Is this game beginner-friendly?

  1. So this game looks pretty cool and I saw a little bit of Arlo's review and what caught me the most about this game is how it is similar to botw of open world and cool fighting but is this for beginners and how hard is this game on a scale from 1 to 10 for a person who has never played a monster hunter game ? And also, do you have some good tips for me ?

    User Info: Amit9087

    Amit9087 - 1 week ago
  2. I'm a beginner!

    The controls and initial direction are very hard to work out. It's a huge learning curve, and they really don't hold your hand. Even monster names are kind of hard to remember, since all they give you is a Japanese ink painting style image and a skippable cutscene.

    There are a ton of weapons and you're not really told what's good for what, and subsystems like meat cooking and monster trapping go entirely unexplained.

    That being said, after a few hours, I got the hang of it.

    User Info: coconutarmy1

    coconutarmy1 - 6 days ago

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  1. A couple things:
    1) this is not an "open world" game. This is a hunting raid game. You spend time at the main village prepping (build equipment and items, do small side things to get other items, etc) and then you choose a quest (hunt). You go out on that hunt on one of 5 maps, which are pretty large, but you have a time limit (50min) to beat one or more monsters. after you beat your targets (or time limit runs out) you return to the village. rinse repeat.
    2) The game is not really "beginner" friendly. It throws you into it with very little in the way of guided tutorial, so you either need to be adept at learning via the in-game text files and trial and error, or find online assistance. There are 14 different weapons to choose from and each plays pretty drastically differently. people generally focus on 1 or 2 that fit their playstyle.
    3) If you do want to jump in, I would suggest finding a hunter server on discord or similar and learn from experienced players. The community is pretty good, people are more than willing to help new players rank up (seeing as most any mission has materials they can use to build equipment). Other than that, check out some focused tutorials on whatever weapon you decide to focus on, as well as good builds for that style.

    User Info: Stryyder

    Stryyder - 1 week ago 15   3


  1. The controls might be pretty complicated to understand for a beginner, but this game isn´t too hard and you will be learing and mastering them along the way

    User Info: Kprojects

    Kprojects - 1 week ago 5   0

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