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by MissRPGirl

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Guide and Walkthrough by MissRPGirl

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/27/2021



About This Guide

The walkthrough sections offer a step-by-step guide to playing and finishing the storyline of the game.

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  • Normal Mode: The bonuses found in Seedling Mode will not be given. For layers who prefer more of a challenge.

  • Seedling Mode:
    • Items will ship for more money
    • Player stamina will decrease more slowly.
    • Friendship levels will increase at a faster rate.
    • Skill experience points are easier to gain.
    • Shop prices will be lowered.

Customize Appearance

Olive Town

Now that you've made it to Olive Town, its time to meet the mayor, Victor. Once you give him the basic information about yourself. Victor gives you some starter tools and some tips about the farm.

Making Progress

To make progress in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town means working hard on your farm. Try to focus on farm upgrades and money. Check out the farm upgrades tab to see them. If you need information on selling items click here or go to the Shipping Price tab


A big portion of this game you will be upgrading your buildings and tools. If you are at lost of what you should be upgrading I highly recommend upgrading your tools as fast as you can. Especially the hammer and the axe, since those will probably be the most used out of all of your tools.

Also try to clear dilapidated buildings and rubble that way you can improve your farm and progress in the game.

An RPG nerd for sure. I'm turning that passion for games into making guides and additional content.