kick the UR white right and stop it when it's above the other white. Kick 
the bottom R2D2 right and stop it below the other--same as with the green 
eyeball/armbot but rotated 90 degrees, really. Then kick the two pairs into 
each other.



Kick the guy under the top arrow R D L D and his pal D L into him. The other 
can go R D R D and its pal D R.

Kick the guy with the staff R(duck down) U L(onto the arrow) L. Kick the UR 
guy L R and the dog R until it is 2R of the arrow. Kick the wizard D R and 
the blue spider L(duck down) U and kick it right. Kick it right twice, the 
crier dkwn, and the spider right. Now finally you can match the flame--R L D 
R D.

Kick the wizard right and right again so the dog is in the intersection. Kick 
the crier at the bottom U R for a match and the dog up. Kick the wizard R and 
move 3L so you can kick idt D L. Kick the blue spider D and R and move 1L to 
kick it D R R--two more matches to go.

Kick the two bottom guys into the up-arrows and move away. Then kick the top 
dog L R D R(move 2L) D L. Kick the final guy R until he's at right of center, 
then D R.


Kick the guy up and kick left when he's 1U1L of his match. Kick the flame 
left and go 2L D and kick L when the moving flame is 2L 2D of its match(at 
the top statue head.) If you miss this you need to restart as it is a timing 
puzzle. Kick the left ghoul L, then the right ghoul U U. Then kick the right 
ghoul down.


Kick the crier(UL,1R) down, kick R, U R kick D*2 U L*-1, D kick-D D kick-
L(match), kick dog right(flames), kick right dog down, kick left dog 
right(match) and now match the spiders/wizards. Kick one pair down and match 
it and proceed to the next. Kick the lower crybaby left and up. Kick the DL 
ghost right and up. Kick the pumpkin right and now you have 2 guys to kick to 
the side and down.


A very mazy but satisfying level, on completion anyway.

Kick the snoozy left, the green pumpkin left, the dracula(DL) left and the DR 
flame up. Kick the grey ghoul down and the crier DR and the snoozy down. Kick 
the crier U R D.

Kick the werewolf left, the pumpkin L D L, the grey ghoul R and the bottom 
flame L. Kick the grey ghoul up.

Kick the snoozy L, the dracula U R and snoozy right. Kick the grey ghoul U L 
U R U. Skull D L U L D. Snoozy U. Wolf and right flame L. Flame U L and 
bottom flame L U. Werewolf U.


Push the UR robed guy R D L and let the green pumpkin follow. Kick the grey 
ghoul U and the other one R so the crier flies R. Kick it U for a match. Kick 
the grey ghoul R. Kick the right wolf L and the right Dracula D L and the 
right crier D L U(match.)

Kick the dracula ad crier down--the ones L of the right of the structure. The 
dracula will be in a corner, but take care of that later. Kick the two UR 
criers L so they disrupt the UL and go above the 2nd-right dracula in the 
broken line. Kick D*2 L kick D*2 2R 2D kick-L D kick-L and kick the remaining 
dracula L D L and kick the two adjacent draculas to match them.

Go below the two criers in the center and kick them up so you can kick the 
one dracula L, kick the criers at the 2nd-bottom to match, and kick dracula D 
R to match. You now have criers as follows:


Kick 5 D, 6 L, 5 R, 4 and 3 U. Kick the ghouls up, match the wolves and 
ghouls, kick the pumpkins up and the right wizard up. Smash everything left.


You have to let the flames hang around in the corner--but thee matches get in 
their way.
Kick the R flame up. Kick the 2 ghouls 1D. Kick the wolves in the UL 1U each. 
Kick the bottom one L. Kick hhe left crier L then U then L for a match. Kick 
the left ghoul U L U L for another.

Kick the UR crier down and the UR flame left.  Kick the right wolf/crier up 
and the crier left at the top. Kick the crier R U R to match it. Kick the 
wolves U L.

Kick the snoozy and grey ghoul (U) R U L one at a time. Kick the bottom flame 
U and the UL crier R D and the flame 1R.

Push the spider R R U L. Push the wizard L L U R. Kick the flames D/L(left 
one) and D/R to match them, finally.


You have to leave a lot to do in a certain order.

Kick the UL flame left. Kick the one below where it lands, down. Kick the 
bubble onto the werewolf, which you can kick right. Kick the right flame L D. 
Kick the skull so the grim reaper goes down and kick the reaper right. Match 
the criers and blue bugs, then kick the L chainsaw guy twice. Now you can 
match the reapers.

