How different is it from the DS Remake?

  1. Is this in any way like the DS remake of Shadow Dragon which I have already played?

    User Info: Mlgae

    Mlgae - 2 months ago

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  1. fe3(first remake)
    a new story(the remake was a bonus) that is a direct sequel to fe1 the new story is "mystery of the emblem" it was also remade on the ds as "new mystery" and released in japan only after the fe1 remake had bad sales

    a bunch of quality of life such as
    healers gaining xp when healing not just when attacked
    better graphics
    being able to see how far your units can move
    story dialogue between missions

    units that werent important in fe3's story to save cartage space (around 4)
    the ballistician class
    the chapter "wooden cavalry" where you fight only ballisticians

    ds remake added
    the weapon triangle(added to the series in fe4)

    questionably better graphics, some still prefer fe3

    readded all previously cut units
    added a few new units in the all new giden chapters (giden chapters were first added in fe5)

    most units can now promote(in the original only cavalry ,mercenary's, Pegasus knights, clerics, mages, archers, could promote) so now knights, axe fighters pirates, and huntsman can promote
    new class myrmidons- navare and radd are now myrmidons, they were mercenaries in the original and first remake
    new class dark mage- only available through reclassing and a parolge
    new intro section
    rebalanced unit stats, some for the better, some for the worse-just compare for yourself by clicking on the unit and comaring their grows from one game to the other
    to see these changes look up the unit lists in the wiki or serienes forest and compare their stat grows
    most non boss enemies are stronger-makeing the worse units almost unusable
    new higher dificulties

    for fe1 just remove all the "added" parts, there might be a bit more i can't think of

    User Info: csg1995

    csg1995 - 2 months ago 2   0

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