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How to move on in game? Tech Support *new*
what teams suit well for the Pokemon League? Build *new*

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Can you duplicate 2 items? Tech Support *new* 1 2 hours ago
LF MASTERBALL please? Side Quest *new* 1 6 hours ago
Does changing the switch calendar affect time based events? Tech Support *new* 1 7 hours ago
Lf Master Ball? Side Quest *new* 1 8 hours ago
How do the daily pokemon in the Great Marsh work? Tech Support *new* 1 11 hours ago
does the underground effect steps? Tech Support *new* 1 11 hours ago
Can legendaries breed? Tech Support *new* 1 12 hours ago
do you need just the Flame Body Pokemon and the egg? Tech Support *new* 1 12 hours ago
What are the correct phrases to tell at Jubilife TV Station to get 3 Stickers instead of 1? Side Quest *new* 1 12 hours ago
How to get Pokeball behind Bushes? Side Quest *new* 1 13 hours ago

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