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Reviewed: 04/03/01 | Updated: 04/03/01

ZOUNDS! It's Double Dungeons!

Double Dungeons

ZOUNDS! GREEN SLIME AHEAD!! Do you turn and run or face the slime like the warrior you are? This is the question that will be posed to you as you spend hours of your life emersed in the world that is DOUBLE DUNGEONS!

Story - 5

Alright, the story sucked. But it gets a 5 simply because it is SO BAD! You are the WARRIOR! and you must enter the dungeon for some incredibly stupid reasons like there are monsters in there. At the end, they give you the conclusion. Normally in games like this I try and skip through the text as fast as possible, but these are so badly translated (or written in the first place) that they are hysterical sometimes.

Game Play - 5

The gameplay consists of walking through a dungeon and fighting monsters. The game is most fun in the two player split screen mode. There are 22 dungeons with the last ones estimated to take 16 HOURS each! Anyway, you walk around and you run into your first enemy, green slime. The text under the screen will say either IT'S DANGEROUS HERE, ZOUNDS, OH DEAR, or THIS IS A GOOD OPPURTUNITY. Usually these messages are pretty worthless. If you think it is worth the risk to take on the green slime, you walk up to it and hit the I button. The screen flashes white around the drawing of the slime and the message box tells you how much damage you do, then it is the slimes turn, if it is still alive. When you defeat your slime you are given experience points and gold. You can use your gold to buy weapons or stay at the inn from the nice people who have to live in the dungeon (and who all look the same as usual!)At the end of each maze is the expected boss. Again, the gameplay is so bad that it is quite enjoyable.

Sound - 5

The same song plays through the entire game except for during boss battles. I like the music but after a few MILLION hours, it can get a little old. The title screen music rocks as the words meet up in the middle of the screen and a giant W forms behind them (I STILL don't understand this!)

Graphics - 5

The majority of the graphics you see are two cement walls on either side of you, a ceiling and the ground. Not too exciting. Not a lot of effort put into making you get that clausterphobic dungeon feeling either. It actually seems kind of cheery, except for the occasional BEEZLEBUB. The people who work at the shops don't seem to mind. The enemies are all drawn the same, as they get harder the CHANGE COLOR. Yes, that old trick again. Some of them are well drawn however. Your character, well, who knows. You never get to see yourself unless you play two player and happen to run into your friend. Then you can kill each other (yay!)

Conclusion - 9

Yes, I know I gave all the parts of this game a 5, but they come together to form a 9! Why you ask? Because this is one of those wonderful things in life that thrives on it's awfulness. Should you play it? Probably not. Not everyone can appreciate gems such as these.

Rating: 9

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