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best way to get 30 shine sprites? Build

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I cant jump to the big boo on the balcony is there a way to fly so i can get to him? Enemy/Boss 1 3 months ago
What rom version did Nintendo use for Sunshine? Build 1 3 months ago
Why isn't the game working with another account? Tech Support 1 5 months ago
Is going for 100% worth It? Side Quest 1 6 months ago
[SMS] Why can't I use the rocket nozzle in ricco harbor? Tech Support 1 6 months ago
[SM64] Is the Joystick weird in this version? Tech Support 1 6 months ago
[SMS] Why can't I beat King Boo? Enemy/Boss 1 8 months ago
Why is Bowser seemingly Immortal? Plot 1 8 months ago
Should I get this game? Tech Support 2 8 months ago
[SMS] Missing one blue coin in Delfino Plaza? Side Quest 1 9 months ago

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