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Reviewed: 01/12/18

The Reason I Love The Turbo

Many moons ago, I was one of the few kids in school who owned a Turbografx. A friend of mine was getting rid of his and gave me a game for free. That game was Bonk's Revenge. I fell in love with Bonk's Revenge. Sure, I had already played Bonk's Adventure before it, but this outing seemed to take that game and perfected it. My fondness came around the holidays, for some reason, when I played Bonk's Revenge around Thanksgiving and for some reason I had a wonderful experience. I will always remember the snow and pirate levels the most and the music, oh my, the music. Those chip tunes were no slouch.

Then there was that crucial day where I finally beat the game. Then I was never able to beat it again. Then, years later, (last night actually) a friend came over and I was drinking and I showed him Bonk's Revenge and surprisingly, after so many years since I was a kid, I was able to beat the game. It was weird. The game felt so much easier last night. Then I my realization of my love for the game came back.

The best thing about Bonk's Revenge is that the game is leagues above the first one. Heck, it set the bar so high that the third one in the series couldn't even match it. The first thing you will notice, of course, is the graphics. They are very vibrant and cartoony which isn't a bad thing. But the next thing you will notice is the gameplay mechanics. Bonk can, well, bonk all sorts of enemies and the developers really went all out on this one. It was like the game they wanted to sell the system. Enemies could be fishing and you can be a jerk and just bonk them into the piranha-invested waters. There are collectibles throughout and bonus stages to earn extra lives. I always try to get as many of those blue hearts as possible which adds an extra heart to your inventory. My advice is to get at least thirty of those smiley icons on each stage so you can stock up on those blue hearts. You will need it.

Each stage is inventive too. Sure you have the typical grasslands and caves, but then you will go on a beach where these weird female cats try to hug on you for some reason and enemies surfing at you. Later on you go to some city and steal clothes from clotheslines. Then you sometimes verse a boss. Sometimes they can be fun like that pirate or that turtle boss, but then it could be frustrating like that ballerina girl who always hits me when I hit her for some reason. The final boss, King Drool, is a joke. That's good because I was running out of lives at that point.

Bonk's Revenge is my favorite Turbo game and one of my top games of all time. Everything from the imaginative levels, great music, and the fact that the game is an experience to play. It's also the best of the Bonk games and sadly, we don't see too many games like this anymore. It's an amazing experience and if you ever own a Turbografx, you need to own this game. It's a must have.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Bonk's Revenge (US, 12/31/91)

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