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by threetimes

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Guide and Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/23/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Chapter 1


Flour GirlOre: Crystal25 Coins
Percy, IdiotMagic: StardustEnchant: Immortality I
Bounty I (II, III, IV)Flora: AngelflowerTreasure: Opal
Snowbear!Oil: FishRelic: Magic Apple
Note for RickerThread: Flax15 Coins
Big Salad Enchant: Knowledge I
Hill Dwarf? Relic: Bread
Upgrades! Treasure: Opal
Enchant: Quickness 1

This chapter begins inside Lita's home in Aloria. Open the chest at the bottom of her bed to acquire 25 Coins. There's a book to read in the bookcase on the left. Head down through the opening into the next room. Walk to the left to talk to Erica to hear that Lita's dad went to the Seremai Plains, and you receive a request to talk to Adrian in the Temple. Go to the right of the room and check the small chest to the left of the bowl of water, near the cat. You will acquire an Enchant: Immortality 1.

Open the menu with Triangle and click on the Crafting option. Move the cursor to Lita's portrait to open her equipment menu and you'll find she has a new accessory called the Artifact (which is the ring she picked up). The equipment can be improved with this Immortality recipe. Click on the None which indicates that the ring currently has no enchantment. With two Life Dust materials (dropped from the enemies you defeated in the Ruins) you can increase her HP by 10. Hold the X button to craft the recipe. If you don't have the materials you can do this later.

You can pet Percy the cat and talk to Lita's brother, Pentz, but there's nothing else to find in the house. Leave and you'll be directed to go to the right, across the bridge, to find the Temple and Adrian. Walk a few steps to the left and you'll find Talani, the travelling merchant, and you can shop, heal and reset stats with her. She also tells you about the importance of large crystals. Everything is pretty expensive and her prices are double what they are in the local Bazaar so don't buy anything here. Cross the bridge to the right and talk to everyone for information: especially about pets going missing.

Enter the first house behind the grumpy old man Ricker. Check the bookcase if you wish to know more about the lore. Go up to the upper left corner to click on the back wall and mine Ore: Crystal. Talk to the child to hear about a missing pet, and to Shelly who gives you a Quest: Flour Girl. She hands over 20 coins and you can keep 16 coins if you get the flour. But there are other things to do first, and she can wait for a while.

Continue to the right and enter the Inn. There's a shop here as well as many people to speak with, most of them visiting dignitaries. The Innkeeper runs a shop that sells potions and a poison potion. Bosses can be poisoned, although the bad status only lasts for three turns so it's always a good plan to have a poison potion in your inventory, but don't buy this one as you don't have have money at this point in the game.

The man with the white moon above his head offers the same services as Talani: healing of injuries and resetting stats (for a fee). All Inns have this service.

Carry on across the bridge to the right (stop to speak to Doren if you wish) and as you turn up towards the temple to meet Adrian, Erica will appear and asks Lita to search for the missing cat: Quest: Percy, Idiot. (See the next section for all the details of this quest.)

This quest is marked with a green ! on the quest list and appears at the top of the list. That indicates that it's a story quest. Instructions will be updated as the quest progresses.

From here, hop across the stream to the right and gather the Magic: Stardust (yellow) item. Go down the steps and into the water to catch a fish and obtain Oil: Fish. Back on the main path, there is an optional detour if you wish to find out a little more about Adrian. Walk down the path until you see another bridge to the left. Cross over and enter the first opening into Adrian's house. Walk to the right and investigate the sparkle on the table. This is Adrian's diary and you can read it now. When Adrian is in the party he won't let you read it!

Walk back across the bridge and up the path into the temple. Pick up Flora: Angelflower from the pink flower to the left of the steps up to the fortune teller. Interact with her if you wish. Adrian is waiting at the right of the room with a blue ? above his head. Speak to Adrian and he will join the party. There is a bookcase here with a book you can read. You can talk to everyone in the back room of the temple, and find another Flora: Angelflower.

Leave the Temple to prompt a scene and Lita will acquire a new skill, thanks to the ring: the ability to cast Elven Focus.

Lita's skills come from story events, usually after winning battle against strong bosses. This one was easy.

Walk down the path, past the first bridge, down the steps, and continue until you see the bridge to the left. Cross over the bridge and return to Adrian's house in the middle of the two bridges. Pick up Flora: Angelflower from the pink flowers at the left and interact again with the sparkle on the table for a different response. The next building to the left is the Ranger's Guild. Go inside and pick up another Flora: Angelflower from the pink flowers at the far right.

