1. Alternate Ending/Scenes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Wedding VenueDon't use any wildfire traps in Benedict's battle in Chapter 18, Golden Route
    Bad EndingFail to find and present the Rock (key item) in [Defend the Roselle] Chapter 15's exploration phase.
    Contributed By: Molivious
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  2. Plume of Immortality

    Beat the game having no player character or friendly NPC deaths to unlock this accessory.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Plume of ImmortalityBeat the game suffering no friendly casualties (decoy is okay).
    Contributed By: Chrimp
    2    1

  3. Serenoa Ending (Golden Route)

    You must follow each step indicated below to unlock this ending.

    WARNING: This route will force you to split your army into three groups.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Key Requirement 1 - Option ASurrender Roland in Chapter 7.
    Key Requirement 1 - Option BProtect Roland in Chapter 7 AND avoid using any traps in the following battle.
    Key Requirement 2Transport the illegal salt in Chapter 9.
    Key Requirement 3Reveal Roland's identity in Chapter 10.
    Key Requirement 4Defend the Roselle in Chapter 11.
    Key Requirement 5Find the Rock (key item) in Chapter 12's exploration phase and present it to the elder.
    Key Requirement 5.1 - Step 1During the exploration phase, talk to the Rosellan elder.
    Key Requirement 5.2 - Step 2Talk to Benedict after talking to the elder.
    Key Requirement 5.3 - Step 3Talk to Frederica after talking to Benedict
    Key Requirement 5.4 - Step 4Enter the elder's house and examine the spot that he was previously standing on.
    Key Requirement 5.5 - Step 5Conclude the exploration and present the Rock you found to the Elder.
    Key Requirement 6Return to Wolffort in Chapter 15.
    Key Requirement 7 - Choice #1Select "There must be another way!" when Serenoa is thinking to himself before the voting phase of Chapter 17.
    Key Requirement 7 - Choice #2Select "Greet them with the Wolffort demesne's wildfire?"
    Key Requirement 7 - Choice #3Select "Might Lord Svarog be the key?"
    Key Requirement 7 - Choice #4Select "We can expose the truth hidden within the statue."
    Key Requirement 7 - Choice #5Select "They're of the Consortium"
    Contributed By: Molivious
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  4. Unlockable Characters

    Chapters indicated are the earliest times they can join your party.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AnnaChapter 2
    ArchibaldChapter 5, Morality 400, Utility 500
    AvloraChapter 17, Golden Route
    BenedictChapter 1
    CordeliaChapter 15 (Whiteholm Route)
    CorentinChapter 3, Hyzante Route
    DecimalChapter 5, Morality 1600
    EradorChapter 2
    EzanaChapter 5, Liberty 500, Utility 400
    FlanaganChapter 5, Morality 1050, Utility 750
    FredericaChapter 1
    GeelaChapter 1
    GiovannaChapter 5, Liberty 1600
    GromaChapter 5, Liberty 750, Utility 1050
    HossabaraChapter 5, Liberty 110, Utility 275
    HughetteChapter 2
    JensChapter 5, Morality 450
    JulioChapter 5, Morality 275, Utility 110
    LionelChapter 5, Utility 400
    MaxwellChapter 15, Liberty 1050, Morality 750
    MedinaChapter 5, Liberty 400, Morality 500
    MiloChapter 15 (Wolffort Route)
    NarveChapter 5, Liberty 275, Morality 110
    PiccolettaChapter 5, Liberty 450
    QuahaugChapter 5, Utility 1600
    RolandChapter 1
    RudolphChapter 3, Aesfrost Route
    TravisPre-requisite: Chapter 11 (Deliver the Roselle Route), Joins at Chapter 15 (Roselle Village Route)
    TrishPre-requisite: Chapter 11 (Defend the Roselle Route), Joins at Chapter 15 (Roselle Village Route)
    Contributed By: Molivious
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  1. Easy Kudos Farming

    Piccoletta's technique Ball Toss, which can be used every turn, is an attack that can be used to hit both enemies and allies. Attacks landed on allies can earn Kudos the same as attacks on enemies.

    To set up quick Kudos farming, select the second Mental Mock Battle "Pincer Attack". Deploy only Piccoletta and Geela, for her ability to heal herself, and have the two of them defeat every enemy unit except the healer. Then simply have Geela stand near a ledge facing away, and have Piccoletta use Ball Toss on her every turn, allowing Geela to self-heal as necessary.

    With only three units on the field, you will gain 2 Kudo (1 for back attack and one for height advantage) every three actions, until you decide to end the setup by finishing off the last enemy.
    Contributed By: Megamean09
    5    0

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