Kick the UL flame R U R. Kick the DL flame U R U. Kick the left skull right 
and the wolf R U R. Locl the roght cpimt dpwm amd 2U 3L kick the count D R 
and now you can massacre the top row with left kicks. Kick the counts down 
too. Kick left at the center row twice for two more matches.

Kick the UR bubble D L. Kick the DL and UL guys into corners. Kick the center 
guy L U and the DR left.


Kick the dracula left and the bubble left. Kick the DL snoozer U R and then 
kick the DR U L. Kick the UR dracula L*2. Now you can match all the grey 
guys--top skeletons, both down and 1 R. Same for the ghouls and skeletons at 
the bottom. Kick the 2 bubbles down and into each other. Now you have 3 
different items and 4 of each.

Kick the UL and UR flames 2D and matck the flames. Match the lower pointy-
hairs then kick thetwo others D and into each other at the bottom.

Kick all the wizards down and kick the center ones to the outside.


Use the green/blue guys to kick the flames and criers around. The 
flames/criers need help getting 2L/2R of the corner--the only way they can be 
kicked in again.

With everything else done kick the DL center guy U, 1R kick U and kick these 
guys down. Then kick the center two at the bottom from the left and right and 
repeat for the top.
Stay at the right and kick the crier left until the flame goes left, too--on 
both rows. Then kick the criers back right. Now you need to position the 
wizard/blues. Kick the bottom ones down and then the wizard over the left 
hole, up and left. Kick the blue L U L. Then kick the DL flame D L D for one 
corner. Kick the wizard U R D and the blue right twice so the DR crier can go 
D R D.

Now repeat, mirror imaged vertically, for the top bit.

Kick two snoozies to the top and two to the bottom. You'll have

1 23 4

Kick 2 right then left on the top and bottom.

Kick the top wizard D, the top blue L D R D L D R. Then the wizard L D L D R.


Kick a wizard R and U. Kick a priest R and U unto the wizard. Kick the flame 
down so you can kick the priest L D for a match and the other R D.

Kick the crier L and the flame R U R D L and the wizard R D L. Kick the flame 
U and the wolf R U L U for a match. Kick the crier R and the snoozy R U R U 
for the other match.

Flame R U R U. Crier L U L. Left ghoul R. Wizard(top) L U L D R.




Kick the red bear and go 2D so it stops above you. Kick the dinosaur R and go 
L D. You may need two kicks. Kick the red bear D and go 3D(two kicks, yada 
yada) and kick it right and duck down. The bottom half is the same as the top 


Kick the devil right. Kick the blue down, and the left dark green worm R D. 
Kick the mosquito left 2x. Kick the light green lizard D R(via mosquito) and 
kick the mosquitos together.

Kick the devil L U L and the blue bird L U L. Kick the worm down and the 
caveman R, go 2R and kick it up.


Kick the pigs and mosquitos down, then the lizards. Kick te warriors and 
moles together too. For the red bears/warriors on the left, kick the right 
ones R/U or D/L.

Kick the blues U/D into the center and left. Do the same for the light green 
dragons. Kick the center greens down and the other greens up and everything's 
easily matchable.


Match the moles(R goes L then 2U) and kick the L wheel R D*2 down to get 
through-spiky dino U R*2. Push the right devil 1U and the left 1D and match 
them. Match the mosquitos and kick the longneck dark green guy(DL) R U off 
the arrow and R to match himl Kick the bottom skeleton U R*2.

Kick the worm L 2x so it moves 2R of where it started, then kick it up. Kick 
the snakes left and up and run left and keep kicking the owl 'til it's 1R of 
the arrow. Kick the red bear R and the caveman--the caveman until 1L of the 
right arrow, then D, stopping to match the blue owls. Kick the red bears down 
and the left one right.


Match the skeletons by kicking both down and the right one left. Kick the 
mosquito D R U. Kick the DL(untrapped) light-green iguana U R U for another 
match. Kick the right snake L and the DR snaeke U R U.

Kick the UR dino R L for a match, then the snake L into the owl and the other 
owl D L. Kick the right dinosaur U L and the right warrior L D L and the 
devil guy up twice.

