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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

It's good if you play it for more than 5 minutes! Some people, ugh...

It was clear to me reading the review of China Warrior left here by the last guy that he had no right at all to review this game. No offense to this guy, but he knows he's just submitting a long-winded review to win a contest. As somebody who has actually played China Warrior past the first level let me tell you that it is a GREAT Turbo Grafx 16 title. And if the last guy who submitted his review doesn't think so, he should read this review and come back to me on this topic.

In China Warrior you are a martial artist with a very similar look to that of Bruce Lee the sole Dragon of the orient. In the game you have different attacks such as punch, low punch, high kick, normal kick, and leaping sweep kick. China Warrior also provides you with a sophisticated one on one battle mode. You have the ability to block punches and kicks from your sophisticated bosses who mimic your style at times of blocking and counter punching. This game has a great fun factor if you know what you're doing, or even if you just read the game's instruction booklet!

Each level is full of flying objects which are meant to either hurt you, or help you. If you smash enough of the said flying objects you receive bonus energy to help you conquer the boss at the end of each stage. Also at the end of certain levels the game provides you with bonus energy floating in air to help you on your journey. The graphics for this game are a master piece, Turbo Grafx's best graphics I ever have seen to this day.

There are different bosses to each level, they all come from 5 molds, but they are all different. Similar attacks come with the similar molds but the more advanced bosses attack quicker, they strike more often and other various things to keep the game challenging.

Here's the set up, there are four levels with three stages in each of them, which means you have a total of 12 levels to beat. In each level there are different bosses. In the first level there is a dumb brute, you have to fight him then a black version of him and then a discolored version of him. In the next levels you fight a girl, a man who looks just like you, a guy who fights like Bruce Lee but dresses better than you(Your guy can't afford a shirt or something). And there is a final boss who is a crafty old man, and nearly impossible to beat. The final boss drinks a potion that keeps his energy raising, so not only do you have to beat him but you have to beat him quickly. Your different attacks are vital here.

You also are blessed with special attacks in this game when you fight bosses, if you do not use them you will be left in the first level like our last reviewer complaining about them stretching levels on too long. If you press a button combination such at forward and punch or rapidly pressing forward and punch you will either throw a giant fist at your opponent and knock some major damage on him or you will throw a rapid series of punches at him that will do a lot of damage. This game is more complex than a lot of people have given it credit.

It all comes to an end after beating the final bad guy, your face appears over a hill at sunset and the credits role in Chinese cryptography(Still looking for the translation on that one folks). From there the game starts you back to the beginning and the difficulty raises, every time you beat it from there it gives you a special message. I haven't beaten it so many times that it gives me a different ending myself but I'm still trying to see all the messages and what not, I'm still not done seeing for myself what all is in this game after all this time!

Graphics are superior to anything at the time, sound is superior to anything at the time on a home gaming system(PCs had better sound though), replay value is good if you know anything about the game, and it's fun to use all of the different attacks. My favorite thing to do is to execute my flying sweep kick across a ton of the monks or flying objects where I end up knocking like 5 baddies out of my way with one attack, awesome! A good game!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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