At the back of the cavern, you'll find Toran, who runs the bounty hunts. Click on each bounty to be told where the target might be found, and get information about the rewards and any things to look out for. By checking over all four of the bounties you will get an updated Quest log as each Bounty counts as a quest. Note that it will be a long time before you can complete all these bounty quests. If you wish, just check the first one so you don't clog up the quest list, and get the second after completing the first, and so on.

The four quests are: Quest: Bounty I (Bunny Girl Bandit), Quest: Bounty II(Armire Gang), Quest: Bounty III (Vampire Stalker), and
Quest: Bounty IV (The Star Witch).

Leave the Ranger's Guild and dive into the pond at the left, where you can go fishing for Oil: Fish, and exit to the left. Climb down a ladder to reach a treasure chest. This contains. Treasure: Opal. The only purpose of this gem is to sell it, and any other gems you find: they are stored under the heading Treasure in the inventory. Return to the land and stop below the apple tree where you can speak to Aly.

Apple Tree Mini-Game
This triggers a mini-game where you have to run to a location and press X to catch an apple before it hits the ground. The location is shown with a red arrow. The arrows appear on the path to the right and left of the tree and above it too. It's not easy because you cannot see the apple and you cannot memorise the position because it's random.

Keep a sharp eye for the next arrow and keep pressing X when you're at the correct spot. The reward for this game is a Relic, which is required to complete the *all relics* trophy. You get +500 Experience and the Relic: Magic Apple (which adds +1 power to all attacks) for your pain. (This was the final Relic in my first game: it took me so long to get!)

Five Feet Small Missing by Miles

Stand at the top right corner of the tree and watch closely. There is a thump when she throws an apple and a faint clink when you catch one and you can see the shadow when you are in the right place. If you miss one, stop. The first apple always lands at the lower right side of the tree, and the second often at the right side, up, and after that, you're on your own.

Optional Rant
What I hate about this kind of task: DEVELOPERS IF YOU'RE LISTENING: DON'T DO IT!!!
It's timed - so if your reflexes are slow you are at a disadvantage already, and this is a turn-based game so there's a good chance some players are less good at fast stuff.
It's random - so there's no way you can learn the pattern and get better at it.
It's all or nothing - you cannot make a mistake.
It's time-consuming - if you find it tough you can spend a lot of pointless effort on this dull task when there are many more interesting things to do.
It's required for a trophy - you cannot skip it if you want to get the Relics trophy and that's that. I don't mind if it was for an optional reward.
There's no other option: to do something else, get 8/10 after failing 5 x or something like that. Fight Aly instead.

UPDATE! I wrote this rant while struggling with this task and sent a version of it to the developers. I got a nice reply saying they might do something about it, as even they found it hard. Watch this space! However, I did it on the first try on my second game, so maybe practice does make perfect. :D

ANOTHER UPDATE!! Game Version 1.01 The apple toss mini-game will get slightly easier if you fail it multiple times. Thank you to Stegosoft! ^_^

Walk up and enter the house above the apple tree where there's a gathering spot of red flowers: for Flora: Angelflower. Speak to Janice to acquire a new task. Quest: Snowbear!

Cross the bridge to the left and enter the first house. Pick up some Flora: Angelflower from the flowers at the left and check outside, there's another gathering spot for Flora: Angelflower to the left of the house and one more to the left of the tree. Talk to Elle (the girl with the green exclamation point above her head). She has a Quest: Note for Ricker.

Quest: Note for Ricker

She wants you to take a note to the Old Man Ricker. Starting from Elle, cross the bridge to the right, and walk straight up past a house to reach the Old Man Ricker who has a blue ? above his head. Hand over the Letter from Miss Elle. The quest is updated and you're asked to return to Miss Elle to let her know you have done as she asked. Go back to talk to Elle, who is standing with a blue ? above her head now, on the screen to the left across the bridge from the apple girl. She gives you 20 Coins for completing the quest.

From Elle, head left and down the path, (past the Bazaar to the left) and mine some Ore: Crystal. Make your way down the area and head right, to the lower right corner. Go down some steps to reach a gathering spot: Magic: Stardust and you'll notice a circle of flowers on the ground. This becomes significant later in the game, but wait and see why!

Enter the house and speak to the man for a smart bit of dialogue. Check the bookcase to read another book. Open the chest next to the steps up to the bed to get 15 Coins if you don't mind robbing these nice people. Leave the house and walk back up the path, and turn left to find the entrance to the Bazaar. There's a lot to do and many people to talk to in here and two quests to fulfill at the shops situated up the left steps. Do that first and then, explore the rest of the Bazaar shops. (Or do both at once!)