Kick the mole 2U of the other U L and the mole above the U-arrow L, then kick 
them together. Kick the snake L onto the U arrow and R. Kick each remaining 
mole L.

Kick the iguana U, the DL snake U R D and the top snake R D R. Now the iguana 
goes L and the red bear R.


Kick the top row for 2 matches and the pigs for 2 more. Kick the DL blue 
right and the middle mosquitoes down, then the dark greens. Kick the UL red D 
R U and kick the DL blue left twice.

Kick the mosquito D R U for a tricky match, then kick the red L and the blue 
D L U L. Kick the mosquito D L U.

Kick the left blue D and the right blue L and the left blue R U R*2. The 
iguanas both go down. Kick one into the other. (OR kick them both DR.)


Kick the blues together then the devils. Kick the U skeleton D L and the new 
U skeleton L D. Kick the one mosquito down into the other. Top iguana R D and 
the warrior w/helmet R D L. Right pig L.

Kick DR mole L U and the L mole U and match them. Kick the L snake D and the 
dark-greens on the left to the volcanos and down. Kick the warrior D L and 
the UL green worm right. Kick the snake down and both snakes right. Kick the 
UL mold D R.

Kick the red bears up and match them, the left dragon R and D and the other D 
and match them, and match the warriors after kicking them down. That leaves 
three pairs to kick down.


Skeleton left, mosquito 1U. Kick the red bear D until you can avoid it R and 
then kick it L for match#1. Kick the mosquito up until you can duck left, 
then block it coming up and kick it down parallel to the other mosquito. Kick 
the dinosaurdown and the mosquito left.

Kick the UL dinosaur 1 up and the DL skeleton down until you can avoid it as 
it bounces back up. Kick the R skeleton L for a match, kich the UL dinosaur U 
and move 1D and kick the DL dinosaur so it freezes 2D of the top arrow(stop 
it as it comes down and squeeze it.) Kick it L.

Kick the UL snake left. Kick it up and move 1U, then kick the DL devil L and 
kick it down and move 1D. Kick the other snake L U for a match and the other 
devil L D for another. (Alternatively kick the 2 left guys left and quickly 
U*2 and the other 2 left and U*2 but this requires a bit of dexterity.)

Kick the UL blue owl right, the DR left and kick them both 2D of the 
respective U-arrows. Match them. Then kick the 2 warriors to the left edge 
and kick them up.

(you can try to crash one owl into another as he bounces. Worst case is one 
may bounce off to the side where it gets crushed anyhow. But why get fancy 
when plain works?)


An entertaining knockabout.

Kick the UR warrior D, the red bear L. Kick the U warrior D, the seal right. 
Kick the near snake R and then the one that moved D, then kick the snake L 
and D to match all the snakes inside. Match the bottom reds and also kick the 
warriors/snakes on the outside down. If you want you can match the snakes and 
kick the warriors down and to one side.

Kick the middle seal D L U. Kick the right-center seal D, the warrior L where 
it was, and zap the bottom two seals before kicking the right seal left. Kick 
the dinosaur D L U.

Now in the center you have a bunch of stuff to kick sideways. Below you will 
have (maybe) snakes to match and warriors to kick to the bottom and sideways.


The big challenge here is deciding if this is more cheesy or hokey for a last 
level. Oh well, it's a nice break.

Kick the two adjacent warriors to the right. Kick the left mole and lizard 
down. Kick the snake R U L for a match. Kick the other mole L and the spiky 
dinosaur D, the wheel and the dinosar L. Kick the wheel up, mole down for 2 
matches and the spiky D and R and the lizard left to clear the starting area.

Kick the helmeted arrior up and the red bear L*5, then kick the warrior D L 



This is a headache sort of level where you pretty much need trial and error. 
Kick the UL guy left so the lazy guys match. Kick the stick thug and cop left 
from the right, and kick the cop and stick thug right from the left. Note if 
you kick them too quickly, there is a BUG where only one explosion occurs at 
a time and you are left with one cop!

Kick the DL car right and the UR car down and, when it lands, down again. 
Kick the very UR guy left and then the yellow cat left twice quickly and go 
left. Now you can kick the center guy up and he'll go to the UL--boom. Kick 
the yellow cat 1L and U for more fun. Kick the DL cat right.

Kick the center suit thug 1R and then the DL one left. Kick the mohawk punk U 
and he will bounce L/R. Stop him on the left. Kick the bottom one left and 
match them. Kick the redhead left and stop it at the left edge. Kick it up, 
the other left and match them.


