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FAQ by Paul Acevedo

Version: 1 | Updated: 07/12/2008

Lady Sword FAQ
Written by Paul Acevedo, AKA EastX
Created on: 07/11/08

1.  Introduction
2.  Version History
3.  Controls and Menus
4.  The Maidens
5.  Contact Information

1. Introduction
This FAQ covers Lady Sword, an unlicensed PC Engine HuCard. The
original game can be played on American Turbografx-16 and Turbo Duo
systems using either a rare and hard to find converter, or by
installing a country switch. The game will play automatically
on any PC Engine system, but I expect most people are probably
playing it via emulation at this point.

Lady Sword is an adult title, but it's actually good! In fact,
people that think adult games can't be good deserve to be punched
in the stomach. Anyway, this is a standard first-person dungeon
crawler (like Dungeon Master and many other games) that occasionally
rewards the player with a digitized photograph of a nude woman.
They don't quite fit in with the game's art style, but that was
always a Games Express hallmark. 

Regardless of the babes, this game is very well done, especially 
for an unlicensed title. The graphics and music are great, the 
automap is quite useful, and there is virtually no language barrier.
Don't forget to wait at the title screen to catch the intro...

2. Version history
07/11/08  Version 1.0 FAQ created.

3. Controls and Menus
Button I - Menu/Select
Button II - Exit Menu
Run - Map

Menu Translation:
1. Save (3 characters)
   -Left option is Yes, right option is No.
2. Rest (4 characters)
   -Recharges health. Occasionally the Dream Master attacks when
    you rest.
3. Status (5 characters)
4. Item (4 characters)
   -These allow you make it farther in the game or increase your 
5. Load (3 characters)
   -Left option is Yes, right option is No.

These options appear as you unlock them:

6. Takio Stone (7 characters)
   -This lets you set a point to warp to with the Poriteyuron.
   -Left option is Yes, right option is No.

7. Poriteyuron (6 characters)
   -This lets you warp to the spot you designate.
   -The first option is Takio Stone, the second option is

8. Remember (5 characters)
   -Here you can view the girls that you have rescued.

Battle Menu:

1. Attack
2. Heal
3. Dangerous attack (scores multiple hits if successful)
4. Run

4. Gameplay
-The object is to guide Kenshi through each dungeon floor, finding
items, defeating bosses, and rescuing the lovely ladies.

-Initially Kenshi will be too weak to defeat certain enemies, so
 try to memorize which ones are too strong and run away from them.
 Later in the game this is hardly ever necessary.

-Be careful when resting. The Dream Master is a bad mother. If he 
 does not dodge your attacks, you can probably kill him in three 
 hits or so. If he dodges much, you will probably die. Maybe you 
 should save before resting.

-The MAX HIT and AT stats increase independently of other
 stats, but leveling up increases everything. Too bad you
 can't view your EXP...

-Use the map all the time! It's obvious, but hidden passages and
 one-way doors are marked on the map. They are often essential
 to progress.

-Save all the time. As long as you haven't warped somewhere that
 you did not want to go, you should be saving.

-If you warp somewhere that you don't want to be, load up your
 last save.

-Trap tiles come in several forms:
  -Warp tiles
    -These are sometimes helpful and sometimes not. Try to
     determine if the tile takes you somewhere that you could
     not get to before.
  -Trap door tiles
    -Similar to warp tiles, these drop you down a floor. They
     are almost always a hindrance (reload your save if so),
     but every now and then they are needed to progress.
  -Damage tiles
    -These damage you every time you step or turn on them. Pay
     attention to the buzzing sound these makes. Escape or rest 
     quickly to prevent death and itching.
  -Spinning tiles
    -These spin you wildly when stepped on, making it hard
     to face the right direction.

-At one point you come across a room with a golden stone
 in the floor and the description "......" I have found no
 use for this stone, but please let me know if you do.

-Eventually you will reach a floor which begins with a long hall
 with a locked door at one end. Two people tell you to bring
 the Ikurarion key to open the door. You will then have to head
 back to the previous floor. Backtrack a bit and a miniboss should
 appear. Kick him to the curb to receive the Ikurarion key.

-Not long after that, you will reach a floor whose layout contains
 about 64 one-tile rooms in a square-shaped pattern, with each
 room linked only by red hidden doors. The proper exit, a warp tile, 
 (needed to advance) is near the edge of the square. If you take the 
 other exit (which is simply a red door that leads back out to the 
 hallway) as north, then the warp tile exit is on the east side, 
 one tile away from the eastern edge. Man is that group of squares 

13. The Maidens
-Contrary to what a few reviewers have said, the clothed images
 of girls are not associated with miniboss encounters. These
 girls just send a psychic image of themselves and tell you their
 names at early points in each dungeon.

13. Contact Information
Lady Sword is an old and obscure game, so I'd really like to hear 
from anyone that uses my guide. I can be slow to answer my FAQ email, 
so use Xbox Live messages if you are in a hurry. Please do not send 
me a friend request without introducing yourself first!

Email: eastfaqs at gmail dot com
Xbox Live Gamertag: EastX
Sega Saturn Net Link Handle: Eastman

Lady Sword by Games Express, 1992.

This document is copyright 2008 by Paul Acevedo. It may not be 
posted anywhere but gamefaqs.com, ign.com, and mycheats.com without 
permission. It's not the size of your sword that counts; it's who
you use it on.

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