Is there a way to beat shy guys finish last perfect game without failing?

  1. I'm having a hard time with shy guys finish last perfect game and I'm nervous about failing is there any tips of beating it without getting the wrong answer?

    User Info: KevinMario22

    KevinMario22 - 2 months ago

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  1. For ring scramble: This one becomes the easiest once you know the trick. For level 1, the solution only involves twisting the rings (should be obvious). Levels 2 and 3 seem impossible the first time, but the trick is to rotate the rings first so that the majority of the image is aligned, then slide the remaining panels that are out of place

    Race-n-place: You can just take a video on your Switch (hold the screenshot button after the moment you want to record) to review the placements. If you don't want to do that, what I like to do is represent each racer by the first letter of their name (G for Goomba for example, Shy vs Snif for those two) and chant the letters over and over.

    Ninji skills: Not much to say about doing this the legit way except try to track the Ninjis as best as you can. For level 3, track the 2 enemies that aren't Ninjis instead of tracking the Ninjis, and then just make sure not to include those two boxes in the solution area (so basically if you can do level 2, you can do level 3). If you really can't, you can just take a video of the whole thing (might have to take two).

    Bath math: Not much else to say about this one either. Concentrate on doing the math by adding and subtracting the amounts that enter and leave, versus always counting how many are in the bath. As for the math you have to do after, it usually consists of something in the tens added or subtracted with another a single digit number. Once again, taking videos is also an option to make it much easier.

    After all this you also have to do the sudden round, which asks you to recall a lyric from one of the songs in the game. You can check the lyrics on youtube or in the song arena in the desert

    User Info: endergamer537

    endergamer537 - 2 months ago 4   0


  1. Here's a tip for Bath Math if you have a friend or family member around. Have one person count the number of goombas entering the pool, and one person count the goombas leaving the pool. Then subtract the two. Very useful for level 3 where the pool is blocked from view

    User Info: DeepsPraw

    DeepsPraw - 2 months ago 2   2

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