Should I focus on a small number of units?

  1. So far, I beat the first stage, but characters level up pretty slowly. Should I just focus on leveling up Marth and maybe Cain, Abel, Caeda and Gordon along with possibly a mage so I can beat Gharnef with Starlight?

    I dunno if I can safely level up my entire party.

    User Info: Mlgae

    Mlgae - 2 months ago
  2. I might've gotten the name of the spell I need to obtain Falchion wrong.

    User Info: Mlgae

    Mlgae - 2 months ago


  1. In first 3 chapters you could easily level up the healers if you want to level 20. As for the rest of the team, you could start leveling up on chapter 4 in the Arena. I would propose to focus on main characters, as Marth, Cain, Abel and Caedia.

    User Info: Geobros

    Geobros - 2 months ago 1   1

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