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Reviewed: 06/03/19

The Sequel to Chase HQ

A PC-Engine with voice in it? Not only that, but it's pretty close to looking like an arcade. I was a big fan of Chase HQ in the arcade so to play its sequel was something of an honor. It plays the same way as Chase HQ too.

As with Chase HQ, you are given a criminal and you chase them down with your car. You race along, avoiding cars, and there's even tunnels you go through in this one and there's also rain. When you get to the criminal, you can shoot and ram into their car until it catches fire and doesn't run anymore. When you got them down, you arrest them. Then it's on to the next criminal.

I think this game was made as an apology for Chase HQ. It got a lot of criticism even though it wasn't too bad for a home port. I have it on my Wii Virtual Console.

I like how there is a stage clear and it shows some animation of you arresting the criminal. The graphics are pretty good and it does have that arcade feel.

There's different music and backgrounds in each stage to keep things fresh. You have a turbo boost to help you keep ahead of the time limit that is unfortunately in this game. A helicopter will come down to drop you a rocket launcher just before you take down the suspect. There's also variety in the tracks too as you can also race along a river as well. There's also ramps that can be a benefit and a nuisance depending if you are trying to shoot down your suspect. Each stage has a different ending arrest scene which keeps things from being stale.

This is a short game too clocking in at around ten to fifteen minutes to defeat it. However, it can be pretty challenging with all the hazards on the road. It's a worthy sequel to Chase HQ that serves more of an apology for the last game than anything else. It controls fairly well and the whole experience feels just like you are playing an arcade.

The question is: Is the ending worth getting to even though the game is short? It's actually not bad. I was expecting a black screen with text but things are happening at the end so it's not too bad.

So yeah, I'd recommend this game or Chase HQ. It's a definite improvement and we should have had this game instead of the one we got.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: S.C.I.: Special Criminal Investigation (JP, 01/25/91)

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