What's the fastest way to get HR999?

  1. Now that the hunter rank cap has been unlocked, I was wondering what the fastest way to would be. I imagine it's something like Elder Dragon hunts or Rampages but I don't wanna go through the effort to test it. Does anyone know yet?

    User Info: Shinkuu1

    Shinkuu1 - 1 week ago
  2. Getting S+ on rampages is the fastest way to get to HR999

    User Info: Srheeropercent

    Srheeropercent - 6 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The fastest method would be to pick out a single monster quest that nets the highest HR gains and to farm it with 4 gunners, 1 person locking the monster with Status ailments and 3 gunners dealing damage. At this stage I'm guessing that either one of the new Elders or Apex Mizu gives out the largest amount of HR points.

    User Info: GadgetGabe

    GadgetGabe - 1 week ago 4   1

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