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Reviewed: 01/05/10

How did this gem stand out from other consoles' the pack in titles? You fight people with guns for heads

While courage was to the turbographix as mario was the snes. Not because it was the turbographix mascot though, but because it is the quintessential pack-in game. It was easy to play, had a story that could be summarized in two sentences, had catchy music, and showed the graphical capabilities of the system. Unfortunately for keith however, He didn't age as well as his competitors.

Story- You play as Keith Courage, your world has been invaded by the Bad Alien Dudes or B.A.D. for short (I love the 90s) As such it is you responsibility to climb into mechs, get sucked up into a rainbow, and beat the crap out of them.
The story is about as simple as it gets, I like it for two reasons:
-It's just as simple as 'plumber spends vacation saving the princess from a dragon'
-As a fan of 90s corn, I love the fact that I'm beating on a bunch of 'Bad Alien Dudes'

Sound-The music is catchy. It has this metallic vibe to it that keeps it stuck in your head. Listen to the title song and you'll know what I mean. Unfortunately the sound effects aren't as good; they get the job done, but they don't stand out.

Controls- If you played any NES action/platformer, you'll know hpw this works: B (II) attacks while A (I) jumps. The controls are smooth and responsive, so you'll never have trouble jumping over or hitting an enemy.

Gameplay- Keith Courage is your standard linear platformer; You run from point A to point B jumping over instant death spikes and avoiding enemies. You have a substantail amount of health (five hitpoints to a heart, up to eight of which you can carry) so the only real threat to you are the spikes, which will kill you instantly. You also only have one life, but you have infinite continues so it isn't of concern.

In the game you play through several worlds. Each world has two levels, the first is a town where you can buy health and weapons. these areas still have enemies and instant death pits to avoid, so you still have to be on your game. At the end of the level a rainbow comes down and lift you into the sky. Then you don a mech and go to the next level. When you're wearing a mech the gameplay remains the same with the exception that you walk faster, the enemies are a bit more powerful, and the levels are longer and more difficult to traverse.

I'll admit that the game might get repetetive for some as the game drags on since there is little variety, but the polished gameplay is extremely addicting for those persistent enough to finish it.

Replayability- If you're patient enough to make it to the second level of this game, Keith'll keep you coming back. Although aside from earning enough cash to get all the weapons and trying not to get hit, you won't have much else to aim for.

Final verdict- If you like Polished, straightforward action, then this game is for you. It also fairly common, too (as far as turbographix games go) so you won't spend too much money on it either.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (US, 12/31/89)

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