Set up the "easy" matches so that you can kick the others off them until the 
very end. Kick the top redhead left, the left shades guy down, and the bottom 
redhead right. Kick the center guys to the right to crush them and then kick 
the lazy guy U R U R. Do the same for the yellow cat--you can do so both 
together to save time.

Kick the car guy and the white dog down, right and down. Kick the pole thug U 
R U and the looter D R D and match them by kicking the guy not against the 
wall, right then into his mate twice. You can liquidate Shades now and the 
bottom cats can but be kicked U L, the top D L.


Lots of crossing and confusion here but the thing to remember is that if you 
get the shades guy on the right to the UL you have a way to kick everything 
back right. Kick the UL car left and the UR redheads right and down. Kick the 
mohawk left and D*2 to match him. Kick the 2nd-DL redhead L U and the yellow 
center cat L U. Match the redheads and push the DR cars left and match them 
too. Kick the left dog below the car down and kick the right car left--match 
the cars. Then kick the lower right dog L D. Kick shades L, the right dog D 
L, the upper cop right, the pole thug D, and shades U L*2.

Kick the police officer R U, the purple cats R, and the yellow cats left. 
Kick the lazy guy up, the top yellow down, and the bottom cat up.


Obviously you need to swing the top new girls L-D-R so start by kicking the 
top looter left. Kick the suit thug D and now the UR new girl can go L D R 
and the UL can go R D L. After destroying them, take out the other looters.

Kick the UL shades onto a corner. Kick the UL yellow cat U L and the other 
yellow cat U L U for a match. Now you can repeat this with the redhead/car in 
the UR and the lazy/pole thug in the DR and the suit/purple cat DL.

Kick each mohawk L and the bottom one up. Kick the one dog down for a matck, 
the police officers R, and the police D. You can match the suit thug now. In 
fact you can match all the corners with just a pair of dogs to clean up 


Bash the cars on each side and kick the UL suit you can.  Kick him from below 
for a match, then kick the two suits UL/DR of each other together. Kick the 
other two suits left then up. Kick the bottom 4 lazy guys left and the top 
two down. Kick the yellow cat on the left U R U R*2. Now blast the lazies. 
Kick the UR of the diagonal chain of cats in the bottom to the right, kick 
the DL yellow cat left and kick the purple cat(again) up. Kick the center of 
the UR/DL suits right for another match, then kick the bottom suit U L.

Clear the pair of purple cats in the center, then in the corner. Kick the DR 
suit L U then the top looters L. Kick down into the yellow cat and then kick 
the other two looters left. Stand in the center. Kick up then down.


2D kick-L*2 R 2D kick-L*2. Kick the top suit up and then kick down and kick 
him down. Kick the 2nd-lowest lazy D and match him. Then kick the lazy L and 
the suit U L, then the lazy U L. Kick the center two pole thugs on the top 
once each. Kick the cat L.

Kick the top left cat right. Kick the 2nd-right pole thug down and the 2nd-
left down and the UR left. Kick the two thugs you can right and the top one 
down. At the bottom kick the 2nd-left and right cats down. Kick the one cat 
left and the DL right. Kick the purple cat up and match the pole thugs(D's, 
2R) before the purple cats.

Kick the center yellow cat down twice. Kick the yellow cats to the left 
twice. Kick the "new" left cats to budge the cars. Kick the top and bottom 
shades right. Kick the center two right and match all the redheads. Kick the 
center two left and match all the shades.

Kick the cars left and the yellow cats to the top/bottom and everything is 
easy to match.


Kick the DR redhead left twice, then kick the looter above down twice. Kick 
him left and kick the suit R U and the cat L D. Kick the suit U again and the 
cat L D*2. Kick the redheads R and the top one D. Kick the suit L U and then 
go to the left and mirrir what you did over here.

Push the UL suit R and D(long trek around) and the lower lazy L*2 and the UR 
suit L and D. Kick the yellow cat 2L and the lazy D. Kick the yellow cat and 
both cats down. Match them with a L*2 kick.


A neatly designed level but nothing too tough. Kick the UL suit D*3. Kick the 
cop U R D L for one match, the redhead U R D L for another.

Now push the suit D L U R and do the same for the looter. Kick the cats on 
the right down and then kick the cats(purple first) U R D L, then go to the 
left and kick each cat right onto the arrow to win.