Quest: Flour Girl and Quest: Snowbear

Shop 4: Shopkeeper with a blue?
Head up the left stairs to find this shop which sells a very expensive relic and the bear you need for the quest. Buy a Snowbear.

Shop 5: Baker with a blue?
A few steps further on you'll find the Baker. He sells expensive relics and Flour. Buy the Flour.

Leave the Bazaar so you can complete the quests. Walk up and cross the bridge as if returning to Lita's house. Head right, across the bridge and enter the first house next to Ricker and report back to Miss Shelley. You get +100 Experience as well as the money you already have. From here, walk down towards the apple girl and enter the house before you reach the bridge. Give the bear to Janice. You will get +100 Experience.

Aloria Bazaar

Shop 1 - Old Woman
On the left. She has a huge inventory including the Tier II and III potion making recipe books.

Shop 2 - Old Garn
At the right. He has a small inventory but sells Dust items for Enchantments. You must upgrade Adrian's Ranger Medal with a Bronze Ingot to allow it to take enchantments, but you will find one for free so don't buy one! He also sells the essential Tier I Basic Potion making recipe book which only costs 50 Coins so buy that now. (So does Revy the Smith.) Buy the Enchant: Knowledge I from Garn because this is one enchantment you will not find except in shops. If you don't have the money for it now, you can also buy it from Hannah's shop in Springs.

Shop 3: Melly the Merchant
In the middle. He sells 3 basic crafting materials: Hide, Common, Thread, Flax, and Ore, Crystal.

Shop 4: Shopkeeper
She sells the Snowbear for the quest, and an expensive Goblet Relic. You must buy this to complete the Relic Trophy, but only when you have coins to spare.

Shop 5: Baker
As well as selling the Flour for the quest, he sells two Relics. Buy the cheap one: Relic: Bread, and save up for the expensive one. Later you will have tons of Coins to buy the Cake Relic.

Shop 6: Revy the Smith
This is in the backroom and he sells Enchantments and the Essence, Earth, required to upgrade Lita's weapon. You can't afford this now, but in any case, you will find that item quite soon. You do not need to buy the Enchantments because you will find all three of them.

Check out the large blue crystal to the left of the bear seller and this unlocks the Aloria Teleporter although there's nowhere to teleport to at the moment. Also, check out the suit of armour statue at the far right of the main floor, although you cannot do anything with it just yet.

Teleporters are found in all villages and they allow the player to fast travel around the map, once they have been discovered. They are usually found in important buildings, but some are in the open. Find them all to achieve a trophy.

Starting out from the Bazaar entrance, keep going left to arrive at a farm area. Pick a Flora: Angelflower from the patch of flowers next to the horse. Enter the house to the left of the horse and speak to Farmer Jean. She wants help with the harvest and triggers the Quest: Big Salad.

First of all, go left and down some steps (with a jump) to reach a treasure chest that contains Treasure: Opal. Walk back up the area to find another Flora: Angelflower to the right of the field, next to the wall.

Quest: Big Salad

Turnip garden

Lettuce and Tomato gardens
  • Starting from Jean's house, head left, into a field with white vegetables. The sparkle is found in the middle of the top left row. Pick up Turnips.
  • From the turnip garden you have a choice of two paths to the next location.
    Go left: You can walk down, and left, crossing a small bridge. Keep going left until you reach the water. Head up some steps and you will reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and the lettuces are to your right.
    Go right: Walk down from the turnip garden and go right, and up, then, left across a bridge to reach the lettuces.
    Check the sparkle in the middle of the lettuce garden. To reach it, enter the row from the left or right and pick the Lettuce.
  • Pick a Tomato from the patch next to the house. It's found in the second plant to the left of the house opening. (Go inside for a nice chat if you like.)
  • Walk back toward the farmer's house and go down to the right, into a field. You'll see a sparkle at the lower left. Enter the second row up from the bottom fence and click on the sparkle to find Radishes x1.

Return to Jean for a reward of +100 Experience and 70 Coins.

Again, starting out from Farmer Jean's house walk to the left, cross the bridge, and go down, keeping to the right side of the water, to pick up Flora: Angelflower. From here, jump into the water and mine the blue crystal for Ore: Crystal. Dive for Oil: Fish and exit at the upper side of the pond. Enter the cow field and get Thread: Flax. Jump into the left pond and catch another Oil: Fish and get out at the far side to pick Flora: Angelflower. Swim back to the land and walk up to the bridge at the left of the lettuce garden. Jump into the water to the left of the bridge and check the blue flowers for Thread: Flax. Head further to the left to acquire Magic: Stardust by jumping in and then, out of the water. Go back to the bridge.

