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Reviewed: 08/07/00 | Updated: 07/16/01

Interesting little game, not suited for all people

This is going to be a somewhat normal review. Enjoy!


I have played a few Turbografx games over the years, but by no means am I an expert player like some of the GameFAQs members here (like Runinruder). I have played a few though, and lately I have decided to play a lot of them, since I got my Turbografx a week or so back. When I went over to the pawn shop the other day, I bought all 10 of the turbografx games that they had there. One of these games was a little game called Double Dungeons.

Double Dungeons is a lot like other text based role playing games released back in the early 1980s, except for the fact that this game was released in 1990 or so. The coolest part of this game was indeed the cover. It featured a solder who was in a castle and a dragon was behind him, and in the other side in a door was a monster. It was a really cool cover. Too bad the game is not as good, although it is a decent choice.

Graphics (8.3/10)

The Turbografx as a console was supposedely stronger, graphically, than the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo as consoles. So, I expected a lot of the games on the console to look great. And some of the games I played (Air Zonk, Bonk's Adventure) looked exceptional, but unfortunately Double Dungeons did not look nearly as good. I will now try my best to describe the graphics.

Game Screen: Double Dungeons is a 3D role playing game in the reins of the Advanced Double and Dragon series. When you first start off the game, look at the screen. This is what it looks like. On the bottom right hand corner is the Double Dungeons logo. It is a cool logo and blends in well to the screen, and it never really gets annoying. To the left of this, there is a little box on the bottom that says the direction you are going in. Go up to see the menu where it says ''Goblin has been attacked for one point of damage'' and stuff. Above that is a counter of your level and HP. Above that is the beef of the graphics, the actual screen. This is where you see the enemies and stuff as theu attack you. You can also navigate your way around the maze here. Definitely the heart of the graphics. To the right of this is just the menu screen, which has a nice design to it.

Overall, there is nothing too thrilling about the graphics in the game, but they get the job done, and that's all I can really ask for in a video game anyways. The enemy designs are not perfect but hell the graphics are still pretty good, regardless.

Music and Sound Effects (4.2/10)

I am not really going to discuss the annoying music and sound effects in the game too much, because I was really not big of a fan of them, at all. There was only one cool piece of music featured in the game, and that was at the title screen. The rest of the music was pretty horrible, for the most part. It was not that horrible, the biggest problem with the music in the game, in my opinion, is how annoying and repetetive it gets. This has got to be the third most annoying soundtrack ever, only outdone by Bubble Bobble and Shadowgate, two NES games I just happen to like. But the music is plain old annoying after a while, which is a shame because the music in the title screen is so very effective. The sound effects are very unique, most of them are your basic sound effects like the ones featured in Dragon Warrior.

Overall, I was terribly disappointed in the music featured in the game, especially after hearing the great music in the title screen to start off the game, and the sound effects were nothing special and rather plain. Disappointing, but still, the game was still ok even with the disappointing music and sound effects.

Gameplay and Control (6.2/10)

Double Dungeons is a lot like any other 3D text based role playing game, but it does have a few new innovations I would like to discuss. Well, not really innovations, but more like key points to the gameplay. Hence the name of this new section, ''Key Points to the Gameplay''. How original is that?


22 Dungeons
-There are 22 dungeons featured in Double Dungeons. You can complete the first 21 in any order before having to complete the last one. Some of these dungeons are quite challenging, but I wish there was a better variety of dungeons featured in the game. Some of them got quite boring after a while, but others remained fun throughout. Of the 22 dungeons, I enjoyed going through about 10 of them.

Combat System
The combat system in Double Dungeons is simple enough to learn yet effective. When an enemy approaches, you tap a button. The screen lights up, and you see how much damage you did. Then it is the enemy's turn, so the screen lights up and it shows you how much damage the enemy did.

Role Playing Game Features
This is a lot like any other role playing game out there in terms of basic gameplay. You can kill monsters, and after every battle you acquire gold and experience, the experience helps you raise your level, while you can use the gold you accumulate to buy items and weapons at the shop. You can even rest at an inn!

Two Player Mode
Pretty self explanatory, you and a friend can complete the dungeons together. This tends to make the game a little more fun than it already is, but not by much. Make sure your friend is ready for this kind of game, because it is fairly different.

Bad Point to it
There is a bad problem I encountered with this game. When I first started playing this game, I would fight a lot of enemies to accumulate experience and gold so I would be stronger in the dungeons to come. However, after completing the dungeon MY GOLD AND EXPERIENCE WERE GONE! I had to start all over! That really sucked.

Other Important Scores

Replay Value: Medium

Self explanatory stuff here, this is one of the most confusing games I have yet to play on the Turbografx, because I have never really been a fan of the 3D first person view role playing games, but I strangely enjoyed playing this game to a certain extent. Do not go into this game thinking that you will not like it because you hate the genre, because it is a fairly interesting and fun to play game that has decent replay value.

Challenge: Very Difficult

This is one of the most challenging games to hit the Turbografx (that I have played, anyways). Maybe its because I find all of these 3D role playing games challenging, but I really had a tough time completing this game. I finally did however, but not without the help of a friend in the two player mode. This really sucked because I wanted a challenging game but I did not want it to be really challenging, and this game is challenging for all of the wrong reasons.

Main Reason for high challenge level: Fact that you cannot save gold and experience after completing a dungeon.

-Interesting graphics
-2 player mode is lots of fun
-Lots of role playing game elements

-Music from hell, for the most part.
-Enemy designs are rather plain.
-Cannot save gold and experience after completing dungeon.

Overall (5.9/10)

It is better than I expected it to be, but it got rather tedious, and you should only check this out if you somewhat like the genre, because if you don't, chances are this average game is not going to sway you into liking the 3D role playing game genre.

Rating: 6

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