You can save a bit of time by juggling two items at once if you want.


Kick the two poll thugs down. Tap the mohawk guy down twice and kick him and 
the suit right twice. Match the looters and send mohawk and suit right. Kick 
the top white cat L D and the yellow L D R D for a match. White R D and match 

Tap redhead with the tanktop left, then tap the left suit down so the mohawk 
man goes 1D. Tap the suit up and have mohawk man go L D L. Suit U L D L D*2. 
Kick mohawk R*3.

Kick halter redhead U, mohawk R, halter redhead R. Kick the DL lazy 2L. Kick 
the looters up to match. Kick the two top redheads right*2. Kick the more 
orange of the two D, the other R, orange L, halter D, orange D, halter L D R 
and the DR halter D before UL halter D R D to match. Kick orange-hair L D L. 
Kick DR mohawk U and the other R D L for a match. Kick the pole thugs L and 
one U*2.

Kick the DR redhead D R U. Kick the UL stuff D. Kick the alien R U R. Kick 
the car U L D R D. Kick the lazy R D L D(match) and the alien D L U L D R D L 
and the DL alien D before D L D match.

Now for the final 4. Nothing terrifying. Kick the bottom car R, the 
car/redhead D and the redhead L D L. UL Car goes D R.


A funny little level that is really quite clever. You try to figure what to 
kill first just moving in a round trip and it doesn't quite work. But then 
you realize you can hold off killing an enemy or two...

DR cat L and D. Kick the left thug D*2. Kick the DL lazy U for a match. Kick 
the DL alien R U. Kick the UL white cat D, the right cat left. Kick the right 
looter L D L. Match the yellow cats and redheads.



Kick the orange guy L and U for a match, then the UL brown guy D R. Kick the 
right blond up, then the UL woman up. Match the blonds and kick the UL dark 
warrior R. Match the helmet warriors and kick the right dark warrior U L. 
Kick the ladies down and the L one R.


Lots of ways to do this, most safe, none elegant. Kick the black robed 
fighter D R into the DR corner. Kick the dark warrior to the DL via the monk 
a few squares left.. then push the UL monk D R. The nearby dark warrior can 
go D L and you are on a rol--kick the red warrior at the bottom L And the 
other one just above R D L. Kick the silver warrior D into the DL and kick 
the other left.

Kick the oranges right and down and kick the lefts together. Kick the top 
dark warrior D R D. Now kill the blondes--left blonde D and the right one L D 

Kick the UL ponytailed R 2D. The red helmeted can follor R U and the other 
can go L U L. The DR archer can go U L U. The DR lady U L. The UR silver 
fighter, U, and the other U R.


Move the dark warrior on the left 1R, and kick the bowman D*2 so he bounces 
up against the bushes. Kick the priest and dark warrior along the bottom 
arrows akd the UR dark warrior U and the other R U--kicking the blue monk D 
to speed things up. Then kick the blue monk L L*2.

On the right kick the bowman and fighter U U, then kick the guy in the center 
D R R*2. Kick the blond R U and, after it is still at the bottom, L. Kick the 
other guy D R*2. Kick the left friar L and the right bowman R U then L. Kick 
the friars R U(right one) and U(left) and kick L * 2.


Kick the UL bald guy R D R*2. Kick the lower friar L, the upper D L. Kick the 
guys inside the L and R corrals together and kick the black robed guys up for 
another match. Match the helmeted guys and kick the UL blue D R. Kick the 
left column of 2 blue guys down, match the guys in the center row, kick the 
UR blue D R*2. Kick the blond bottom guy left and kick everyone else D L.


Lots of chipping away here. Kick a blue guy U R and the other D L U R. Kick 
two helmeted guys D L U R in succession. Kick the DL blonde up. Kick the 
silver knights down the fence, the top blond L D, and the other blond L. Kick 
the remaining silver U R.

Kick the top silver R*2 and the dark warrior D. Kick the helmeteds D*2. Kick 
the dark warriors U L in succession. Kick the silver guys between the fences 
down. Kick the top row of 4 guys left for two more matches. Kick the UR 
silver R D L U.

Kick the DR blue left, then right and then the guy who was above him D. Kick 
the top silver left and the bottom U L. Now you have 4 guys in a bunch. Kick 
the red up, the lower blue up(the reds are at the top) and the two blues 
left. Round up all the matches.