From the lower right side of the bridge jump into the water and check the blue crystal to get Ore: Crystal and dive down to get {Random Reward} in the blue circle to the right of the crystal.

Diving for Treasure
A reminder that results are random. You will either find Coins, an Ingot or a gem that you can sell for cash. You could leave the blue spots alone until you acquire the Compass relic because that improves the odds of getting better results.

Diving for RichesSwimming into the Unknown

Walk all the way back down the area and jump into the water to the right of the large tree. Follow the stream down to a new area where you can see a yellow sparkle at the bottom of the screen. Leave the water to pick up Magic: Stardust. Climb down the steps and enter the Ruins here off to the right.

Quest: Bounty I (Bunny Girl Bandit)

As usual, there will be a chance to back out and check equipment or save your game before proceeding, although it's not a big deal here, Speak to the girl and agree to join her so you can pick a mascot: Kitty, Fox Wolf, Seagull, or Butterfly. She won't attack if you do that and it doesn't matter which one you pick.

Pick up two Flora: Angelflowers from the patches of flowers located at the right and left side walls of the cavern. Talk to her again and you can fight her. If you're around level 4 or 5 this is pretty easy even if you haven't upgraded anything yet: at least, it is if there are two of you in the team.

Boss: Bunny Girl Bandit - Level 3
HP240 (344 HP Expert)
  • Charge Up
  • Blade Flurry - multi-hit on one after Charge Up.
RewardsCoins 150, Experience 200, Loot:- Dust: Agility.
She is likely to be faster than the team and get the first attack. Use Taunt with Adrian and Elven Focus with Lita for extra oomph. She will Charge up for a more powerful attack and use the Blade Flurry.

Leave the cavern and make your way back up the stream, and through the farm, heading right, and right again on the next screen, and down past the apple girl tree to return to the Ranger building and get the reward of 100 Coins from Toren, the bounty man. Check the details for the location of the next Bounty if you wish although you won't be strong enough to tackle this for a while yet.

Walk right, across the three bridges and head all the way to the right, skirting behind the statue to see a dwarf on a ledge. You will automatically acquire a new quest: Quest: Hill Dwarf? but this is one that you cannot complete until the next chapter as you cannot reach him. Check the blue flowers to the left of the ledge and acquire Thread, Flax. (This is essential so you can upgrade your gear.)

Quests Carry Over.
Although it doesn't happen a lot, there are quests which you can find early on in the game but which you cannot complete. This is because you lack a particular ability (Hill Dwarf is one of those) or because the enemies involved are too strong. If you wish to attempt one of the latter quests early you can use the Story Mode to make defeating strong enemies easier. But Story Mode is not being used for this guide and tough quests (such as the Bounty quest to defeat the Amire gang) will be tackled when the team can deal with them.

Head down the bridge and speak to the girl (Cara) at the right who has a quest for you. She will tell you to upgrade your gear This prompts a tutorial about crafting gear and a new Quest: Upgrades!

Quest: Upgrades!

Crafting Equipment
Open the menu and check the Crafting option. Move the cursor right, from Potions, to Lita and then, Adrian. Look at your gear and you should have enough items to upgrade a range of equipment for both of them, depending on how much searching around and material collection you've done. To complete the quest you need to craft one item of equipment.

Keep a watch on when you can upgrade equipment: you'll see a green + next to the character when you have enough materials for an upgrade. Better equipment can make a huge difference in battles, especially if playing on harder dfficulties

You should be able to Upgrade the Old Bracer and Bandana for Lita. Note that Adrian's equipment upgrades mostly require crystals and you can buy extra crystals at the Bazaar. However, you will find tons of Crystal as you explore more. His accessory cannot be enchanted until you upgrade it. (You'll find the Bronze Ingot item for that soon so don't buy anything!) Upgrade as much as you can. I crafted his Axe and Headband at this point.

Talk to Cara again after upgrading something and you will get a reward of Dust: Agility x2, and Enchant: Quickness 1 (Dust items are used for crafting enchantments which have a range of boosts for a character, but you cannot do that just yet.) Catch an Oil: Fish in the pond beside her.

Enter the house next to Cara to progress with the story about the missing pets.

threetimes has written 60+ guides for GameFAQs, mostly for JRPGs. Her "Best. Game. Ever" is Shadow Hearts Covenant and her favourite franchise is Metal Max.