It's tricky to move one guy into the center but the rest is not too bad. Kick 
the blond down and the bald guy L U then the lady L U. Kick the DL helmet guy 

Kick the brown center guy down and the archer up--the DR brown can go U L D. 
Kick the top bald guy R. Kick the archers L and the top one D. Kick the bald 
guy R and D and merge the helmets in the DR. Kick the blues and dark warrior 
to the top(the left dark warrior R U) and clear the top. Kick the DR lady R D 
and her match D R.


Kick the UL blond right. Kick the blues on the right tp match them. Kick the 
UR silver L and the dark warrior U L. Kick the top silver D and kick your way 
left along the bottom. Kick the dark warrior R.

Kick the UR silver D L. Kick the lady L D L. Kick the dark warrior D L and 
the newly freed one D L too. You can clear most of the right kicking the 
helmeted guy D L and the blond D.

Kick the blue D to match helmeteds, then the silver can go D R. The ladies 
and blues can match(D) and kick the silver R*2. Kick everything on the R 
down(all 3) and after matching the silvers, kick the blond D R. Kick the 
helmeteds D and match them.


You don't have to carry anything from one side to the other. Armed with this 

Kick L, L U kick L, kick the UL blue R D*2. Kick the one guy up into the UR 
corner and kick down. Kick the archers and orange hats then kick the helmet 
and blond down. Kick the blond right and the remaining two to the corner.

Kick the UR helmeted U, the DL D, the archer U. Kick the UR helmeted L and 
the lower up. Kick the orange down to clear the corner, then the blue hatted 
guy L*2. Match the oranges, 1R kick-D and match at the bottom. Fire the blue 
up 2x. Kick the DL blond U R and the UL D R.


Kick the lady left and duck. Same for the blond. aste the blues and then the 
oranges. Kick the bottom archer into the right bounder and the top one 1R. 
Kick the dark warrior in the DL R U R and the UR warrior D. Kick the 
remaining dark warrior 2L.

Waste the blues, lady blonde and orange as before. Kick the UL archer 2L, the 
DL 1L and push the warrior D L and the other U.

Kick the right archers up. Pound the helmets right and kick the lower up. 
Kick the DR warrior U L. Kick the UR archers. Kick the left warrior 2R and 
U*2. Kick the archers D then L.


L* kick-D and kick the monk and blond to the next room. Kick them right again 
then kick the archers into each other from below and the ponytail guy up.

Kick the guys to the right, matching the ladies and allowing you to match the 
silvers--after you kick the archer/blue men up in the right area. Kick blue 
hat right and blue ninja L U and blue hat U and blue ninja R for the match. 
Kick the black robe up on the right side. Kick the friar D R D*2.

Kick the right orange 1U and the DR ponytail 2U and go to the top. Kick the 
bald down, orange right and dark warrior D and the ponytail right. 3 matches 
there. Kick the dark warrior R U and the other U and the left one R.

Kick a dark warrior D R D*2 and now there's a column of 4 guys to match. Do 
so. Kick the browns to the left, match the blonds, kick the helmets down and 
match them. Kick the blues up, the browns up and the blue left. Yay, you've 
won it all.

End of FAQ proper



0.3.0 sent to GameFAQs 9/12/2006 36 levels done, 3/12 missions complete
0.5.0 sent to GameFAQs 9/13/2006 60 levels done, 6/12 missions 
complete(regular)--now to work on Special.
0.6.7 sent to GameFAQs 9/14/2006 80 levels done, 8/12 missions complete
0.9.3 sent to GameFAQs 9/15/2006 112 levels done, 11/12 missions complete
1.0.0 sent to GameFAQs 9/16/2006 complete


Thanks to the usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, 
too, because they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, 
falsehead, Sashanan, Masters(who showed me about MagicEngine,) Retro, Snow 
Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, War Doc, and others I forgot. OK, even 
Hydrophant in his current not-yet-banned message board incarnation.

Thanks to the other TG16 GameFAQs expatriates who made the TG16 a sort of 
holy grail to me. It took a while but I finally got around to it. You guys 
were/are good writers, too. Maybe if we'd known each other better this FAQ 
would've gotten written for earlier. As Holden Caulfield said--or something 
like it--"Once you start thinking, you start to miss everybody." That means 
even Doodleheimer and definitely you folks. Wherever you are, 
honestgamers.com or other places.

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